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By The Reluctant Activist,

For those of you that follow my work you will see the TheReluctantActivist.org website has been modified to alert people to the dangers of 5G and the evil forces that are promoting this technology and the Internet of Things. By surrounding us with war, death, unresponsive politicians, big banks, Big Pharma, MSM, rampant corruption, wanton greed and unfathomable psychopathy these evil beings have eliminated any hope for change from our psyches.  By engineering our public opinion and our perceptions to be hopeless they are creating a future just like the present –  with them in charge and people like us feeling powerless to do anything about it. If we let them deploy 5G it will be the final solution …  humanity’s final lock down

But there is a new boy in town. Actually this science has been around for a while but its implications are finally being realized. It has taken 300 years but Quantum Physics and Quantum Thinking are replacing Newtonian materialism. This survival of the fittest, predatory, economic death culture is about to end.

For years the vast majority of humankind have accepted their fate as inferior beings in a Newtonian universe where the richest and most powerful rule and lead, and the rest of us follow. This kings-and-serfs, master-and-slave mentality has been the predominant world view for centuries and it has been a perfect breeding ground for evil psychopaths.

These evil elites have virtually destroyed our beautiful planet, brought mankind to the brink of extinction and are about to control our ability to think freely by first surrounding us with 5G radiation and then  weaponizing it for total control.

We must defeat 5G and we will. We were meant to be far more than slaves to psychopaths, and they know this. They know that our awareness will mean an end to this massive deception. Why do you think 5G is being rolled out at breakneck speed with no testing, wrapped in new laws that makes it illegal ro stop new cell towers and guarded by police thugs.

This is a race to get humanity in lock down before we wake up to our higher selves and the power that we possess to shut this depraved death culture down.

Ask yourself a question.

Do you really think that an intelligence that could create such intricacy and beauty with life, this planet and the universe  created men to be hamsters running round and round on hamster wheels?

Wake up!  You are being farmed.

I have been asked by Prepare For Change to write an article about 5G.

Before I begin though, I would encourage you to check out their website, not because I necessarily believe in THE EVENT and the Worldwide Reset as they describe. But because I found an organization whose description of how bad things are — fully resonates with my own.  WOW if they concur with the level of evil that I see in the world, perhaps their message of light, life and hope is worth studying. Further, Prepare For Change is a substantial website — perhaps there are a lot more of us out there than I figured. For these reasons I have chosen to study this site and 5D.

Anyone remembers smart meters? It began as a $3.4 billion government initiative announced by Obama in 2009.  The goal was to establish a smart energy grid Remember? Two years later in 2011 new digital smart meters were being readied to replace the analog meters on your house. They were used to record your home’s electrical usage. Smart meters were promoted as devices that would save your money, make the electrical grid safer, were not harmful to your health and would eliminate the need for meter readers.

In my estimation smart meters have failed to deliver on every one of these promises except the elimination of meter readers. My electric bills went up, both my home and the grid are now hackable by anyone with a cell phone and the safety of pulsed radiation 24/7 for my own health let alone for a baby sleeping on the inside wall equipped with a smart meter or a bank of them on the outside wall is questionable at best.

They were rolled out by utility companies and promoted by Public Service Boards across the country much the same way as 5G is being ramrodded through now.  Public notice, public health, public visibility and public responsibility all were trashed by government and media. 5G is a massive propaganda campaign.

Don’t you see – the Internet of Things was planned at least 8 years ago and it began with smart meters. I went to these hearings in 2011 and listened to all the bullshit. Back then I could never understand why utility companies rejected suggestions to go with wired versus wireless connections from the meter to the pole. These connections were faster, emitted NO radiation and were not hackable. This would have eliminated all the concerns. Now I understand why they were rejected.

Without wireless access to the home — your smart phone could not call your smart meter and turn your smart furnace on or your smart air conditioner off.  The Internet of Things and all the smart devices being planned for the home would not be possible without first having a wireless smart meter to provide wireless access to the home.

The invisible hand of evil has been the guiding force behind this communication deception just like it was with the tobacco debacle years earlier. Then it took decades and millions of people to sicken and die before all the officials running away and hiding became too obvious. Something had to be done.

grim reaperEvil’s appetite for death is  ravenous. He never fills up – we fed him constant war, tobacco, our health, and the US Health Dept. We gave this monster constant sickness, Big Pharma and the FDA, we gave him 911 and Homeland Security. We gave him fracking and the EPA. We gave him our freedoms and the Constitution. We gave him genetically modified food and the US Dept of Agriculture. We gave him chemtrails, our water and the EPA. We gave him pesticides, Monsanto and the EPA. We gave him unsafe vaccines, a false flu pandemic and the

CDC. We gave him a fraudulent banking system, the IMF and The Federal Reserve. We gave him a fraudulent political system that preselects our candidates, rigs the districts and controls the vote count. We gave him a fraudulent legal system

that makes crimes against humanity legal. Quite fittingly the telecom industry is now rolling out millions of new cell towers that are unquestionably unhealthy while passing legislation that makes it illegal to stop them.

Are we genetically flawed? Who struck us deaf, dumb and blind? First we allow ourselves to be used beyond belief, and then we line up to use Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. In exchange for what we think are free services we gave away our  free speech and our privacy. All of these organizations practice censorship. Facebook recently hired 10,000 trolls to recast criticism and protest, as hate speech. Deboosting is a common practice at Facebook and YouTube. Google has been caught manipulating search results more than once.

puppet people believe what there toldBut when it comes to serious mind control we cannot leave out Mainstream Media (MSM). They are the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. MSM is fed new leads from Rothschild-owned and controlled wire services and then pays its editors to often write identical and always engineered, news scripts across all the major networks. The evening news is written, controlled and engineered to shape public opinion and perception. Why do you think the news hour commercials are now synched. It is done, so we will not surf the news channels as this would expose  the obvious collaboration.

Don’t you see? The goal here is to program your perceptions 24/7. MSM works with government and the Deep State to engineer your perceptions, to overwhelm you with depravity, fear and hopelessness. In this way you will perceive and envision and thus manifest, a new world exactly like the one we have now. After all why would the

1% want it any other way? MSM is a Ministry of

Propaganda of monstrous proportions.

You owe it to yourself to  check out some of these alternative news voices – and compare them to MSM. Judge for yourself what is real and what is fake.

Don’t you see? They (the evil elite) under the cover of the Internet of Things and 5G will be  laying down  an invisible but fully weaponized grid that will keep you numbed, dumbed and fully under control.

Mind Control Facilty Door WayThis is a war for control of your mind. Free thinking, higher purpose, reclaimed growth of your soul, and the full realization of Global Consciousness are not allowed on earth. This is what is under attack here. This is not about the ability to download a movie in few seconds or to communicate with millions of new smart devices. This hype, deception and diversion is being played out by the FCC, industry, government and media to distract us from the real mission.

David Icke says our final take over will be a nine step plan :  Step one of this plan is Control Perceptions as are all the others.

IMO even God has been used to scam us. We have been taught that we are born into sin and to never challenge or criticize authority.  We have been taught to suffer here on earth, to turn our cheek, and to be meek. We are taught that it is OK to suffer, forego earthly pleasures while we live, and we will realize the kingdom of heaven when we die.

To this I say BULLSHIT. One can love God and/or source while loving and enjoying the abundance and the diversity of this beautiful planet. Earth is not just for the rich.

Don’t you find it a tad coincidental that at this time of worldwide depravity, heinous sexual crimes, human trafficking, paedophilia and in a world screaming for morality, spirituality, and leadership that not one religious figure has stepped forward — not one?

Quantum Physics is finally bringing morality, integrity, peace, justice, life, love and abundance back to the planet. Bye Bye Newton. Bye Bye psychopaths. Bye Bye OWO (Old World Order) the rules of the game are about to change.

consciousness creates matter graphicQuantum Physics and Quantum Thinking are replacing Newtonian physics as mainstream science. Newtonian reductionist materialism has been shaping human thought for 300 years and it is finally over. We now know that consciousness – not materialism – is the true fabric of the universe.

Just as Galileo and the telescope reversed years of incorrect thinking and faulty science, Quantum Physics will undo years of engineered thinking, We are magnificent human beings and infinitely powerful. We can intend, believe and create new futures.

This is what Global Consciousness really means, this is why evil is so petrified and this is what is behind the mask of  the Internet of Things and 5G.  They know that when humanity fully embraces this Quantum knowledge that they (the public) can then actually intend and manifest evil right out of existence. This is the real reason why 5G must be defeated. There is a very real war going on for control of you, your soul and your mind right now.

Orwell said “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Media has now suppressed so much evidence and covered up so many lies by the telecom industry — that asking for the truth is now considered hate speech while lies and deceptions are treated as truth.

First let’s disprove this no testing horseshit. There are hundreds of peer reviewed reports on 5G around the world. All of them document health implications that are overwhelmingly negative.

Second. These telecom criminals are not funding any new studies on 5G because they know that the results will also be overwhelmingly negative.

Third. Knowing full well that initial health reports are all negative and knowing that the public has huge concerns for public safety – the FCC along with the telecom industry, media and government are still proceeding full steam ahead.  In fact the government is now telling us that 5G is a National Security issue.

Fourth. These evil incarnates are hoping by the time this technology is proven unquestionably unsafe that consumers will be so hooked  they will not care about zillions of new smart gadgets radiating 24/7 (like they did to us with tobacco). But by then – unlike smart meters – there will be no opting out.

The FCC Safety Regs

Designed to feed evil and Deceive the public

  1. They were originally written in the 60s to prevent a 220 lbs military man from acquiring radiation burns while working on radar towers.
  2. Even though non-thermal radiation exposure is dangerous for your health — FCC safety standards exclude them entirely. Further no additional safety precautions are prescribed for children, infants, babies or life in-vitro.
  3. These standards apply to one device only. Nothing addresses the cumulative effect of this technology. Even these terrible inadequate FCC safety standards only apply to the first device. Think about what this really means. Apply a nanosecond of thought to this evil.


Imagine if we were to place one radiation-emitting baby monitor in your baby’s crib. Even if we do not challenge what we know to be bogus FCC safety guidelines – by law – they only apply to the first device. Are you saying what I think you are?

Yup as long as the first monitor meets FCC guidelines there are no limits to the number that you can add to the crib. Now I know nobody is likely to throw 1000 baby monitors in the crib with the baby. The point is it does not violate FCC safety standards to do so. Now let’s blow this out.

Every household in America likely contains two mobile phones, two cordless phones, two Wi-Fi computers, two Wi-Fi TV’s, one Wi-Fi modem, one microwave oven and one smart meter.  Now lets add 2 more as yet to be developed smart devices.  Thirteen thus  represents a modest number of radioactive devices in even a modest household.  If all thirteen devices were individually in compliance with FCC guidelines cumulatively our household would be emitting radiation 12x above these so called SAFTEY limits.

According to the US Census Bureau there are 118 million households.  That would be 118 million households all who are in substantial violation of FCC standards. To this one would have to new radiation that would be generated from a  million new small cell towers.

Here are some additional facts brought to you by Radiation Health Risks.

5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons.  First, compared to earlier versions, 5G is ultra-high frequency and ultra-high intensity. 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G use between 1 and 5 gigahertz frequency.  5G uses between 24 and 90 gigahertz frequency.  Within the RF radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms.

Second, the shorter length millimetre waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far or through objects. This means with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate, many more mini cell towers must be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. This will greatly increase our exposure.

With RF radiation, how close the source is to our physical bodies, is more damaging than the power level (or wattage) of the radiation.  RF radiation dissipates with distance.  In other words, a low powered exposure right next to someone, is more dangerous than a more powerful exposure a long ways away. Also, the longer the exposure time, the more dangerous it is.  5G will be the worst of both worlds. We will have more sources around us, and closer to us.

In 2011 the WHO (World Health Organization) classified cell phone technology as a Class 2B potential carcinogen. That was eight years ago. Let’s see 3G and 4G technology was already considered a potential carcinogen. 5G is a minimum of 25 times more powerful and it will be bouncing radiation around millions of new smart devices and millions more new cell towers. By any measure (and we have none) new radiation levels will be off the charts.

And here is a reprint from  Technocracy Jan 8 2019

Public attention about 5G has been focused on the plans of telecom companies to install millions of small cell towers on electric utility poles, on public buildings and schools, on bus stop shelters, in public parks, and anywhere they want in national parks and on federally owned land.

In local urban communities there would be a cell tower approximately every 500 feet along every street. As bad as these small cell towers might seem from the standpoint of constant exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation in close proximity to the source, perhaps an even more alarming prospect will be the beaming of millimetre length microwaves at the earth from thousands of new communication satellites

That’s right the FCC is bringing 5G into space. 20,000 Satellites are to be launched sending focused beams of intense microwave radiation over Entire Earth.

death star firing beam weapon

The amount of radiation that humanity will be swimming in is unimaginable.

Your government has been actively  trying to control your mind for sometime Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency and then watch this video on 5Gmillimeter wave technology and the military

A very real star wars battle is raging

for your mind and the planet

star wars light sebre fighting

Anyone got a Camel?

I need a cigarette.



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  1. The psychopaths are well aware that more & more people are waking up, this is why they are desperate to censor the internet & are racing + forcing their so called 5G Technology onto us, to ensure that as many people as possible, get irradiated in the shortest possible time, so the psychopaths get to remain in power & control.

    I hope that we can turn this onto them, of which they justly deserve & have earned for themselves due to their sickening evil horrendous + unspeakable crimes against humanity!


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