Former lover of Google’s Eric Schmdt goes over his plot with the Chiinese to sterilize America with 5G and deploy robots to take our guns!

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  1. 5 years ago my wife and I had a dog sized robot spider run in front of our vehicle 5 minutes out of the town of Adelong Australia on the Wagga side. It was at night in steep country but the drone was fast and agile. It had a vanta black covering. We both saw it and it was not an animal. If it was militarized a person would not have a chance against it.

  2. I understand that this could be true, but I fail to see how America is not in a position to counter act this. Trump is already aware of the 5G Techs negative aspects on humanity and his team are working on an alternative as we speak. the robot army thing? Again that’s an American project which was done ages ago so the Chinese are getting second hand outdated tech.

  3. Lunacy, some people live for this kind of drama, just look at past claims that never happened over the past twenty five years.

  4. my personal opinion,,,i do believe this,,,i have followed many different articles,videos and my own intuition,,,i listen and watched when nobody payed attention,,most people still sleep,,,i am being laughed at and called crazy,,lost just about all my friends,,
    what ever you can think of is happening,,,our situation is dire,,,
    then of course there is the other side,,,the spiritual side,,,we will see
    it truly is up to us to change the outcome

  5. Shared.

    Though , not into fear porn, we all know that the sheep are too apathetic and holding the collective back. People learn and wake up in layers. I think this article / interview serves as a valuable tool towards nudging the mainstream people to wake up a little more. The restof us need to keep at this.


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