Children and teens will be given gender reassignment operations under Medicaid

By Jay Greenberg,

Children and teenagers in Vermont, who have been labeled “transgender,” could soon receive life-altering gender reassignment surgery, paid for by the taxpayer, according to reports.

A new rule proposed at the end of May will allow minors covered by Medicaid to have drastic sex change operations without having to wait until they are 21.

According to the Department of Vermont Health Access policy director Nissa James, “trans kids” will be able to begin sex reassignment surgeries, with parental consent, at younger ages, reported the Burlington Free Press.

The surgeries covered by Medicaid include 16 different types of genital surgery as well as breast augmentation or mastectomy.

Dr. Rachel Inker, head of the Transgender Health Clinic at the Community Health Centers of Burlington, welcomes the new rule, according to the report.

“Having young people have to wait until they were 21 just didn’t really make any sense,” Inker explains.

With parents’ consent, children will be able to receive life-altering sex change surgery

The choice to have surgery is a personal one that should be explored in every age group, Inker said, although people who are young enough can be given puberty-blocking treatments to inhibit the development of secondary sex characteristics like breasts or facial hair.

Older teens may have already developed those characteristics, Inker said, and face going to college or getting a job while their gender identity and gender presentation are mismatched.

According to the Free Press, she cited young transgender men wishing to get top surgery to remove breast tissue as an example of the kind of procedures commonly requested by teenagers between 16 and 18.

According to Breitbart, 4thWaveNow, a coalition of “parent-skeptics who question medicalizing gender-atypical youth,” tweeted about the new Vermont rule:


In order to receive the Medicaid coverage for sex reassignment surgeries, requirements include a clinical evaluation stating the surgery is a “medical necessity” and a referral from a “qualified mental health professional.

”The documentation of the “qualified mental health professional” is to include “diagnosis of persistent gender dysphoria” and documentation of the child’s “participation in a treatment plan in consolidating gender identity.”

In addition, the mental health professional must demonstrate the child has been counseled with regard to “treatment options and implications.

”Vermont is one of 18 states in which militant LGBTQ activists have been successful in convincing enough lawmakers that normal counseling for children and teens who claim to experience discomfort with their biological sex must be banned.

The laws that ban so-called “conversion therapy” seek to crush the notion that children who claim to be a gender that is incompatible with their biological sex are psychologically impaired.

Despite clinical evidence that many of these children come from families with significant psychological dysfunction, LGBTQ activists have pushed the narrative that the high rate of suicidal ideation found in this population is due solely to the lack of immediate affirmation of the perceived gender identity.

A study published in August by Dr. Lisa Littman, an assistant professor of behavioral and social sciences at Brown University, found 87 percent of teens were reported by their parents to have “come out” as transgender after increased time spent on social media and the Internet and after “cluster outbreaks” of gender dysphoria among their groups of friends.

Most of the teens who claimed to be transgender had also already been identified with at least one mental health disorder.

The study drew the ire of LGBTQ activists. © press

Head of gay youth group Outright Vermont, Dana Kaplan, claims a ‘staggering’ number of children contemplate suicide over their gender

Head of gay youth group Outright Vermont, Dana Kaplan, claims a ‘staggering’ number of children contemplate suicide over their gender Dr. Quentin Van Meter, an Atlanta pediatric endocrinologist who trained at Johns Hopkins University when “transsexualism” was first studied, told Breitbart News in September that, since gender ideology has been forced on the American people, “every single transgender patient who has come to me has come from a totally dysfunctional family.”

“There’s nothing normal about the environment where these children are brought up,” Van Meter explained.“There are emotional traumas left and right. It is so obvious that what we’re doing is painting over the trauma.

”Children and teens who present for counseling with concerns about gender issues in states that have passed therapy bans must be immediately “affirmed” as their perceived gender, without the normal evaluation process that occurs in counseling young people.

In these states, mental health professionals who choose to explore with the child the possible reasons for the gender dysphoria could be stripped of their license to practice.

A review of the issue of gender dysphoria in young people in 2018 in the Atlantic highlighted the problem that arises when legislative “bans” on mental health treatment are lobbied by LGBTQ rights organizations that seem to know little about the psychological development of children:

The Human Rights Campaign’s “Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics” web page … asserts that “being transgender is not a phase, and trying to dismiss it as such can be harmful during a time when your child most needs support and validation.

”Similarly, parents who consult the pages tagged “transgender youth” on GLAAD’s site will find many articles about supporting young people who come out as trans but little about the complicated diagnostic and developmental questions faced by the parents of a gender-exploring child.

According to the Free Press, Dana Kaplan, executive director of Outright Vermont, emphasized the proposed rule to make sex reassignment surgery available to children is necessary because a “staggering” percentage of young people claiming to be of another gender have thought about suicide.

“When a kid gets to the point where they say ‘I really, really need this to be comfortable in my body’ — again, why would we get in the way of that?” he said.



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  1. This epidemic of transgender people is obviously from chemical and EMF manipulation. Come on, all the sudden everyone thinks they’re the other gender? That’s ridiculous, people are obviously being messed with. What’s creepy is the victims in this case are happy with their current situation of being in the wrong body, they don’t want to change at all. If I was transgender I’d be the first to admit that I’m messed up. I don’t know why they can’t just admit they have a problem and they insist that it’s normal.

  2. Concordo com a Linda, honestamente, já não chegam os venenos impostos a humanidade dos quais já não temos como fugir???? Agora a liberação da tecnologia 5G! É mesmo de se ter bem pouca esperança, salvo se o EVENTO acontecer muito em breve, começo a temer realmente por nossas vidas e por toda a vida na terra!

  3. So gentlemen surgeons and psychiatrists, a NEW PATH to follow for money. This is criminal as well, young children who can not make up their mind about something so very important in their lives, most people go through periods in their lives where they are not sure of things. A new path to make money, follow the money and mess up societies
    is created for young people and children (sarc)
    Who cares?
    most people can not afford Medicaid, . Should taxpayers always abide by the whims of any new outraged group, who thinks they have all the wisdom?
    Children should be able to think about it and it should only be possible when they are 18 years old, and it should not be the taxpayers problem.

    Mr Dana Kaplan: to repeat your last phrase a different way: When a kid gets to the point where they say: I really, really need this money to be comfortable in my body again, why would we get in the way of that?
    Boys and girls, transgender or gay or lesbians will always stay the gender they were born with, no matter what. This world has gone mad with every day a new found out
    idiocy to bring something new on the market TO MAKE MONEY, even children are not able to escape it. This is really criminal and I expected more respect from Vermont.
    I can hardly believe it. The first transgender wanted to get an operation, back who he once was.
    And you are talking about muslims who are harming female children to cut of their clitoris? You are doing worse.. What is next? This is what happens in this world, because the Elite has to much money, they don’t care about the rest of the world, as long as they own everything they think they need, there is never enough for them and they are always looking for some new game and atrocity.
    Action and reaction. That will be the way. There was once a society like ours here on earth, who behaved the same as we do now, the end was: They perished and made room for a planet who’s inhabitants did a lot better then we are.
    Do we want to live in this mad, mad world who gets crazier by the day, every day has to bring something new, crazier then yesterday. It has become Sodom and Gomorrah .
    We will really see and experience the backlashes of our GREED !!!
    All our new technical things have helped us forward, but at the same time helped us to go backwards. Scientists have not researched enough the consequences of their findings. This is how we got a hole in the ozone layer, the atomic bombs, the cloning of dog bodies with a human head on them. The most horrible things, they are not to help us, look at China’s smart cities, You cal that “smart”. It is not, those things have opened the ways for new violent dictators. Keep the people under your thumbs as slaves.
    Plans of the EU and Un. Where did the 4 million euro’ to Mali, The (exact amount I forgot), but it was something like that amount), a lot and it was payed by the dutch government to Mali. And the representative of the UN went to Mali to ask where the money went, nobody could answer that question, but if they would find it out, they would let them know. This is tax payers money ! And why do we take this?
    And why are royal families visiting other so called royal families, who have dictators at the head of the family, why do presidents stand with other dictators on the photographer in the newspaper, while those governments are as corrupt almost.
    Who are royal families, they are there getting richer and richer, just by birth? Crazy !!!
    Why is Trump’s daughter allowed to be in the G20? crazy, crazy, crazy !!!.
    But my big question is: Why do we all take it? We are like dumb sheep, following, no matter what and who the leader is, and move towards our own downfall. Think about it all for yourselves and not what others tell you to think.
    I still hope for a terra nova!
    And why are people always so impressed with people who studied, like doctors professors, psychiatrists, who always proclaim they know it all. They don’t, and I wonder
    about a lot of them. Use common sense and logic and stay with the truth as much as possible. Those children did not make those statements at that age. Questions must have been put to them and, you must know how it happens, but it is really insane. It will end up into a big mess and many people running around and not really knowing who they were or are anymore.

  4. I think the world has gone mad under the globalist rule of psychopaths… why in the world would anyone interfere with a child in any way… let them make their own decision, without the fake pressure now evident in gender altering worlds, when they are adult enough to know themselves and the truth of who they are… enough of this nonsense, you are perfectly divine as a Christ consciousness is inside each of you. Do not let mind controlled programmes intended to harm humanity this to you and your kid!
    Suicides are also a result of all the vaccine harms with chemicals, satanic influences, chemical warfare, wifi Movies hell bent on violence ..all for your benefit? No! Not at all. Wake up people, before you volunteer to become a part of the artificial intelligence mania intended controls!

    • Well said Linda, I totally agree.
      I have a 12 YO son in middle school with gender transitioning children being raised by openly gay parents.
      The kids being encouraged to be gender fluid etc are being raised by parents who are gay or who openly support gays in such a way that it clouds their judgment regarding raising their own child. This is nothing more than a form of psychological child abuse.
      These sheep/ parents are so brainwashed by social agendas they are like mental cases themselves.
      But, lets not forget about the role the public school system plays in this sick trans agenda. They are unable to control the explosion of gender transitioning brainwashed kids and parents who encourage it due to political correctness, regardless of how this affects other children in the school.
      Its almost impossible to get away from because its being pushed via entertainment from Hollyweird.
      With that said I monitor what my son is exposed to and I am honest with him regarding this agenda. These poor kids are victims of a corrupt social system but damn their parents for being too blind to understand that fact.
      Its a very sad situation


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