The Galactic Regent Council, Channeled by Pierre Dubois

From the creative and light center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we come to you to share a message of hope, truth, transparency, and authenticity. We are the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 Galactic Elders who compose the governance of the Milky Way. As the earth continues to crest above the thickness of this flat, spiral galaxy, we have our gaze fixed on the earth with the hope for a major transformation and transmutation of the earth into an ascended planet.

Soon you will be crossing the Galactic Equator with a frequency of truth, authenticity, and transparency. This vibration has the effect of precipitating all that is hidden into visibility. As such, all institutional, governmental, scientific, personal, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and cosmic secrets will be revealed. This is already evident by the numerous revelations and disclosures of long-held political and personal secrets of planetary leaders and governmental bodies. Many are also wielding from the breaking down of their own blind spots, exposing the lies and self-receipts that have been holding them back from evolutionary change and transformation.

This is not always a smooth process; rather it is often a turbulent experience for man will go to absurd and ridiculous lengths to hide from his own truth and soul. However, this Light from the Galactic Equator will align everything on the planet to truth and authenticity. Institutions, individuals, and collectives that are not prepared and ready to move into that space will be moved into a parallel reality that matches their current divergent vibration so that they can find the time to grow and evolve. In the meanwhile, those who are ready will become the inhabitants of the future and ascended earth.

We have been advising about this energy for the past five years, but today we want to explain to you that the ideological fragmentation that you are calling “tribalism” is nothing more than the manifestation and precipitation of multiple realities that are occupying the same space. This is going to get worse, for loved ones, family members, friends, and neighbors will make choices as to what future and parallel reality they will go into by espousing their path and ideology. Do not waste your time trying to convince them of the merit of your choice. This is not a debate. Rather it is a visceral and vibrational response to an existing and internal core frequency. It is the matching of patterns and vibrations. Like will attract like. Moreover, the almost 8 billion people on earth will not all go into the same future. You are individually making choices as to where you want to go by either addressing or not addressing your shadow, internal lies and deceits, and all repressed and suppressed issues that are buried in the sub-conscious mind. The degree that you are doing this vital and important work will determine where you go.

In the next six months, the separation will become so sharp that many holding similar ideas will move closer to each other to find strength and safety in numbers. This is because the intolerance of many will precipitate physical altercations and battles against others with different beliefs and ideologies. By the end of next year, there will exist multiple geographical pockets of beings holding similar points of view. This will eventually lead into a break and schism of national unity. States and counties will break apart. At this current rate, in a matter of three years many counties will cease to exist while others will be born.

The main reason for this is that mixed in with the Light of the Galactic Equator is the 7th Ray of God, which is about “Ceremonial Magic, Transformation, and Spiritual Idealism.” Only this energy is capable of ushering in the New Age by seeding the fervor of spiritual idealism for a better tomorrow, causing a dramatic 180º change in many. However, the negative polarities of this are intolerance for the views of others, orthodoxy, fundamentalism, and adherence to the letter of the law, rather than the spirit.

In the meantime, the damage done to the environment due to corporate greed and poor planetary leadership will cause more earthquakes, wild fires, mudslides, droughts, floods, hurricanes, and typhoons. It would appear that the forces of nature are rising against you, but it is not personal. Mother nature is not angry with you. The forces of nature are trying to re- balance the equilibrium and interdependent relationship that has maintained life on earth for millions of years.

Additionally, prehistoric pathogens that were buried in the depths of the earth will re-surface due to the atmospheric and geological recalibrations, triggering the potential of a human die- offs to occur. Keep in mind that you are immortal souls having a human experience. Death is an illusion. In this instance, it is the transition into parallel realities.

Due to the costs associated with natural disasters and the breaking down or rearrangement of national boundaries, the world financial market will plunge into crisis. The debts taken by certain countries that will no longer be in existence will not be repaid. This will throw world finances in total disarray. Currencies, money, and the debt-driven global economy will have no meaning.

Yet hope remains that in the midst of this apparent chaos you will find your way into the ascended tomorrow for you are to play the critical role as a pillar and founding member of this future. Here are some suggestions and strategies for you to thrive and remain focused in these turbulent transitional times.

Surrender your fears into God: Cultivate your relationship with your God, Higher Self, or Creative Principle. Many intuitives and psychics do not have a relationship with a higher power or God concept. However, in these times, you will need to evolve a personal and intimate relationship with the God of your Heart and Understanding. These frightening and scary scenarios will trigger fear in many. Praying and taking these fears into God and surrendering the negativity and disempowerment is the key to remaining centered and finding peace and serenity.

Be neutral: The less polarized and emotionally charged that you can become, the closer you will be to finding the future earth. Understand that neutrality is not a disconnect from the injustices of the world; rather it is accelerated conflict resolution. You have preferences as to how things should go, but no attachments to outcomes. In the event that things do not occur as you wanted, you do not fall apart. You remain aligned to your God and ask for the solution set to help you overcome. Re-adjust, and let a creative solution precipitate the change and transformation that you are seeking.

Live a sustainable life: Make sure that your life and physical environment are sustainable. Keeping in mind the interdependence that connects everything, change your habits, behavior, life, and physical environment into a sustainable existence. Live in a green, earthquake proof, fireproof, windproof, and resilient environment. Make sure that your power generation and food production systems are also sustainable and resilient so that they can remain functional no matter what the outside circumstances may be.

Be agile: You have to be ready to move on a moment’s notice. Having physical, emotional, and spiritual agility is the key to surviving and thriving in this quickly changing and mutating environment. The more attachments you have to people, places, and things, the more difficult it will be for you to move fast as directed by your guidance in order to avoid potential disaster. Here are some tips for you to follow: you have to be lite, have few attachments, listen, believe, and obey.

Find your community: No one can survive these changes alone. You have to find the other individuals who, like you, are aligned to the same frequency. You will need to gather in communities that will create a safe zone for you to thrive. Moreover, the changes are too drastic for the resources of a lone wolf to handle. You will need the support of your tribe to help as you also support and help them.

The shift into parallel realities: Right now, multiple parallel realities are occupying the same space and are seeking souls and matching the dominant vibration of beings to generate a vortex that will create a wave function collapse that will lead to a shift into a parallel dimension. But before this happens, these competing realities will physically separate into tribal, geographical, and ideological camps and regions.

Fear not, my child, for if the above resonates or makes sense to you, you have a critical role to play in this transition. Follow carefully the guidance provided and seek the neutral path. In this turbulence, you are called to be the herald and peacemaker who will become the center of a centrifuge that will lead many who are afraid and lost into the ascended tomorrow. But you cannot share or teach what you do not know. Seek the peace and serenity within through the guidance provided and share GENTLY and KINDLY with the world what you know.

We are the Galactic Regent Council, your Elders in the center of this galaxy. Thank you for reading this and for the opportunity to share what we are permitted to reveal to you at this time. We hope that you will step up to the challenge and help usher the seventh great shift and harvest in this galactic year.

May you be blessed and loved always. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We believe in you and are grounding in you our collective galactic support and deepest love.


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  1. I too like a few others here am beginning to think that a lot of channeled messages are disinfo. The best disinfo is about 50/50 with just enough in there that resonates, and enough in there that doesn’t. If our minds are powerful as we are often told, then we should be able to intend for whatever WE want, we just have to come together and realise this, and maybe have something that enough of us agree to intend upon. If the worlds media is elite owned, don’t you think that they will have got the airwaves owned too. The people doing the channeling are channeling on similar airwaves. If you were the elite, wouldn’t you want to scupper the plans of those who are most awake, and get them to send you love and light, which in actual fact makes them stronger.

  2. We can only fully underline your information.Get ready for a human life including the possible care for yourself, your neighbours and everyone who comes to you and needs support.
    Then what will offend you any more…you will have helpfull and friendly people around you…you soulmates with whom you can change to the other world.Anger,fear,envy and so on will prevent you to develop, those are all expressions of your EGO..
    Get ready, develop yourself to your devine self than you have nothing to fear, connect to the Alone-Good, look for your soul-family

  3. Good job Richard! FEAR BASED ARTICLE. Too many conflicting messages in this lame article to address ….To me this is a controlled opposition article, masquerading as Light (again) to create anger/frustration. Discernment people! This could be controlled opposition fear-based tactics. Same old “Do Good get Good, do Bad get Bad or Else” you’ll end up in a parallel universe with the Darkies message. Surrender your Fears to God” If anyone/thing refers to surrendering to “GOD”, ruuuuuuuuuuuuun! The Dark uses this term GOD, because it is purposely ambiguous. What pisses people off is the “soft” 2-choice directive mixed with condemnation. This essentially feels like a threat from some channeled source “The degree that you are doing this vital and important work will determine where you go”. This aint Earth School, there are no lessons to be learned here (reference COBRA). We are just sustaining pure torture until we are rescued or not. Remember TOPLET bombs.
    (for admin)
    On a side note: One thing I think you need to remember Mr. Morgan is that your audience IS (mostly) the “Choir”. Your negligence in not clarifying your audience puts undo pressure on the Choir. This article alleges we are individually/collectively the problem. I also noticed you didn’t post my last comment. I wonder why …. I don’t think you want to open up a can of worms with me … Your lack of response is telling … You got a religious bone in you, and you are dangerous in the type of dry wall mud you sling on the wall …

  4. It seems to me that we are literally witnessing the death throes of the old 3D reality of which we’ve been an intimate part for a very long time, as we view all the apparent turmoil and strife occurring everywhere around us. Just like the physical death of an individual, all the unpleasantness happens before that person transitions into the next phase of his or her existence. Nevertheless, the final shift of that soul into what comes next is always a peaceful experience, regardless of the unpleasant circumstances which may have led up to it.

    I think that our transition as a species into the new reality or realities (whatever form they may take) will be every bit as painless and instantaneous as the physical death of the individual. Probably the main difference will be that we’ll have lots of familiar company when we get there!

    Based on some other things I’ve read recently, as well as my gut sense, when this final shift happens it’ll be like you just woke up from a very vivid dream, wondering where you just were.

    I guess my main point is, after this lengthy tirade, that in the words of FDR, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself!”

  5. It is not a question of believing but of knowing. believing is on irrational grounds but
    Knowing is feeling by Heart!!

  6. I am totally sick of all the promises of things to come. The event has been a carrot dangled before us for countless years. We on this planet have lived behind a veil of lies for thousands of years and I fear the event promise is just another tactic to give us false hope while evil continues to consume our planet. They cry peace yet there is no peace. We endure sickness, heartache, wars, hate, poverty and oppression and no one in the universe seems to care. Is Cobra just another lie too? Tired of waiting.

  7. For me, the key is the “wave function collapse”, alluding to a bifurcation of realities. Those ascending, and those not, are building separate parallel realities. The current interest in “micro-nova” bursts from the sun (The Event, and what recently occurred at Alpha Centauri) is not discounted here–although they didn’t specifically mention it. Instead, they talk of wave function collapse, which is probably the final energy burst from the sun needed to complete the bifurcation. Maintaining mindfulness and thought, and displaying kindness and gentleness to society and self, most likely determine which side of the bifurcation you end up on.

  8. It did sound earlier on that the transition wasn’t going to be as tragic as the turmoil that’s described. I thought there were ships to help with the transition and that when the wave came through It was going to make the rough stuff ok. This definitely sounds a lot different than what we have been told up to now. We were told up to two to 3 weeks of food but transitions wouldn’t be a severe strain as they are talking about now with all the earth changes and disieses coming out of the earth its sounds a little grim even for the people that are aware. I don’t know of anyone with a earthquake fireproof place to hang out and was lead to believe I wouldn’t need one up until now. Much different information.

  9. To be impatient, very annoyed and to give up is ….great…. so is our cup half full, half empty for vastly overflowing? Change our hearts, change our minds. In the beginning, the middle and the never ending it is indeed up to us

  10. Forget the “Event” just work on; loving, forgiving(including self) and serving others. This will change our world into paradise.

  11. I take this article seriously on the Highest Level, it was meant for me to receive as a part of my Universal Guidance and Spiritual Growth in preparation for what’s to come. I am humbled and grateful to all who made this message possible. Love Light and Blessings to all.

  12. So no ‘EVENT’ then. Not changing your mind are you PrepareForChange? . So many conflicting messages. Bloody annoying. What the hell is going to happen. Sorry but if there is no event then we as humans are fucked.

    • The “Event” is not a “magical” light switch that will instantly cure all that is ailing the planet. The “Event” will be a process and a transition that may or may not be smooth. All depends on how ready are we as humanity at that moment.


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