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Bill Gates has announced plans to spray particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth to “dim the sun” in order to “stop global warming.”

Harvard scientists, funded by Bill Gates, are attempting to copy the effects of a massive volcanic eruption to block the sun’s rays and reflect them back into space.

As part of a $3 million experiment, the team from Harvard University will “spray tiny chalk particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth,

They hope these chemtrails will have a similar effect to an erupting volcano releasing sulphur dioxide.

MailOnline reports: In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, releasing 20 million tons of sulphur dioxide. That cooled the planet by 32.9 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 months.

Bill Gates has announced plans to use chemtrails to solve “global warming.”

The team hopes to launch a steerable balloon over the southwest United States before next July. It will release jets of calcium carbonate, or chalk dust. Scientists will measure how this affects the Sun’s light.

Opponents say spraying particles in such a way might damage the ozone layer and disrupt rainfall patterns, which could cause drought in some areas, according to The Times.

And they say such geo-engineering diverts attention from cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Although controversial, some think that trying to mimic the impacts of a volcano eruption is a viable way to control global warming.

This proposed type of climate geoengineering is called stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

Theoretically if done at scale — and sustained — the impact can be large. The 1-degree temperature drop which accompanied Mount Pinatubo’s eruption is equal to about half of the human-caused warming Earth has experienced since the Industrial Revolution began.

CBS reports: Dr. Gernot Wagner from Harvard University is an author of the paper. He said their study shows this type of geoengineering “… would be technically possible strictly from an engineering perspective. It would also be remarkably inexpensive, at an average of around $2 to 2.5 billion per year over the first 15 years.”

But to reach that point, the study said an entirely new aircraft needs to be developed. Partly because missions would need to be conducted at nearly double the cruising altitude of commercial airplanes. The study’s co-author, Wake Smith explained, “No existing aircraft has the combination of altitude and payload capabilities required.”

So, the team investigated what it would cost to develop an aircraft they dub the SAI Lofter (SAIL). They say its fuselage would have a stubby design and the wing area — as well as the thrust — would need to be twice as large. In total, the team estimates the development cost for the airframe to be $2 billion and $350 million to modify existing engines.

In their hypothetical plan, the fleet would start with eight planes in the first year and rise to just under 100 within 15 years. In year one, there would be 4,000 missions, increasing to just over 60,000 per year by year 15. As you can see, this would need to be a sustained and escalating effort.

As one may imagine, a concept like this comes with a lot of controversy.

Baxter Dmitry
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  1. This is not to treat Global Warming, but rather to make it more difficult for the average person to grow their own food.
    The entire Global Warming agenda revolves around this. Controlling everything. Making the people reliant for everything. You will own nothing. You will be unable to provide for yourself.

  2. I am 62 years of age in my live time my experience is this every time Man attempts to rewrite God’s design by cloning animals, surgically alternating genders, screwing with viruses that shouldn’t be so others can make money on new vaccines, implanting chips in humans like Bill Gates paten 060606 that will track humans DNA, movements and much more is very serious and dangerous. In Hawaii man thought it would be a good idea to import mongooses to control Hawaii’s rats issue on the islands turned into a debacle and this was a simple over site, there are many experiments man has attempted like this one that continues to come back and bit us all on our backside. But to screw with the atmosphere to attempt to control climate? I simple there is more to this than Mr. Gates is letting on I do not trust this man he is evil and if our US. Politicians allow this bill to pass on the floor we are all Doomed!

  3. About as brilliant as your sick vaccinations
    How many children have you crippled or made sterile or just plain dumb? You are a serial killer and crimes against humanity will be on the news very soon! Why is it again you don’t vaccinate your own kids?
    How are you going to keep them from breathing your poisons?

  4. A dropout computer geek somehow has the solution for the world…a bit late but as always they tell you what they are doing after the fact. At least he’s put his own head on the block…this is a crime against humanity…and he should be dealt with in the harshest way to even think of such a thing. Why are these people aloud to be on this planet at alll…..produce nothing but death…to keep their imaginary power. I hope at some time we the people take these creatures to the middle of the ocean and let them use their wealth to find the shore.

  5. Why do these billionaires have to be so weird? The very notion of playing with the Earth’s natural processes is fraught with unfathomable danger. This types of experiments must not be allowed to go on.

  6. So the future is written in the (Georgia stones) well its about time someone sent them a *******************message and did something about the(Georgia stones)******************.

  7. How about shutting down all the coal plants and stop the fracking, stop dumping in the ocean, stop all nuclear plants. the rich created this mess. I like the sun they have no right to take that too! Enough spraying shit on us, they need to clean up their greedy problems that are destroying our earth!

    • There is medication for people who lack Godness in there hearts. Bill i think you need to try praying. I will pray that you are stopped from doing evil to his children so it will come to pass. Just wait and see. Be ware of they wrath. Let there be light.

  8. It is high time to call for judgement on Bill Gates and the powers that were that support him.

    Let their plans collapse like the house of cards they are!

  9. Bill Gates,,son of Devil,,present so much bullshittery,,,my last meal left my body,,,how idiotic does he think we are,,,they are already dimming the sun for a long time,,,people,,you need to take a lot of vit,D3,,,all of nature is suffering from lack of sun,,,they are sooo aware of that,,,bringing on a slow death,,,de-population had started long ago and is just ramped up,,,and they telling us,,because they have to,,,,he is just a part of all those Satans minions,,,,,our future is written in stone (Georgia),,,it is “we the people “” we have to get up and fight,,,nobody comes to rescue us,,,,that is a fairy tale “they” invented,,,and we believe ???? WAKE UP AMERICA

  10. The world is full with ignorant people.
    Definition of stupid:
    Knowing that truth,
    Seeing the truth.
    But still believing the lies.
    Human race wake up!!!!!

  11. These people such as Bill Gates have lost the plot . I do believe there is an alternative agenda from what we are being told . Maybe this is to further prevent our awakening from the increase energies hitting the planet .

  12. If Bill Gates and others don’t want to see the sun or feel the sun on their face all they have to do is dig a big hole and go and live under ground where all vermin live no detriment to the vermin and leave Mother Earth and Father sky be, they’ve manage for millions of years with without his help and money, not only that it will cost him a lot less and every one would be happy. Unless he wants to kill us all off and well as cause a famine on this planet and kill off all animal and insect life and vegetation can some one send this guy to live on Mars mind you he might prefer Saturn.

  13. Igen hiszi aki akarja mindenki tudja aki már felébredt hogy mit csinálnak vízbe teszik a fluoridot ,azzal együtt butittanak ,meg blokkolják a napanergiát hogy az emberek ne ebregyenek fel ,bármit tehetnek a fényeröt a sötétség már nem fogja többé uralni ebbe jobb ha bele nyugszanak a gyilkoló próbálkozáson,a szeretetet már nem győzi le semmi nak bármivel intelligens porokat engednek le de az magába nem elég,így a vîzbe és a fogkrémekbe nyomva a fluoridot,így próbálnak îrányitani a gondolatainkat turkálni îrányitani ,de már ez nem hatásos,meg mi teremtő K vagyunk és már nagyobbat teremtünk mint ők,így van ez!Áldás


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