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The Voice of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
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A Sample of Vatican Crimes:
Left: Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) helps whitewash the Argentine military junta as it kills 30,000 people
Right: Catholic Ustashe militia murder a non-Catholic Serb and 800,000 others with the blessings of Pope Pius XII
The biggest killer in history can no longer hide behind the robes of religion.
The Roman Catholic Church is a convicted Transnational Criminal Organization and has no place in the United Nations. It has weaseled its way illegally into the UN and used its position to further its global crime network.
But a new movement has arisen to expel that church from the UN and strip it of its privileges, tax exemptions and “diplomatic” status. This week, the ITCCS and its allies at the United Nations released a Special Report outlining how and why the Vatican must be not only ejected from the UN but sanctioned, prosecuted and disestablished. Global actions to make that happen will commence on July 1.
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  1. I will believe it when I see it. People are too ignorant about what is really going on. Four billion dollars paid out to victims of priest pedophilia (not to mention the coverups), and people continue to hold the view that the Vatican leadership is infallible. Then there are the murders, money laundering, etc. The Pope is the vicar of JC on earth! OMG! I attended Catholic educational institutions, but never failed to see the BS. My parents thought I was getting great education for the money they wasted. The United Nations is not much better than the Vatican. Read, read, and read. Information is abundant if you care to know the truth.


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