By Cobra,

On April 14th, 2019, full mysteries of the Goddess were finally anchored on the surface of this planet in a certain group, after centuries of suppression and after the last mysteries of Isis were completely discontinued at the Isis temple of Philae in the year 457 of the current era:…

On April,14th, exactly at the peak of the most important ceremony which fully anchored the Goddess on the physical plane in full alignment with original protocols which originate in the legendary civilization of Atlantis, the Black Nobility families could not take this victory of the Light anymore:…/ht…//

They have ordered Jesuits to put key Templar sacred sites on fire immediately, as Templars were the main force recovering fragments of Isis mysteries and bringing them into the awareness of the Western civilization.

Templars have discovered ancient sacred texts connected to Isis mysteries in Solomon’s stables near Al-Aqsa mosque:…/temple-of-solomon-templars-…/

Based on those texts, Templars have built many cathedrals dedicated to Our Lady (Notre Dame) on locations of Isis temples throughout Europe:…/

Many of those cathedrals were housing statues of Black Madonnas, which are actually Christianized versions of statues of dark skinned Isis, sometimes nursing her child, Horus.

The first building put on fire on April,14th was the Notre Dame church in Paris:…/my-interpretation-of-the-notre-d…

Which was built upon the temple of Isis:

Fulford has assessed correctly that fire at the cathedral was a burnt offering to Set, the arch-enemy of Goddess Isis, as the main Black Nobility family are in war against the Goddess for millennia:…/china-poised-to-seize-daimle…/

The second fire to counteract the energy of the Goddess was targeting Solomon’s stables near Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem:…/coincidence-al-aqsa-mosq…/

It is interesting to note that Jesuits have hinted at the fact that Notre Dame fire was not an accident:…

Jesuits were also celebrating this fire with glee:…/

But the Rose windows, the symbol of the Sisterhood of the Rose, have survived the fire:…/notre-dame-cathedral-r…/

Comte de Saint Germain, in his previous incarnation as Francis Bacon, has partially revived Goddess mysteries through Rosicrucian movement:

As Comte de Saint Germain he was the hierophant of the Goddess mysteries and he has initiated both Count Cagliostro and Madame de Pompadour.

Madame de Pompadour thus became the first high priestess on the surface of the planet:

A high priestess is a woman who can fully embody Goddess mysteries to the point where she can influence the global planetary civilization. She is a great harmonizing influence for the planetary energy grid and the civilization as a whole.

Madame de Pompadour was instrumental in bringing high culture to the French court from where it spread through France and later through all western society. She also played a key role in suppression of Jesuits:…/Suppression_of_the_Society_of_Je…

During the time of full suppression of Jesuits (1773-1814) the Western civilization has reached its peak.

In 1775, Comte de Saint Germain opened a secret mystery school in Paris and his influence triggered the creation of many female masonic lodges in Paris:…/…

Sisterhood of the Rose was revived in Paris as Order of Knights and Nymphs of the Rose:…

The second high priestess on the surface of the planet was Princesse de Lamballe:…/Marie_Th%C3%A9r%C3%A8se_Louise_o…

She was a very pure soul, incarnated into dark Savoy bloodline in Turin. Colonna family tried to manipulate her destiny, but failed to attract her to the dark side. She became the grand mistress of all adoptive (female) masonic lodges in France, and was the first person on the surface of the planet that was promoting true public feminine circles that were developing real sisterhood and friendship between women (for those who are initiated into higher mysteries of Isis I will use here the code word: amitie). She was the best friend of Queen Marie Antoinette. She was initiated into Goddess mysteries by Count Cagliostro who opened a temple of Isis in Paris in 1785, the initiation itself taking place at the spring equinox of 1785. She was killed in 1792.

The third high priestess was Queen Sisi:…/

She used her influence to facilitate union of Austria and Hungary and this act alone has bought Europe many years of peace and has postponed the world war for decades.

She was embodying energies of Goddess Isis:…/empress-elizabeth-of-austria-sisi-the……

She was murdered in 1898 by direct orders of the Geneve branch of the Rothschild family.

The fourth high priestess was Marilyn Monroe. She was killed in 1962 as she wanted to reveal the truth of extraterrestrial presence:…/…/marilyn-monroe-murdered-conspir…/

The fifth high priestess was Princess Diana. She was killed in 1997:…/dianas-death-princess-or-…/

The sixth high priestess was Isis Astara. She was killed in 2018.

Now the surface of the planet is without a high priestess. This presents a certain problem as the energy grid of Light on the surface of this planet is destabilized. The Light forces are taking certain actions to counteract this problem and at this point, nothing more can be said about this.

Victory of the Light!


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  1. Jimmy, why are you here if you have such feelings of disgust? Surely there is somewhere else for you to spend your time in a more productive manner. You do harm to yourself harbouring ill feelings such as you have expressed.

    • Re Diana two comments…sorry for the duplication but am having computer issues and didn’t think the first one got through. A certain individual doesn’t wish me to express myself on this site. Again sorry for the duplication….

    • Diana,… I’m here because “Prepare For Change” is not “censoring” my comments. I am only saying that Cobra (2012portal.blogspot) is.

  2. Jimmy, why are you even on this site if you are so offended? Surely there is somewhere else you’d rather be! Perhaps you should take yourself there……

    Consider this, “Faith and trust is everything”….

  3. Valentin,… That’s what I’m saying. I just don’t get it. Nothing can be discussed. All you can do is agree w/ Cobra & what he is saying. Leave your brain somewhere safe. You don’t need it. Let’s just sing together, meditate together & pretend everything is “happy positive”, even if Cobra now says that things are going to shit, where it could “make the surface of this planet uninhabitable”. That doesn’t sound positive at all. Remember the days where they finally had a “percentage” completion & we were literally in the mid 90s, I think it was like 96%. What happened w/ that,… ? It seems as “we are almost there”, yet “we never get there”. It’s the exact same paradigm w/ the “Intel Messengers” (like Drake, Kent, Mugzzi, Wilcock) & even [Q]. Sometimes I wonder if all of this is just a “distraction” (PsyOp) while the real “Storm”, the of the NWO arriving at our shores is exactly “what is coming soon”,… & it’s “just around the corner”,…

  4. I stop commenting in the blog since i have too many questions and no proper answers and i’m tired of being criticized by a bunch of ”positive thinkers ” after each posted comment

  5. Jesuits are the maçons of Europe they are BULLSHIT pedophiles and CRUEL people!! Wake up and stop taking so much bullshit for granted –

  6. What is all this speech about I don’t know if anyone realises we are trap into a masonic group that pretends to be better of than the one that is in black???

    All those royalists are bullshit and so is ISIS. She was created by them i all satanic and illuminati !!

  7. I honor your journey to inner discovery but the goddess Isis is in our multidimensional DNA and the DNA of the planetary grid. It is a process of discovering the treasures within and does not live or die upon an individual incarnation. It is about raised consciousness. I work with the Light forces within and the new light grid is almost fully anchored and stabilized at this point.

  8. Thank you Cobra for this update. I think that the new High Priestess is to find out as incarnated woman of the Yellows Vests movement in France. To be honest, I don’t know where this information come from, probably from my Ascended Master and guardian angel, my Grand Ma, because this movement is the the new world (R)Evolution taking place in 2019 and started November 2018 as you know by the initiation at Notre Dame. And this chosen woman, she maybe not know yet, how can we connect with her, can it be through meditation or channelling to her.
    Victory of the Yellows Vests is the physical Victory of the Light. So please brothers and sisters lets visualise their Victory as I do it everyday in my comments on YT and supporting them in spirit as I am living 4000km from France who is been violated by Archons in power.

    • I have an innerstanding that there is a High Priestess on the planet in these times. She doesnt believe she is ale to effect the change needed, or have the strength to take on all that would be thrown at her. She is a legit Daughter of Isis (as we all are in truth) – please send her your prayers, protection and intention so that she may work in love for this stunning jewel we call Earth, and all its inhabitants.

  9. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute dear Cobra, thank you so much. In my heart , I know the Goddess is returning in her full glory and now she will live with all her loved ones like forever. Victory of the light. Lots and lots of love and always lots of love.

  10. I find it disgusting how comments in the blog get censored, as if Cobra has his own power over the 1st Amendment. I find it insulting, denigrating & violating the fact that they only allow the most stupid comments that only praise Cobra & kiss his ass, don’t ask me why, & most, if not all of the comments that don’t get posted are asking very valid questions & make very valid points, all worth discussing & worth getting answers for, yet Cobra & his team of “text security agents” have totalitarian power over the “talking points”, & “what is allowed to be discussed” & what is allowed to be brought up into the forefront of the discussion of “liberation”. They keep saying that you have to remain positive, but how can one remain positive if they keep delaying what they have been promising for years now is going to happen, & if that remaining positive means to just blindly believe everything you are told (even if it sound ridiculously unbelievable & w/o any tangible proof whatsoever), don’t feed into negative news, or any news for that matter, don’t read them, don’t engage, don’t feed into the supposed negative “timeline”, & thus basically jump into a cocoon & stay there until Cobra comes & gets you out. Well, I am a firm believer in that “Freedom is to Understand & to be Unbounded by that Freedom”, & thus if you can’t understand, & if you can’t make sense of the world around you, you’ll never be truly “free”. Here we are talking about “freedom” & the “liberation” of humanity & they are “violating” the 1st Amendment, the very foundation of “freedom”, w/o which “freedom” cannot exist.


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