For Targeted Individuals: What Innocent Citizens Can Do To Protect Themselves From Gang Stalking, Mind Control & Nuclear Energy Production!​

What innocent citizens can do if their killing permits became legal under an international agreement to use human as a renewable resource for the production of the Nuclear Energy!!!

The Years of Masonic Deception! Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals to apply the Nuclear Program in the purpose of Mind Control & Nuclear Energy Production!​

Save your life and others through raising  awareness of the Nuclear Program that targeted individuals in the purpose of nuclear energy, artificial rain & Diamonds production, which led to the increase of chronic diseases and suicides around the world due to the radiation pollution & imbalance of the electromagnetic system and DNA of the human bodies, however this human rights violations have been covered by media and returned to Witchcraft, video games like blue whale, depression, mental illness or chronic diseases, while they are the victims of the Nuclear Program which managed by Mason,  Nuclear Establishments and Telecommunication Companies.​

What is the Nuclear Program?

  • It is targeting individuals and converting them to semi-mechanical men through the implanted  Psychotronics Microchips, which open channels directly between the human brain and external electronic devices and  targeting the electromagnetic energy of humans using the high radiation like gamma radiation, ionic and electronic accelerators In the purpose of the Radioisotopes enrichment production such as uranium, thorium, radium, radon, and plutonium , Mining is also done by treating human waste containing radioactive isotopes through sewage in the purpose of the  nuclear energy production.
  • This program has been applied on billions of people around the world since 1974 and they are monitored and remotely controlled “RNM- Remote Neural Monitoring”   by satellite, mobile, computer, Internet, TV, further more they are controlling the minds, directing human behavior, and changing behavior to violence through these electronic chips to increase the energy production. ​

Nuclear Program Methods for applying the implanted Psychotronic Microchips:

1. Air Condition Magnetic Field spread the smart dust and Radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium for the purpose of human body infection and enrichment process
2. Radio Frequency Signals, Electrical Conduction & Modulated Sound Signal that created by the Internet, Mobile, Computer & TV
3. Smart dust  and Radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium can be also spread through water tap and food
4.The drugs that use electronic microchips for example the capsule that are implanted under the skin to prevent pregnancy or to store patient medical information , or to perform Virtual Surgery
5. Addiction to social media especially Facebook and video games & TV to force people to use the Internet & TV as long as possible and during this period they are mining the human electronic energy, which covers 10% of the electricity consumption in the world, also use the nuclear energy in changing the natural phenomena of artificial rain & storms that used to convert methane gas to carbon gas then to graphite and then to DIAMOND.
6. Psychotronics Microchips for artificial telepathy, brain manipulation, Remote Neural Monitoring and DNA reprogramming since the DNA is responsible for building the human body and data storage and communications.
7. Smart Dust : Is a system for many MEMS systems such as sensors, robots or other devices that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals, they are usually run on a computer network wireless and are distributed to certain areas for performing tasks, usually sensed by determining radio frequencies and its size is measured by nanometer.
8. Chemical and physical parameters of water that implanted in toilets in the purpose of the radioactive waste measurement


The Real Objectives of the New World Order “Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals”

All governments around the world have been deceived by the fact that the main objectives of the program are to obtain free and renewable sources of energy, artificial rain & diamonds as well as the possibility of controlling the minds and guidance of their peoples, and they have been deceived by that they are the only one who controlling the nuclear program of their peoples by their National Security Agency NSA, but in fact that all NSA satellites infiltrated by the Mason and they have the upper hand in the management of these satellites to serve the Masonic entity and plans to colonize the world through the increase of unemployment, crime, atheism, homosexuality, the desire of peoples to take revenge of governments, ignite strife and then unify the world under the rule of the Mason and control all the world’s wealth and population.​

The Damage and Symptoms of Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals – The First Phase:

  1. The raise of artificial Telepathy abilities in an exaggerated manner, such as predicting things before they occur, reading and broadcasting thoughts
  2. Peripheral nerve inflammation, red, black or red spots, scabies, body aches, exhaustion or lack of desire, chest tightness, choking cry, irregular monthly period for women, lack of desire for life or feeling suicidal, spoil your relationship with your family, friends & work, Leaving the worship whatever your religion, tiredness and joints, forgetfulness, frequent headaches every time and hair loss, lack of compatibility with life.
  3.  Addiction of social media, video games & TV  and abandonment of people to ensure that people interact with the program for the longest period through the use of mobile, Internet and TV
  4. Minds control and guide the actions of individuals through satellite, computer, mobile, Internet and television
  5. Sense of daily observation, some people’s eyes may be used as a camera without their knowledge to photograph and monitor the daily life of the individual
  6. Autism, Stuttering speech, Artificial tinnitus “ringing in the ear”, microwave hearing, ringing fence issued from the lamp, television or other electronic devices at the presence of the victim at home as a result of the victim mind interaction with electronic devices, to ensure the victim’s attention, interaction and produce electronic well as the symptoms of injury sudden shock electric shock and memory impairment

The Damage and Symptoms of Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals – The Second Phase:

  1. The stress increase due to exposure of the high radiation like gamma radiation, ionic and electronic accelerators 24 hours a day, inability to sleep, isolation, and sometimes most of victims try to commit suicide to take off this stress, especially when they haven’t awareness of the technology virtual apps “hypnosis, sense of vibration, touching and forced walking visions” in order to subject the victim for mental illness and lose the rights for defending themselves.
  2. The incidence of radiation syndrome results in headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, leukemia and hair loss. Radiation also has a significant effect on the bone marrow that causes white blood cell deficiency. It also causes cataracts, which damage the eye and cause blindness, cause shortness of life. Radiation also has a significant effect on the sex glands of men and women and the exposure of pregnant women may cause fetal death or deformed birth
  3. Forced manipulation of respiratory tract, inhalation of strange odors, rapid heart rate, and sensation of skin injection effect, sense of constriction of ribs, dryness and decomposition of victims’ skin due to exposure to microwave radiation.
  4. General effects: sudden overheating, all body pain, sleep prevention, irresistible “go here go there commands”, microwaves burns, electric shocks sensations, as the goal of the program is to subject the victim to isolation, frustration and body pain to ensure their interaction with the program for a longer period to produce electronic energy.
  5. Chronic Diseases: cancer, tinnitus, pneumonia, autism, joint and back pain, peripheral neuropathies, severe depression, suicide or criminal acts, harassment, chronic headache, impaired sexual ability, Obsessive, compulsive, deviation of tendencies, Alzheimer, note that it is not necessary the human be infected with all these diseases, but may be infected by some of these based on their immunity and psychological.
The Most Effective Tactics That Healing & Free Victims from the Nuclear Program Targeted Individuals:

  1. You must believe that you are stronger than any external forces that want to take control of your life and your health and violation of human rights in order to produce energy and obtain world hegemony and billions dollars from these illegal investments, Therefore, the following methods of resistance should be followed to prevent ourselves from obtaining any sources of energy production, as many people have been released when the electronic stalking failed to steal their energy. “Keep in mind that, when there is NO RETURN ON INVESTMENT, which is the lack of access to energy production from the human and obligate the Nuclear Energy Establishment  & Telecommunications companies  to pay fines at least One Million $ for each one of the people that been hurt by this program   they will be forced to terminate this illegal investment and not to violate human rights”
  2. Understand this program is automated simulated program and create their simulation apps upon your reaction to produce the Electronic Energy, so IGNORE all the negative ideas that fed by their computer to your mind “DON’T REACT” and maintain your life as much normalcy as possible in order to stop feeding their computer with your energy as they are making their money investment based on your energy, furthermore  you should reduce your use of electronic devices such as computer, mobile and television and close them during the sleeping time as well as add to your internet browsers the following apps “Adblock, Pop up adblock, Nocoin – Coin hiver blocker”..
  3. Obligate the Nuclear Establishment to apply the integrated programs to eliminate radiation pollution of internal and external radiation of individuals or contamination of their houses.
  4. For the treatment of the harmful effects of radiation in the case of doses of less than 200 RIM can be given a medicine that prevents vomiting and gives the patient adose of cortisone in the vein, but in the case of doses of 200-1000 RIM hope for recovery is possible by intensive care by giving the patient antibiotics. If the number of white blood cells less than 1000 per cubic millimeter to reduce the vulnerability of the natural immunity of the patient and it is desirable to transfer blood cells and treatment of solutions in the case of diarrhea and bone marrow transplant in critical cases
  5. When the body is exposed to certain radioactive elements such as cesium and thallium, the treatment is done by the Prussian blue medicine, which is associated with these radioactive elements and is eliminated through the stool. This treatment quickly eliminates radioactive particles and reduces the amount of radioactive cells that may absorb them.
  6. For treatment of radiation syndrome when the body is exposed to some radioactive elements such as plutonium, amerium and chlorium, the treatment is done bydiethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA), which is linked to these radioactive elements, and passes through the body in urine, which reduces the amount of absorbed radiation.
  7. In order to determine the type of radiation exposure to make decisions for the treatment of patients, you have to do blood tests and know the changes in blood cells, especially white blood cells, measuring the dose of radiation absorbed through the dosimeter, should determine the location of the radioactive particles in the body through the radiation scan.
  8. Laboratory blood test for periodic verification of the rate of decrease in the number of white blood cells to detect the extent of bone marrow damage and treatment of bone marrow damage by injecting the patient with protein that stimulates the production of white blood cells. An example of this protein is the promoter filgrastim (Neupogen), sargramostim (Leukine) and pegfilgrastim (Neulasta)
  9. Irradiation of irradiated iodine can inhibit thyroid absorption of radioactive iodine. When potassium iodide tablets are taken before or shortly after radiation exposure, the thyroid gland is saturated with iodine to reduce the amount of radioactive iodine absorbed and the risk of thyroid cancer. However Potassium iodide tablets do not protect against external exposure to radiation or any radioactive element other than radioactive iodine.
  10. Clean your energy and physical body Using Senna herbs, Wakame Sea Herbs, Camphor & Seder herbs as it has the power to pull the radiation out of your body, it is the most effective methods, as well as fasting from 10 to 16 hours to increase human immunity and exposure to the sun in daily basis for at least half an hour and reduce the sugar in beverages as it is the main energy source for the infected cells.
  11.  It is necessary to remove the contaminated clothes and shoes, as well as washing gently with soap and water removes additional radiation particles from the skin, to prevent further distribution of radioactive materials and reduce the risk of internal pollution from inhalation, ingestion or open wounds.
  12. Clean the body with Dettol antiseptic as an attempt to oxygenate and disable the implanted microchip, and you can use white camphor oil and follow its medical guidelines when you use the oil
  13. Cross your legs “X”  and hands to close the body energy cores
  14. Eat alkali foods that containing iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin B12  especially Miso herbs Soup with Wakame sea Herbs you should drink it three times a day, furthermore you should eat other alkali food like  lentil soup, watercress, pickles, bananas, pomegranates, lemons, salmon or sardines. You can also take medicines containing these minerals, such as KELP tablets or Kombu sea herbs powder and Chlorella tablets 500 mg Or potassium iodide pills, Boron Tablets, or Magnesium Plus Tablets as radioactive contamination do not interact with alkali.
  15. Clean your clothes and bed sheet with Dettol or Vinegar or Sodium salt and make sure to clean the seating area and bedroom  with vacuum to remove the smart dust and radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium , as well as cover your food and drinks, furthermore you should add  sea salt or the used residues herbs on human waste at the  bathroom to reduce the emission of radon from sewage and the interaction of radioactive materials and to prevent the attackers from taking advantage of the radioactive materials in the sewage, which is the main reason for deliberately polluting the air, water and food, to obtain nuclear fuel that is enriched by human.
  16. Check the ear canal there is silver radio chip (Psychotronics Microchips) with a microphone embedded in the bottom of the ear canal, there will be one in each ear, It operates on the VHF frequency and can play video so that the victim can see the forced walking visions and hear artificial sounds, or cover the ear with a plug until you can extract this chip to prevent the waves from reaching. Or add English salt “Epsom Salt” or lemon on your ear to eliminate the Artificial tinnitus “ringing in the ear”.
  17. Use radio frequency jammer, frequency range: 200 – 840 MHZ   , GPS , UHF, VHF,  GSM , 3G, 4G, 5.8G, LOJACK , CDMA to protect yourself from satellite and GPS tracking, as well as a frequency counter should be used to measure the radio frequency at your home, furthermore you can use electronic bug detectors apps like EMF Sensor Free and Electronic Bug Detector to detect the areas of the electronic energy weapons at your home or work.
  18. Use the N52 Neodymium magnet on the implanted biochips, to isolate the electromagnetic waves from the body as well as cover the head and infected body with aluminum foil or wear Iron Hat, you can also disable biochips by using the electromagnetic pulse device “EMP” Electrical Magnetic Pulse.
  19. The most effective method is try to detect the biochip locations, but unfortunately these micro simulators  difficult to detect through the CT or MRI , but may result in an increase in the number of small  white or black dots on your body skin so you can remove these infected skin dots by a laser processes and analyze them at ” Material Characterization Lab  through  “EDS – Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy” and proof that skin samples are contained silicon, tin, titanium and platinum while the biochips is made of these materials,  as well as you will find a high percentage of radioactive contamination like Thorium, Radon, Uranium, Polonium, Plutonium and Radium   , and in regards to the electronic chips inside the body, it can be treated by radiation injection Radiotherapy is one of the interventional radiological processes. Or use intensive ultrasound HIFU
  20. Submit a case at the court or the national human rights council against this program, Telecommunication companies & nuclear establishment obligating them to pay a fine at least One million $ for each person that been hurt by this program , giving all medical reports like the EDS report  (Example of the medical report)  or other evidence from samples of the electronic bug audiovisual that looks like black carbon “Smart Dust” as they spread it over the bed or setting area, as well as  the Chemical and physical parameters of water that implanted in toilets in the purpose of the radioactive waste measurement
  21. Raise awareness to general public and legal system around the world about the serious human rights abuse utilizing remote influencing technologies of Nuclear Energy Program Targeted Individuals, as well as share the healing tactics for freedom through social media, press and television so that civilian population do not fall victims and stop the production of biochips and boycott their use in medical purposes.
Please Share to Bring Awareness to Public & Limit the Destruction of The billions of Victims Live around the World, And to Stop Using Humans for the Nuclear Energy Production.
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  1. Hello, my name is Adam Earle and I live in Adelaide South Australia. I believe I am myself a target by a group of individuals. They have been following me for some time and I have been infected with smart dust or ‘darts’ as they refer to it. I am wondering what I can do to sort this problem. Is moving country a good idea? Or is there someone I can contact directly? Thanks

  2. I just want you to know that I am a Targeted Individual who now lives in the Town of Goldendale Washington, Since I lived here I have been heavy Gangstalked after passing out some flyers about Gangstalking, Everything from sounding sirens near my home every so offen to Slander etc.

  3. I’ve been targeted in Oceanside, CA, Seattle, WA, San Antonio, TX—my faith in God has been saving my life from these gang stalkers. God has miraculously delivered me from a spirit of suicide the gang stalkers used, also known as witchcraft—greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world!

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