By Nick Meyer,

The genetically engineered food experiment began in the mid-1990s and continues unabated to this day, with Bayer recently taking over Monsanto and pumping billions of dollars into its new American GMO division.

But while the GMO food experiment has been highly profitable for the lab technicians who created it, as well as the toxic, synthetic pesticide industry, the question of what it’s doing to our bodies, specifically our internal organs, remains etched in the minds of independent researchers who have studied the crops extensively (GMOs do not undergo safety testing past 90 days and many studies are funded by the industry).

While critics continue to point out the dozens and dozens of studies showing GMOs and Roundup are capable of causing extensive harm, others are busy conducting experiments of their own to show how obvious the problem really is, according to the some members of the animal kingdom at least.


Farmer Finds Animals Won’t Touch GMO Corn

Recently the Institute for Responsible Technology, a research organization dedicated to educating on the oft-overlooked dangers of genetically engineered crops, posted the results of a farmer’s experiment on their Facebook page.

The farmer, a friend of IRT founder and best-selling author Jeffrey M. Smith, left two bags of corn, one GMO and one non-GMO, in a work room.

The mice broke into both bags, but quickly stopped eating after taking a few bites of the GMO corn.

“They just took a nibble from one of the kernels of this and never came back to eat it,” Smith said. “They devoured the non-GMO corn.”

According to Smith, many different animals including squirrels, geese, elk, deer, raccoons, mice, rats, buffalo and chickens have all been observed avoiding GMO corn in the past.

It’s a trend that Bayer, Monsanto and the GMO industry have done their best to avoid discussing, but many farmers, including Iowa pig farmer Jerry Rosman, have noticed that animals forced to eat GMO corn and soy have suffered abnormalities, including serious reproductive issues.

“What is it about this corn that would make them not want to eat it?” Smith asks in a video posted to the IRT’s Facebook page.

“Well if it’s genetically engineered as most corn is, it produces an insecticide called Bt toxin which can poke holes in an insects guts to kill them,” he continued. “And it was found to cause damage in mice and rats and also human cells.”

Aside from the Bt toxin, which is incorporated into the the cells of GMO plants, genetically engineered corn, which makes up over 90% of the U.S. supply despite it being banned around the world, is sprayed with cancer-causing Roundup.

According to Smith, the corn may have even more potentially harmful substances as well, including formaldehydeGamma-Zein, a novel allergen found in GMO corn and not others, and even potentially cadaverine, a substance linked to the rotting smell of dead bodies, Smith said.

While the experiment by Smith’s farmer friend was far from controlled clinical research, it does serve as a potential red flag as to the importance of being connected to the sources of our food, and using our instincts to buy what’s truly healthy for ourselves and our families.

“So we can get humans up to the level of animals, so that if we don’t have the sixth sense, let’s find out what’s wrong with this corn, why we shouldn’t eat it,” Smith said.

“What we can tell others about it and how is it that this dangerous stuff got on the market.”

Watch Smith’s full presentation on the experiment below:



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  1. While still working at our healthcare cartel industry, I constantly encouraged people to eat organic. While it is true that there are some despicable people that sell non organic produce as organic, I would prefer to purchase, eat what is labeled as organic. There are food activists doing random checks although there aren’t enough of them. Costco was caught once selling non organic milk as organic. My closest colleagues were dying one by one, many from cancer. No one paid attention to my admonitions. I was the conspiracy theorist in the hospital, many considered “nuts” despite my reading 70 books a year and reading an average of 5 hours everyday for some decades. I read everything I could get my hands on, deprogramming myself from the programming I received from all the educational institutions my parents wasted their money on. I doggedly followed Dr. Seralini’s stody of the GMO corn, how the pesticide Roundup (glyphosate) is actually spliced into the corn’s gene producing corn that carries glyphosate in its every cell. Anyone eating GMO corn (and almost all our corn is now GMO) and any of its byproducts (Cornstarch, HFCS, etc.) is eating the pesticide Roundup. I finally retired from our healthcare cartel when I received a text from a former colleague. She suffered from severe IBS, needing blood transfusions at times. She told me she finally is eating organic produce only and her IBS has resolved. She wanted to thank me. It was such an emotional moment for me. I read massively, more than anyone I know, but my sincere efforts to share what I know in order to help people is largely ignored. All the “highly educated” (highly programmed, really) people around me cannot look past the guidelines of the Rockefeller AMA. A cousin of mine has five PhDs and works for the biotech industry. He is now dying from endstage lymphoma. Who am I for him to listen to, after all he has the five PhDs. The editor of a prestigious medical journal once said that most of our “scientific studies” are bought and paid for. I feel sorry for those who cannot tell which is real information, misinformation and disinformation. We live in a Deep State controlled world determined to cull the population “to a manageable 500 million”, and there are 7.3 billions of us. I have a lot of time to garden now and try to limit myself to eating what I grow. If any of you want to check out if what you are eating has glyphosate or is loaded with toxic heavy metals, Mike Adams, The Health Ranger performs the tests for a fee. And no(!), cancer rates are not falling.

  2. God’s Word says My People perish for lack of knowledge. He says if anyone lacks Wisdom let him ask and it will be given to them liberally. The animals are smarter than people whose God is their bellies in so many cases. You remain at Rest / Peace on the inside. Pray for their eyes to be opened and for The Lord’s mercy. Avoid contention and just love your brethren. You do according to your convictions, not requiring it of others. God allows us free will. Choose wisely.

  3. GMO is a problem! One feature of GMP seeds is the corporate lock-in. The farmers have to buy new seed stock each year because the crops are modified t prevent them from produce fertile plantable seeds. For big producers this might be a fair trade-off for the extra crop returns from the GM seeds but for small scale farmers being obliged to keep buying new seed stock can be deviststing.
    We complain about corporate lock-in with software and built in redundancy in cars and hones – this is our food.

  4. The gmo foods are also the cause of the increase of gut problems that are so prevalent now in people and why so much more people are getting cancer also. When i was growing up and was young people didnt have as many gut problems as they do now. People need to start speaking out to our government and say no more gmo.Our children are eating this as well and what long term is it doing to their bodies as they grow.Get gmo and monsanto off and out of our food.Why is it other countries dont allow it in their country but our government does its scary.

  5. Woops, you totally forgot to mention the other toxin that is sprayed on GMO plants called glyphosate, better known as Roundup but that name is being phased out because of the negative connotation.

  6. I bought corn fed our free range chickens. Chickens nor wild birds that usually stop by did not eat the corn. Something was wrong with the corn. Look just like other yellow corn. Animals KNOW what not to eat. I’ll follow their lead. What would you do? Marie Rancharan Belize Central America

  7. Only in America!!!! It is ashamed that the enemy wants America so bad that they are poisening our people and making them sick! This is the reason for every medical building on every corner! I have tried to warn others but on deaf ears! No clue and I have caused a scene at my church for that very reason and was told that I was worshipping holistic medicine instead of God, so I realize that I cannot go there or anywhere else except where there is knowledge! I was treated terrible because these people dònot want to know the truth and their body is God’s holy temple, go figure!

    • Sorry that you have had that experience in church. I can relate. Many friends are put off with an option different than what they have been sold for years.

  8. This article shows a massive misunderstanding of what GM crops actually are. Firstly, all crops have been bred to have specific traits so all are technically genetically modified. That “Non-GMO” corn was bred from teosinthe to produce the large kernels these animals eat. So all corn has been drastically modified to make it edible which animals can’t detect. Secondly, all GM crops are modified to have different traits and it’s highly unlikely animals would know the difference between a crop modified in a lab to have a trait, or a crop that was cross-bred over many generations to have a trait. An animal may notice if a trait was included that made it taste bad but honestly that’s more likely to happen when randomly introducing traits through cross-breeding as you can’t control what other traits may accidentally be incorporated into the next generation. Gene editing in a lab is far more precise and wouldn’t accidently include genes we didn’t want. Thirdly, there are no peer review studies that show animals get cancer from eating GM foods. The Seralini paper was retracted as it was bias and badly conducted. Lastly, Bt toxin doesn’t harm animal cells. It’s a natural toxin produced by bacteria on crops (so it’s often on our food anyway) that we have harnessed as it not only targets INSECT pests, it can target right down to the species leaving other insects unharmed. It’s much more environmentally safe than other methods of pest control. The protein the bt toxin degrades isn’t even produced by animals so is completely harmless. In fact, organic farmers use that toxin as a spray to indiscrimiantly spray it over crops as it’s considered an organic pesticide as it’s naturally produced in nature.

    • You obviously work with some GMO lab or company so you may be biased in some way. I am sure you realize the round-up is poison and taking it into your body would most likely do some harm to you. Maybe the animals can smell the poison in the GMO grains.?

      • There is a huge difference between “hybridization” within a specific crop or food for human/animal consumption, and “genetically modifiying” a crop/food by introduction of characteristics or traits that are totally foreign to its natural structure, especially inserting poisons that do not normally exist and then persist in their seed production and within the “fruit” of the plant that is consumed.
        Hybridization = good; Genetically Modification = Bad….Get it?

    • Woops, you totally forgot to mention the other toxin that is sprayed on GMO plants called glyphosate, better known as Roundup but that mean is being phased out because of the negative connotation.

    • Gmo food and monsanto are a big part of the rise in gut problems and allergies and also cancer that are happening to us now. People need to wake up and speak out to our government and demand no more gmo food and no more monsanto on our food.We are feeding our children these poisons and what long term is it going to do to their bodies as they grow.Why is it ok for our government to poison us when other countries say no to to gmo and monsanto.Even babies and small children are getting cancer now which was not like that when i was a child.please people wake up and take this serious cause it is

    • Jeremy Smith will lie when the truth will do. We have the safest most plentiful least-cost food supply in the history of mankind.
      Cancer rates are falling people are living longer and healthier.
      I wish we could turn the food off and all you people for a couple of weeks all this baloney would go away.


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