In anticipation of the posting of our recent interview with Robert David Steele, we are sharing his latest book review of David Icke’s 2018 book “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told”.  Robert’s chapter by chapter review is an in-depth summary of David’s 750 page great work that completely covers the entire perspective of our global and cosmic reality.  We will post this review in three or four parts.  It is posted with the permission of Robert David Steele.

Chapters as Summarized with Quotes & Comments

  • Executive Summary by Robert David Steele 3
  • Preface 5
  • Chapter 1: The Biggest Need to Know 5
  • Chapter 2: The Inversion 5
  • Chapter 3: Log In / Log Out 6
Chapter 4: One Big Problem 7
  • Chapter 5: Archon Visitations 9
  • Chapter 6: Software Elite 10
  • Chapter 7: Mind Control and Shapeshifting ‘Royals’ 12
  • Chapter 8: Casting the Spell 12
  • Chapter 9: Holding the Spell 16
  • Chapter 10: Advancing the Spell 20
  • Chapter 11: Terrified of Truth 22

The above chapters were summarized in parts 1 and 2 of our previous PFC posts.  The following chapters are included in today’s post:

Chapter 12: Before Your Very Eyes 24
  • Chapter 13: War, War, War – We Love It 27
  • Chapter 14: Saying the Unsayable 28
  • Chapter 15: Is It Hot or Is It Me? 31

Remaining chapters are:

  • Chapter 16: The Assimilation 32
  • Chapter 17: Synthetic Human 34
Chapter 18: Perceptions of Freedom 36
  • Postscript 38
  • References 39

Chapter 12: Before Your Very Eyes
This chapter begins a major new section in the book where the author begins to provide context with the early observation that context changes everything. Events and facts known or experienced in isolation from one another tell a completely different narrative when grasped as a whole.
The author himself states that his life’s work – over 30 years of free thinking – has been about himself grasping context, and then sharing it with others.

QUOTE (416): There are planned to be only three basic levels of ‘human’ society — the one percent, those serving them in the police / military control structure, and everyone else enslaved in poverty and dependency.

This chapter includes a discussion of how banks are stealing money from their depositors, and how the police are stealing more from the public than actual criminals.

QUOTE (418): The state stealing of people’s money and assets is becoming quite a theme given that in 2014 law (lawless) enforcement seized more property from Americans than burglars did — $5 billion worth against $3.5 billion. They are doing this through ‘civil asset forfeiture’ laws that allow property to be taken without any charges or proof of any crime.

This chapter also discusses world government and the role that a “cashless” economy plays in enabling total surveillance. While I do not think this will come about and I do not think barter can be banned – this is among other things so entrenched in Africa it is called “System D,” the author makes some important points such that I for one am compelled to list three things essential to our future:

01 Freedom of information in all respects to include the protection of historical information
02 Freedom to bear arms without restrictions so that we can if necessary subdue the police
03 Freedom of assembly and transactions in anonymity, i.e. both barter and crypto

The author is concerned about superstates and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) turning into a world army (to which I would add and a world terrorist organization sponsoring false flag events to justify “occupation”). I personally think the tide has turned, and populism and free information are on the rise.

There are two psychological aspects in this chapter that merit notice:

01 The change in the psychological profile for new police recruits, seeking to attract psychopaths who will follow orders and treat the public as cockroaches to be controlled – the Zionists are very much behind this aspect

02 The desired psychological profile for the public, a dumbed-down drugged-up public that will follow orders and self-censor, totally in fear that the combination of political correctness and mass surveillance will lead to their being impoverished or sent to prison – China is having a good try at this one now.

QUOTE (433): World leaders are just puppets that can do anything from in-the-know (the few) to those doing whatever it takes to secure and retain political power for its own sake (the many) to complete idiots being controlled by their ‘advisors’ (depressingly many). Real power knowingly connected to the Archronic Reptilian Spider does not put itself on public display where it can be identified and targeted.

The author comes to the same conclusion about political parties that I and Cynthia McKinney came to when we were on the road today: parties are a way of negating the individual. Cynthia and I agreed on
“People not parties” and on each candidate being committed to being authentic, inclusive, and truthful.
That will not happen without a truth channel that cannot be censored (including fund-raising that cannot be stopped, I view with grave concern the deplatforming of conservative and independent candidates – literally killing their constituency outreach AND their fund-raising – a form of digital assassination, and done with total impunity – President Trump is doing nothing at all about this.

QUOTE (436): A political system offering an alleged ‘choice’ for a population of 326 million has installed the following last six presidents: Ronald Reagan, who was suffering from dementia while still in office, abused mind-controlled women and whose military actions and covert support for others make him a war criminal; Father George Bush, the drug-running, child-abusing serial killer, CIA Deep State operative and war criminal; Bill Clinton, Bush family friend and drug-running partner, serial abuser of women and war criminal; Boy George Bush, a manchild with arrested development verging on the illiterate, and war criminal; Barack Obama, front man fraud, Mr. Change-Nothing and war criminal; Donald Trump, insider playing outsider, reality TV star and war criminal before he completed 100 days in office.

On pages 436-443 the author destroys the Trump Administration with a particular focus on very specific Zionists appointed to key positions, and the very specific Israel First (not America First) policies that they have put into place. While I am still holding out for our President showing a new side in his second term, the author pulls no punches in describing what most of the world sees: Trump as a Zionist tool.
Then he moves on to Europe where I completely agree with his severely critical comments.

QUOTE (443): The Spider and its Web have hijacked the term ‘progressive’ and used it as cover for fascism and mass murder and to sell its extremist placemen and women in political office as ‘the middle ground,’ ‘centrist’ and ‘moderate.’

QUOTE (446): Simple blackmail is a constantly-used method of controlling politicians to make sure they follow your agenda to the letter even if they may not agree with it. Paedophilia is massively used to do this with politicians and other influential people provided with children while hidden cameras are running.

Chapter 13: War, War, War – We Love It

QUOTE (448): The United States spends enough on ‘defence’ to provide every homeless American with a one-million dollar home.

While war is a profit center and the 1% make a great deal of money from war and its contrived chaos, war is about much more than just money.

QUOTE (451): War allows Archrontic Reptilian bloodlines to remove problem governments and leaders, rewrite the map, acquire more land and resources and dramatically speed the centralization of global power. The process of replacing tribes with nations and nations with superstatess has largely been achieved through war.

I draw the reader’s attention to the three recommended books at the end of this review on the urgency of restoring distributed power, distributed decision-making. Globalization and centralization are death.
For those that do not read widely the book over all (and this chapter in particular) is a marvelous primer on “connecting the dots” between banks, political power, depravity and blackmail, war, and the constant attacks on humanity with vaccines, toxins, broadcast media and more. A section on false flag operations that references 9/11 specifically appears here.
George Soros receives his fair share of attention as a propagandist and war criminal.
Multiple pages with coherent detail make the point that there are four state-sponsors of terrorism in the world that work as one: the UK and USA, Zionist Israel, and Saudi Arabia. I would add Qatar to the list.
The book is very current (as of 2019) and this chapter includes solid coverage of the fake wars against Libya and Syria, the role of the four state sponsors of terrorism in setting up White Helmet false flag attacks and the fake terrorist group ISIS.

QUOTE (487): The United State and the West protect their own lies from public exposure by controlling any investigation into claims.

I would add with grave concern that as long as President Donald Trump fails to hold #GoogleGestapo accountable for its Zionist-controlled censorship, data manipulation and digital assassination (deplatforming) of conservatives and independents, we must all be worried about the possibility that President Trump really is controlled by the Zionists, as opposed to biding his time which is what I hope for.
We know for a fact that the 9/11 Commission was a Zionist-controlled farce, and even such men of honor as Lee Hamilton were intimidated into remaining silent when it mattered most, during the Commission’s actual theatrical performance.
I have to disagree with the author on the matter of Donald Trump. While the author has a visceral hatred for the Present, and takes pains to defame, diminish, and disrespect the President, there are enough errors in the author’s account to put this specific aspect of the book into question.

QUOTE (491): Trump has a notoriously short attention span and interest in detail and this makes him so easy to manipulate.

I find this specific comment to be unfounded and offer the following quote from Jack Welch, and link to my published review of books about Donald Trump and the White, in opposition.

“They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.”

Jack Welch on Donald Trump, in Chris Sims, Team of Vipers, page 132, as posted at Review: Team of Vipers – My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House by Cliff Sims and also published within Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia, “Understanding Donald Trump and the White House: A few books,” Tehran Times, 13 February 2019. PBI BackUp
David is a towering intellect and this labor of mine – a full two weeks of my life in the reading of his 748-page book and crafting of what will be a 30+ page summary to open his thoughts to those that will not have the fortitude to get to a book of this magnitude – is a work of respect. On Trump, I believe David is wrong and ask him to give the man a chance – four more years.

The chapter concludes with some insights on Freemasonry and World War III that are priceless and alone worth the price of the book. Make no mistake, my summary is written to drive people to read the entire book, in no way is my summary (4% at best of the total content) a substitute for the book itself.

Chapter 14: Saying the Unsayable

QUOTE (503): War today cannot not be divided from terrorism. It never could in truth because all war is terrorism, but I mean in the modern definition of killing civilians in public places and making nowhere safe in the minds of the population.

QUOTE (503): Terrorism is now an excuse for war and invasion. Terrorism perpetrated by West-create psychopaths under names such as ISIS an al-Qaeda has been increasingly employed to terrify the public; generate ongoing fear and anxiety (food, low-vibrational states) and justify the deletion of our basic freedoms and privacy to ‘protect the country from terrorism.’

QUOTE (503) These attacks are carried out by a combination of mindless idiots with no idea who their real masters are; those under alter-compartment mind-control; and covertly by psychopathic military intelligence networks which then blame ISIS and other groups and individuals.

This entire chapter but especially pages 503-511 is a marvelous “Red Pill” exercise on false flags, never mind that he calls me David instead of Robert when he quotes me. His review of false flags and how they are organized and then investigated by the very organizations that sponsored the false flags in the first place, is in my view authentic and authoritative and should be believed in contrast to the official narratives, all put forward by lying sacks of shit that are either morons or so deeply corrupted as to be worthy of immediate execution.
I will take this opportunity to revise my original quote. I did say that “In the United States every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI.” I will revise that now to add the word “virtually:”

“In the United States virtually every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag.”

I include mind-controlled active shooters, generally multiple shooters with one patsy being killed.

One book not in the author’s bibliography (sadly he does not provide endnotes but I believe they are available from his research team if official testimony where invited) is by Trevor Aaronson as I review it below.

Review (Guest): The Terror Factory – Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism

What I have done, as a CIA clandestine operations officer who actually managed a false flag event for the CIA (no one died in mine – false flag means nothing more than “not as it appears”), is published books, chapters, articles, and posts on false flags, and I hope they have served and will continue to serve the public. Two publications delivered to the White House, Congress, and the Attorney General include:

Memoranda for the President: 9/11 Truth –
Memoranda for the President: Sandy Hook Truth –

I will emphasize my view that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is owned by and used by the Zionists as a means of militarizing our police, monitoring our communications, and advancing a gun-confiscation agenda that must be opposed. I favor the complete abolition of DHS and the radical containment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that morphed from disaster relief to concentration camps and train cars with shackles for 5,000 (under Reagan) to today’s FEMA that is primarily in the business of managing false flag operations from Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, Orlando and beyond.

I will note that after I send my Sandy Hook volume to the White House FEMA appears to have suspended its blatant operations, and the Zionists have been forced to stage their own false flag events at synagogues and schools (e.g. Parkland) in Zionist controlled territories with a blind eye from the FBI.
In my view, 9/11 disclosure is central to eradicating the Zionist parasite from the USA, and full disclosure of all false flag and mind-controlled active shooters is central to neutralizing the Deep State and Zionist campaign to militarize the police, institutionalize mass surveillance while confiscating all weapons, and ultimately neutralizing the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Below is my most important graphic on false flag analysis, all my work on false flags can be found free online at and

As I stated very clearly when speaking to thousands at the Rolling Thunder celebrations before the Lincoln Memorial, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a fraud. You cannot defend the Second Amendment without taking on the fake news false flag narrative.
This chapter (Chapter 14: Saying the Unsayable) also addressed the manufactured exodus of angry unemployed Muslim men who rape women across Europe with impunity.
The author excels at highlighting in a most compelling manner the real reasons why the 1% arranged for the bribery of the leaders of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany particularly [generally the big event was the Barcelona Agreements in the 1990’s]:

01 to eradicate national ethnic and cultural identity with “multi-culturalism
02 to deepen and broaden “us versus them” divide & conquer identity politics and economics
03 as a profit center – there is money to be made, both legally and illegally, in dealing with migrants
04 as a source of children for pedophilia and for Satanic ritual torture, blood drinking, and sacrifice

The author is correct in my view when he equates Wahhabism with Zionism, and Zionism to Jesuit Catholicism, and the three pillars of ideological evil in the world, with the 1% (Caesar’s descendants, the Rothschilds, the British Royal Family) above them, and the Central Banks and secret intelligence agencies and secret societies particularly the Freemasons and Knights of Malta, as the street power.

QUOTE (518-519): Sharia law is Wahhabism which is Saudi Arabia which is Israel with is Revisionist Zionism which is Sabbatean Frankism which is Satanism.

The author states – and I have made this point myself in interviews in Denmark and Norway – which the Nordic official embrace (entirely contrary to the will and interest of the public) of unlimited immigration has been a disaster. This is correct. He goes on…

QUOTE (519): Political correctness is there to censor exposure of what is really happening long enough for the end goal to be achieved with minimum challenge.

Sweden, where Malmo, the Muslim rape of non-Muslim women capital of the world is to be found, is in most desperate straits. 5,000 criminals, 200 networks, 61 “no go” zones, and 80% of the police force thinking about quitting because they are not allowed to do their job and not given the power they need to do their job – because, I would add, their politicians are not only being bribed, but probably also being blackmailed with videos of each politician doing bad things to small children, a Zionist specialty (Jeffrey Epstein is merely the tip of the iceberg, there are tens of thousands like him doing the same thing all over the world, all in service to Zionism and the Deep State).

QUOTE (527): Once ethnic minorities decide elections any claims to equal treatment across the entire community are over.

The chapter concludes with excellent section on the manipulation of human emotion by the emotionless Archronic El-lite, the vital role that George Soros has played in bringing down Europe with open borders intended to spread crime and perversion and hate, a side bar on Bill Gates as equally evil with his support of eugenics through contaminated vaccines that also sterilize, and more.
For those that do not have the time, money, or energy to buy and read the entire book I would say this: buy the book and read chapters 13 and 14 and also Chapter 18 and the Postcript. This summary review is a window into the book, not a substitute for the book (or for hearing the author in person). 30 years acquired wisdom in one very low cost book!

Chapter 15: Is It Hot or Is It Me?
This chapter, which I will not summarize in detail, covers the global warming hoax, depopulation and population control strategies, and the related matter of geoengineering.
The author leaves no doubt at all that the United Nations and all national government agencies cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
This is a compelling chapter that is academically sound – unlike the paid for lies that come out of the universities – and it stands as a reference. It is chapters like this that cause me distress over the lack of endnotes, but with the book running so long just for the body, the decision to eschew endnotes is understandable.

QUOTE (570): The global warming hoax is political and financial and not environmental.

I would go step further and this is an area the author does not cover: if We the People demanded and also engaged in holistic analytics and true cost economics, 90% of what is offered to us in the way of products and services would be refused. The key to creating heaven on earth is not government regulation that can be manipulated, but proper public education without the censorship and manipulation that is now embedded in all academic, commercial, government, media, and non-profit “information.”

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