Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination

The autism debate is over, healthy triplets all go autistic same day of vaccines shots! 

5 thoughts on “Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination”

  1. This is criminal. How are we supposed to live with ourselves knowing that WE allowed this to happen to them. THIS MUST STOP. Thomas Williams from the Truth, Honor and Integrity site said that we should create and print a waiver, to be taken in to all doctors, schools, and daycare facilities when you are with your child, that states “Before you vaccinate my child, you must sign a waiver stating that if any harm comes to my child, physically or mentally as a result of this vaccination, that you agree to pay me the sum of 20 Million dollars (or any other you feel). Non compliance to sign this waiver will be taken as an admittance that you cannot guarantee it’s safety or efficacy, and therefore my child will be excluded from compliance to your forced vaccine policy.” No doctor or nurse will sign this waiver nor will any school employee. More importantly, we can end this if WE ALL refuse.

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