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Why is it that the Universe flows & manifests with infinite abundance & our Earth systems are not sustainable nor thriving?  The answers & detailed explanation are in Marshall Leffert’s new book, Cosmometry:  Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos, as he reveals a new understanding of the pure stillness of the unified energy field from which ‘everything’ emerges as Whole; & what’s most helpful he relates this geometry & energy information transfer on Earth, siting nature & music.  With over 400 images & Leffert’s concise language, the commons can fully comprehend this ‘intelligent world’ we live in to support a thriving New Earth, that I call Paradise!

“The fundamental patterning that is found throughout the cosmos is the master key to creating living systems that are healthy, sustainable & thriving” says Lefferts.  The wisdom of this…. “higher-order wholeness & design integrity of nature is vastly greater in its importance & relevance to human evolution……essential to establishing coherence & balance during this period of rapid & radical transition on Earth.”

Vector Equilibrium courtesy of

Here the photo of the Vector Equilibrium, compliments of, “the geometry of absolute equilibrium; all fluctuation ceases; we call zero-point or Unified Field… where lies pure infinite & creative potential!  “In order for anything to manifest in the universe, physically (energy) & metaphysically (consciousness), it requires a fluctuation in the Unified Field …resulting in… the Quantum & Spacetime Fields.”  In other words, mass & geometries form that we can observe & measure.  That’s the bare minimum beginning for you.

The TORUS photo featured at the top of this blog may be familiar.  It is “the ultimate, most balanced flow process found in sustainable systems at all scales”: atomic to galactic.  It “enables a seamless fractal embedding of energy flow wherein each entity has its unique identity while being connected to all else.”

How fascinating that the universal TORUS applies to humans, plants, trees, hurricanes, each of us surrounded by this field flowing in the top, out the bottom, & back up around to the top again.  These toroidal fields connect with each other:  our “Earth’s magnetic field is embedded inside the Sun’s field; & both are embedded inside our Galaxy Torus.  And it goes inward into the ecosystems & organs of our bodies, the cells they’re made of & the molecules, atoms & sub-atomic particles they’re made of……”

Now is it making some sense that we are all inter-connected unique entities, but part of a Whole Universe?!  This is why it is critical to understand the inter-connections on our Planet in order to rebuild every system, economic, social, financial, & reconnect with Nature to correct our imbalanced TORUS to return to a sustainable, thriving ecosystem.  “We can see that there is a seamlessly dynamic exchange of energy & information (consciousness) occurring throughout the entire cosmic experience.   And yet there is only one whole energy flow occurring throughout the entirety of it!” (what physicist David Bohm calls the Holomovement).

Lefferts, an accomplished Musician, is well aware of the physics, science & spirituality fields.  He is President, Bd. of Dir. @ Physicist Nassim Haramein’s The Resonance Project Foundation;  Assoc. Producer of Foster & Kimberly Gamble’s new THRIVE film, What on Earth will it Take? (due 2020); co-Founder of Gene Keys, & Superluminal Systems; Co-Director of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution, & Consulting Producer of The Buckminster Fuller Institute.

BIG PICTURE take-away:

There you have the bare minimum understanding of the Universe & our Planet reality.  It is crucial wisdom to apply this vibrant & sustainable system to repair Earth now; and, to build the Paradise we want for our near future.  “Cosmometry” is a fascinating read that will prepare & empower all of us to be a part of the balanced toroidal system of the Universe.

Blog 2 will address zero-point energy devices & the release of existing advanced technologies that will benefit the globe.  Blog 3 will reveal an example of a future regenerative (& moneyless)! city already brilliantly designed & engineered, The Venus Project.



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