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Hear ye this, O house of Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah, which swear by the name of the LORD, and make mention of the God of Israel, but not in truth, nor in righteousness. For they call themselves of the holy city, and stay themselves upon the God of Israel; The LORD of hosts is his name. – Isaiah 48:1-2


Zionist Israel and Jerusalem is outwardly becoming one of the most wicked nations on earth. While they profess to be highly religious and zealous for the Holy City of God, and state of Israel, like their forbearers they are replete with hypocrisy and unrighteousness as this verse in Isaiah demonstrates.

Christians in America, thinking that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy fail to recognize that modern Israel is anything but religious and righteous. Israel today is as sinful and wicked as any point in their entire history.

To associate with a wicked Israel is to partake in their sins of the past and present, but most Christians and pastors give them a pass as God’s Chosen people so they can do no wrong. God didn’t give them a pass during the time of Moses, the Judges, the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Roman occupation; nor did Jesus, when he pronounced judgement on Jerusalem towards its utter destruction in 70 AD.

No, Jerusalem historically speaking has been a city of intense wickedness, and it is no different today.

Here is an incomplete list of the modern evils of the modern state of Israel.


Filled with Atheist Jews

Studies show that Israel is one of the most irreligious nations on earth, just next China. This is because Jews invented Atheistic Communism as a means to collapse the power structure of Russia in WWI, Germany and Europe in WWII, and now through democratic socialism in the United States.

Atheism has been weaponized by Zionists, and has a historical connection to Sadduceeism during Jesus’ times. The Sadducees didn’t believe in the afterlife and were hugely racist, hedonistic and power hungry, just like today’s Zionists.

 “In Israel, though, that global proportion is reversed, with just 30 percent saying they are religious and 65 percent saying they are either not religious or convinced atheists (the proportion of self-identified atheists is just 8 percent however).” (Haaretz)


Sodomite Capital of the World

Israel is home to some of the largest sodomite parades and gatherings in the world. The culture in big cities like Tel Aviv embraces these Biblically condemned lifestyles rather than rebuke it like the Bible instructs.

“Everything in Tel Aviv is gay, inherently gay,” said Leon Avigad, who owns two very chic boutique hotels with his partner Nitzan Perry. “The people are creative, open-minded, liberal, accepting, and daring. Tel Aviv is very open to new forms of art, new musical styles, everything is very accepting.” The long-standing rule of thumb is that 10 percent of the population is gay, give or take. The estimate by officials in Tel Aviv is 25 percent of its population is gay. I’m no Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, but according to my remedial math skills and the calculator on my iPhone, if the population of Tel Aviv is 420,000, that means 105,000 people in the city identify as LGBT.” (Boston Globe)


Pedophile Haven

Israel is so desperate to attract diaspora Jews from all over the world to come and live in Israel, they notoriously overlook any and all criminal history, including that of pedophiles and criminals.

“The Law of Return is basically why it’s so easy for people to come here,” says Shana Aaronson, the chief operating officer of Jewish Community Watch — an advocacy group for victims of child sexual abuse everywhere in the Jewish world, with offices in the United States and Israel. “There is certainly more focus on whether or not the person is Jewish than there is on a possible criminal record,” she charges, alleging that criminal background checks run on individuals looking to immigrate are not as thorough as they should be.” (Haaretz)


Free State Paid Abortions

Abortion is state funded in Israel, and is approved in all forms.

“The recent passage of a law in Alabama restricting almost all abortions has once again generated fierce debate in the US and indeed around the world on this sensitive issue.vYet in the Jewish state, abortion is noticeable perhaps for the very absence of debate over it, especially bearing in mind the fierce battles fought over women’s divorce rights, and discrimination against women in the public domain. Recommended by

But in Israel, abortion is legal, easily accessible and state-funding for it is widely accessible, although the state nevertheless does not automatically grant the right to terminate a pregnancy.” (Jerusalem Post)


International Organ Trafficking Hub

Israel has become a vector center for organ trafficking, and has featured some very high-profile cases lately that demonstrate the greed, racism and inhumanity common among Zionist in Israel. They seek to profit off the goyim gentiles at every turn and do not hesitate to carve people up for money.

“Israel has become increasingly involved in the world transplantation industry in the last decade. This comes a few years after India, which until the 1990s was the global center of the organ trade, enacted legislation prohibiting transplants using organs acquired from living people.” (Haaretz)


Capital of Organized Crime

Read the linked article out of the Tablet Magazine to get a full picture of the many Israeli crime-cartels that are behind drug running, terrorism, weapons smuggling, human trafficking and more the world over.

“Working under the codename Case Number 512, the police and the prosecution have recruited seven key witnesses whose job is to bring down three of the country’s mightiest crime organizations. Of those, Abergil’s is considered the largest, the wealthiest, and the cruelest. Abergil’s indictment could keep several Hollywood screenwriters busy; it provides a frightening peek into the expansion of Israel’s organized crime to the rest of the world, including forays into the global trade in cocaine and ecstasy, extortion, gambling, money laundering, a string of unsolved murders, mysterious explosions, and innocent people paying with their lives along the way.

Witnesses who agree to collaborate with the authorities are murdered under mysterious circumstances time and again. One of the most famous such cases, which surfaced as part of the investigation into Case Number 512, was the story of Yoni Alzam, a crime organization foot soldier who was supposed to provide incriminating testimony about a murder allegedly committed by one of Abergil’s men. Alzam was held in solitary confinement under heavy guard in a maximum security prison. In 2005, he was found dead in his cell one day before he was supposed to testify, after he ingested some cyanide that was somehow smuggled to his cell. Alzam’s death sent a chilling message to other potential witnesses: There’s no place where you are safe from the bad guys.” (Tablet Magazine)


Wars of Aggression and Espionage

Whether digital espionage, creating proxy armies like ISIS or creating false flag attacks on the scale of 9/11, Israel is one of the most ruthless nations on the planet.

Israel without a doubt knew about 9-11, and not only failed to report the attacks, but was also busted documenting and celebrating the event as it unfolded on that fateful day. Just learn about the “Dancing Israelis” who were arrested on 9/11 as Mossad agents. These Mossad agents admitted they were set up to document the first strike of the WTC towers, indicating they knew well in advance and had prior knowledge that could have stopped the attacks, but didn’t.

Read about and watch videos pertaining to the Dancing Israelis here,

“In the days after 9/11, while Ground Zero continued to smoulder, millions heard Dan Rather and various media outlets repeat vague and unconfirmed reports of arrests that took place that day. These rumors held that Middle Eastern men, presumably Arabs, were arrested in explosive-packed vans in various places around the city on September 11th, and that some had even been photographing and celebrating those events. What most do not realize is that those reports were not mere rumors, and we now have thousands of pages of FBI, CIA and DOJ reports documenting those arrests.” (Corbett Report)


Apartheid and Zionist Settlers

The Ten Commandments state in Exodus 20:17, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house…” Israel apparently never got the memo. Take a look at these charts demonstrating how Israeli settlers have gradually over time stolen land from the Palestinians for a century.

“…the settlement issue as such a dire threat to the viability of a future Palestinian state, you need to grasp two important things.

The first is that the entire area of land we’re talking about here, which encompasses both Israel and the Palestinian territories, is incredibly tiny.

This is why even the smallest settlements can cause a major backlash, especially when they’re located in places that, if they were to remain, would break up a future Palestinian into disconnected chunks of land and prevent it from being a contiguous state.

The second is the explosive growth of both the settler population and the number of settlements over the past several decades. The scale of the growth is just staggering, especially in such a relatively tiny area of land and given that Israel’s total population is estimated to be just 8.3 million people.” (Vox)



Christians are blinded to the unholy wickedness of Israel. In their eyes they can do no wrong. They literally believe that despite the outright evil they have unleashed in the world that if we ignore all their evil God will Bless them. They believe we are to Stand with Israel no matter what. Well I have news for you that God never stood for them when they were committing sinful rebellion in ancient times and he won’t stand for it now in our modern Times.

This nation has embroiled the U.S. in so many wars of aggression on its behalf, it has become impossible to track the deaths, and mayhem associated with their evil actions.

Essentially the reason Israel is responsible for so much evil, is because their Talmudic religion litterally views gentiles as subhuman. Here is a Jewish source admiting that this is true and saying that this thinking has heavily influenced Zionist policy.

“Shahak’s book is an overview of Judaism and Zionism, which focuses on Jewish anti-Gentile traditions. Though he recognizes that many of these teachings are no longer authoritative, Shahak believes that they have, nonetheless, had a profound influence on the development of Jewish identity over the centuries. Most importantly, he believes that they have seeped into Zionist ideology and have affected the way Israel interacts with its non-Jewish citizens and neighbors.

Shahak, a Holocaust survivor who died in 2001, was for many years a professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also led the Israeli Civil Rights League from the mid-1970s until 1990. In Israel, he was a controversial figure, but he was revered by the international left as a tireless advocate for human rights.” (My Jewish Learning)


This is a fact, this is the core issue, and until the racist hate for the rest of the world is addressed and squashed by world leaders, their wicked policies towards the rest of the world will never change.



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  1. You need credible journalism to back your points. I don’t agree or disagree, but I read a lot of emotion and not a lot of hard journalism or sources. The world’s mind cannot be changed with opinions.

  2. This is a very good article, and that one on the 5th of June about currency reset buzz was excellent. We are busy with the 6th seal (in revelations) Here one night in Europe I woke up and heard loud trumpets and then the earth started to move, it was crzy, I could feel the ground under my feet move, I ran outside, thinking it was an earthquake, and I expected everybody in their gardens, thinking the same and a loud sound came from within the earth, but when I came outside, there was nobody, everything was dead silent, it was about 3.00 o’clock in the morning, still dark. I did not know what to think of it, and asked some people the next day if they had not heard trumpets and felt it, but nobody had and they looked at me, like, that is a strange type anyway, but a few weeks later I heard that somebody else had had the experience from the trumpets, he heard it, but did not feel the moving. Then 4 month’s later I was on the island Kreta (Crete in Greece),
    sitting at the bay on the beach and I heard the trumpets very clear from both side of the beach, the earth did not move that time. And that is my last experience, but if we are busy with the 6th seal, we can expect the 7th some time.

    But you know what, nobody believes you any way, a few may be that everything will come to a point, and that everything is known already and that everything will have consequences for all of us, it seems that God is dead, bu I know He is not, and He will let us know. I am keeping to my own self, I wrote so many times about how the Universe is working, but nobody is even interested. It feels like living on a different planet. And I only work with facts, but a lot of experiences, you can not prove because they are yours only.
    The world went completely mad, the people live on like there is no tomorrow, follow the money, the dictators, everything for themselves.
    The articles you put out are the best. And I thank you Edward Morgan and I hope to read more articles in the future. I can not write everything on my PC for publication. Nowadays, one has to be careful, because if you really write how it all is and your experiences, which are factual and so called “important people think you become a threat, they kill you, because the truth can not be spoken anymore. I wrote so much already, I am already old and I am getting tired. I sure hope some young ones will discover the truth, but thank you very much and I hope you will continue, I did my best.

    Friendly greetings Terra Nova, and we will have a Terra Nova some day, for sure.
    God bless you and the people who work with you for Source and new consciousnesses.

  3. Jason Charles is a hypocrite. He not only has fallen for the great lie but speaks negatively to other beliefs. So un-Christian of him.
    I challenge him to debunk “The King James Only Controversy” by Dr. James White if he dares to defend his own faith.


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