By Guest Writer Light Player,

From Christmas Message of A Light Player

Hark a new Cobra Meditation means

A Future Loop takes off- so it seems

If it’s as big as the last, and 144 call,

The last of the dark webs will fall


The Dark Grids fall-Light ones Rise, said the Christmas message; although it is more Truth to say webs, for these final ones. I thought, if ‘they’ can rewrite or re-invent most of the Bible- least I can do, is to return the ‘favour’, and reinvent a carol with Divine Truths . As you will see, when You have my understanding of Matrices and Creative Plasma that I shall be sharing, yes, there is a reason that there are webs and that the ones that built the Dark ones are of a spiderlike Fallen Essence. So, the webs of False White light and dark chaotic Inorganic Mists of Unlight, had been ‘falling’ (into dissolving and recycling) for some time in the Future Loops, (gradually since 2014),but the Action of the Meditations real-eyes-ed  the Effect into manifestation as ‘translated’ into the 3rd Dimension, culminating in this Now with the R.OL. Effect.  The main ones of the Chimera are nearly gone.

Some Illustrations of the webs of the Outer Mists dissolving, and Transmuting .

Even once given the ‘green signal to come out and share and teach, I have been a bit reluctant to start sharing these pictures I include, as there is so much fear based Thought about weird clouds and sky phenomena by those who think they know it all, from the overall Truther community, beginning with, ‘Revelation  is coming- and the Great Deceiver’s put signs in the  sky ‘Christians.  Of which the sad and Fooled are  in fear with taught beliefs that are not even in their own Bible. In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus only says there will be signs that must come to pass. Yes, I was a good little Eve and went to Sunday School to learn about my  original sin. Although, looking back it was the special effects and the extra Dimensional aspects I was interested in. Like burning bushes and fingers appearing out of nowhere to write on a wall. I couldn’t wait to get home and try to illustrate what it must have looked like- best a Child could do! My favourite parts were when they had little art competitions of things from Scripture so I could bring out these images from Imagination, of something happening in what we know now of as multi Dimensionally! Or, you have the other side of that frequency in the Now, of it’s all done by technology that is in control of us by the fear based Truthers.   Or, a combination of both in these closed Minds that think they are Sooo Open. Yet I can’t complete the picture, of this Good News for the Friends in Light Tribes, well informed by Cobra, without doing so. And so, either You can Allow for the very metaphysical reality of it or not. And as I will tell YOU briefly in this, (always teaching as well as sharing from Heart) it is how You begin to real-eyes the Doorway of the 5th Dimension and get beyond the veil.

Anytime I show a picture, I know that, as Cobra said, Your devices were implanted and Your Perception is/was Controlled. And You will begin to see, that despite what he said in 2016, there were some “Humans’ on Planet that had thrown that off with the implants a long time before that- although not without a lot of help, and Divine ‘sentries ‘on watch’ at those Bodily locations and Chakras. (Another reason to have stayed out of it All, for the Private ground crew).  I also know that in relation to that, even when at the Doorway, All together in Unity, not one individual will experience it and see it exactly the same way as another. (This is why it is so important to get beyond the ‘YOU must believe and see it as I do’ stage). So, strange as it sounds, I have no way of knowing how Your senses and Perception see my own Co created reality pictures. A clear example of this, is that when Your 5th D Perception knows what to look for past the veil, you would look at another’s video of a “craft/UFO ‘ they had seen and filmed in front of the veil, and also see (because you know what to ‘look for’) the ones there extra dimensionally as well, zipping about faster than  their Observer’s eye can see, or in the “5th Dimension’-beyond the bars’. YOU would also see Light as Living on some outdoor ones too of others films, if the energy was right in  that Now Moment of the filming. While also trying to remember you are the sane Awake one !

So, the camera both does and does not lie –in the Doorway Paradox to Co Creation. Miraculous reality messes with the Human Mind doesn’t it?

Those that are familiar with Cobra’s intel, will know that for a very long time, he began most updates with Clearing of the Chimera group continues. I will say here, that often his words at that truth level have other meanings  for me within my truth levels of Knowing about my part in the compartmentalized, extra Multi Dimensional True Plan. At first, it could be said that the bases ‘out there’ were being cleared, but for a while afterwards, it is said that there were only those nearer Gaia and incarnated left. Apparently, also the deep bases were cleared a long while ago. That doesn’t leave much, except if you include it to mean the grids clearing that creates the end of those that rely on them . Then, it would make Divine Sense to me. Clearing is the exact word I have been given to use as well for what goes on in the ‘Operations ‘ in the Loops, and Transmutations /dissolvings. Clearing of the grids then, means a clearing of a group Consciousness Form as well. Planetary Matrix Grids contain some of the Consciousness essence, ideas and thoughts, of the ones who created them and reflect their DNA Divine template. The new Light grids will be the same for the Starseeds as Forerunners for the Collective.

Also, know that the stills are a poor substitute for the reality of the Now Moments in ‘crystal clear’ Observed Awareness. No editing or enhancement can reproduce it and the vivid colours of the colouring  transmuting dark webs. But it is sort of like it. The full colours of A,N. are like that, as I watch a different sky reality to the Collective, occurring/ Witnessing/ happening .

These in the next pictures are remnants of the false White Light webs, and the colour ones are of dark webs pulled apart.  They began in early 2015 with the false/stolen owl and yes, webs hidden in the U.S money/note spells. This was an ongoing process of Snowballing that was leading up to the Manifestation of Light Is ON. Cobra said once, there is no False Light, and that would be his Truth, in that there is only evil or Live in the Plasma Light Consciousness  However, the False White Light webs, were about maintaining the lies of Religion, creating the false ‘it’s God’s Will’ survival program (into the slave debt society), the false Archetypes (and thus the Qliphoth ), while keeping us on the Biblical Armageddon Timeline; which would have seemed to be set in stone by the end of the 90s and with 9/11 for their beliefs in their Agendas. And this, as I will tell you later, in regard to the significance of this Now, would still have been Allowed to be a hope and reality in their illusion until very recently. They had though, not considered the return of the Grail Current in secret,(that had been mercilessly crushed and eliminated from the Collective Consciousness) ,the Power of Love and the Goddess as it Truly IS, the mathematical certainties, and what Happens from those, as Divine Decrees affecting All Creation.

Well into an Operation, and it is drawn out into My Astral/ Mental Body for Sol’s contribution, as the Transmutation brings out the ‘colours of evil’. There is some Archon green to left, already changing from the dark green. This all went up another level when in 2017, following on from the Success of the Congo Portal, and the Justice of Maat Divine Decree. Gaia announced it saying in Her Perfect words, Farbenheits have entered. Choosing a German expression of  ‘to Be of Colour’ that has no equivalent in English.

A mass well into change.  For those with eyes to see, yes there is a profile of an entity/ frequency coming into form and momentarily coming out of it, to be dissolved as well.

A mass of web plasma mist energy having the first holes poked in it with a big Divine stick

Then it goes,very thick, like clotted cream, (or a sticky mess) as this web energy mass is having holes poked in it. And before you say, Haarp, firstly, remember the term ‘like etheric haarp’, from Cobra,as well as ‘there was a ‘force’ entity  behind it (Chimera) in order for it to manifest, that will end at the Event. Also, they aren’t the only ones able to create a few extra dimensional Scalar waves.  And the Divine does not need an array of technology,for its Light Alchemy Magic.

From left to right, 3 stages of the transmuting . The right is starting to go into pale violet. The colours of Light transmuting the Mists, are pastel and soft but can still be bright. Well, where did YOU think the outer MISTS where? Under Your feet, in some sort of Hell/underworld ‘they’ would have had You believe in, so they could hide very well in front of Your nose ,for Millennia. This is why, some chemtrails that persist etherically, and other strange, MIST –erious energies, seem to appear ‘out of nowhere’. They have no plane, attached ,or a poor attempt at a hologram, as they are simply coming out of the Outer Mists, while this also still goes on in the 3rd Dimensional Linear perceived reality by the minions who can’t stop . I know I Am probably opening a big can of controversy worms here-but if I Am to share the present progress, some understanding of the very Metaphysical aspects of the Control and how it is all unravelling, Occultly, needs to be known. As it is was the Reptilian energy of the Serpent of Chaos behind it too, I ask you to consider the 3 forms it manifests in, through controlled Elementals. YOU may have an aha moment as I did once in order to progress with the Mission. (make some suggestions in comments).And then, after it spreads-well , how about thatyou get a weblike mist-as any Chemtrail  Truther will tell you, seeing it from a fear base reality in front of the veil.

Now it is transmuting . YOU can just see the pale purple and light green to the right

And if You are seeing some weird forms or faces, trust Your Divine Self, they are there. So, sometimes, if one is still in front of the veil, and are seeing and filming extraordinary lights in clouds, with colours occasionally outside of the Spectrum, or very flouro, and some other weird sky phenomena, (such as *Cobra’s Pleiadian plasma purification vortex cloudship picture;) you may choose a rational explanation, but it will keep You in front of the veil. He sees it as technology happening, I see it as Unity work of the scouts and cloudships with the Elementals, and I Am to complete the Divine Matrix Triangulation

One of those Plasma vortex ships, at the time of the Severing. Not likely to be Pleiadian though, as that is not who are around here. (the small blur /dot is a scout).


However, should you choose the beyond veil explanation, for the very colourful ones, it is because a transmutation is in progress, and it would be highly likely that there would be a Guardian Companion living nearby, buried as a nobody in the illusion society. Furthermore, then  at that moment, you would have made a temporary shift ‘sideways’ with Consciousness into another co existent Time Dimension stream, and be experiencing some Consciousness reality. In other words you have Allowed the Divine magic to come back, to have a beyond the veil experience. Whereas the  other ones of the Collective (and some who consider themselves Awakened as well) are experiencing it as just some pretty clouds with unusual colours that have an explanation from the ‘experts’. Now, the Guardian Companion nearby, would be in Co Creation of it. As a Light Magician, they would be in Awareness and Allowance. That is, all 3 Possibilities (and more), suspended in Paradox to Allow the Divine to do its work through them and their Mental Body reality. That IS, the Wish to Be, Being Light or Light Being of Transmutation of Outer Mists. So there are at least 3 Holograms individual, yet shared in the same space that are Light Happening . As I will say, very Metaphysical barely describes it, as it is previously unknown, and what was kept out of all knowledge. While, there are new aspects to it too, as part of the Solution and return of the Original Song to experience it while still alive Bodily in the base reality. None of what I show You here, regarding the Dark going, (The other side of Light Play),is what I Am teaching You to experience, as it is involved in what the Companions have been doing. However, it is an introduction to how YOU will create Your own Bubbles of Heaven, while letting YOU know that it has all been ‘real’- albeit very Metaphysical, and unbelievable from within the old programs, with much of even Light Tribe Consciousness not ready  for it, and ‘behind the scenes.’ I AM not doing the Judgement thing-it is merely an Observation from any time I look at comments and articles out there. And, as part of my Mission was to choose the right time when some were ready, That is what I have to have done –Observe to know when some were ready-as well as when the Divine Time in the True Plan was ‘here ‘. It is ‘here’ with the success of the R.O.L Med.

Although, the Living Light of the Bubbles has been here for a long ‘time’ in the Future Loops.

If you have seen a small cloud mist of brilliant colours, of mainly gold and orange( but can have others as well,)  it is not a scout or craft in my understanding, but a device of High Light Alchemy for transmutation.

So the Living Light being asked to help in Light Magic, looking like this.


Has something like this within it. It could be a ring as well.

Just as Cobra said sometimes- despite all outward appearances ,the Light is Winning!

This is Now more Truth than in any other Now of the last 6yrs. The snowballs get bigger and the Event gets closer.   Hope you found this en-Lightening and en-Couraging.  Love in the One True Light , from a Light Player.



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  1. In 12 yrs of the same daily commute, I’ve never witnessed the skyscape as I see now. The first pic I took dates back to May 2018…it was so magnificent that I actually took the long way back from lunch to take pic/video. Since then, I regularly see this “new” sky phenomena…clouds in shapes I’ve never seen around here, sun halos, rainbow lights reflecting in the clouds, etc. Clouds…there are lots of irregular, but beautiful, shapes…whispy and cotton like. Looks like latte foam with distinct rib and featherly edges. Still lots of chemtrails but they dissipate in irregular fashion. Rainbows…when in rains, I would see rainbows in the morning and afternoon. Seeing ends on the rainbow is common now too…which I don’t recall seeing before. Sure, I’ve read scientific reasons behind sky phenoma…but I think spiritual energy is science, so there. Now, I praise the sky for such beautiful display on my daily commute! I live north of LA, near the coast. Cheers!

  2. Try a “lighter” font next time.

    Us little ppl prefer “lighter” fonts, its easier on the eye, as the vast majority of fonts we read from are NOT BOLD, as the above article is.

    Not reading the entire article due to cumbersome bold ness.


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