Very good information from a patriot researcher who has uncovered a shocking truth!  Every smoke detector sold since 2001 is a spy hub for the government!    The researcher says the Snowden documents contained the information about the smoke detectors which is the spy hub for everything!   The smoke detector puts out microwaves on special government run frequencies that can penetrate walls far better than normal wifi!   What does this mean?  If this is true and I’m sure it is, then you smoke detector can be accessed by cell phone towers and satellite to give anybody a detailed view of everything going on in your house!   All computers, tablets, phones and smart appliances talk to the smoke detector seamlessly which relays all the information to the cell phone towers and satellites!

I always wondered why the CIA director bragged about how your dishwasher would be listening to you when the dishwashers weren’t connected to wifi.  Well it turns out that all smart appliances (probably all of them) phones, computers, TVs, tablets etc are constantly talking to the smoke detectors which relay all the information back to the government!   So even if you have no internet, computers or TVs in the house, your land line phones and anything else with a chip is talking to the smoke detector!   I’ll bet even if you had no power  to your house and pulled the battery, they could fire a microwave beam at your house from space to remotely power the smoke detector and other devices with chips and hear and see you!   This is far worse than we knew!   This is how any computer can be hacked  even if it’s not connected to the Internet!  I think this is a big secret revealed here and it connects the dots.  I also like how the researcher tied it in with how ridiculous it is that all this spying is going on to “keep us safe” they would say but of course they are dumping fluoride in the water to dumb us down.  It’s all a big fraud of course!  Get the word out patriots and share the good stories you enjoy at – totally uncensored truth!


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  1. A quite few years back in supermarket I was looking at these fake energy saving light globes knowing this I told young Lady next to me choosing globes that these globes are designed to spy on us.Big corrupt Brother can hear and see us.She told me happily oh if I knew this I would be always singing in nude.Young generations are immensed in new technology they are almost begging to be slaves of big Brother,and they deserve everything what is in the making.

  2. I am almost speechless. While I would like to believe President Trump is really working with the white hats to return to us our sovereignty, the Cabalist bankers are watching all of us with a grin, as if to say, the phasing in of the New world Order is almost complete, and you, Goyims, will be toast.

  3. This is unbelievable and appalling! Wow! Our Planet is indeed has changed tremendously. Thank you for sharing all of this information.

  4. The chances THIS website is sponsored by CIA is big. While internet of things, you should all understand that these gentleman IS NEVER MENTIONING THEM, nor saying anything technical about the “said smoke detector”.

    Author is NOT BANNED from youtube therefore YOU KNOW he is not dangerous or a problem.

    The ennemy is the ELDERS OF ZION, the Jewish agenda, their affiliates, Jehova’s friends. They have been the enemy for 6000 years and all this CIA plant has to say on youtube is that “he will soon find the enemy”!

    You are again being deceived or you should not listen to morons. SOPH the 14 year old is more poignant than this idiot as she PINPOINTED directly who was in charge, responsible, and behind all this.

    She is banned and rejected everywhere, simply bc she is getting vlose to the truth. Get real GOYIM or die slaves.

  5. It figures, why should they care about our planet, everything for yourselves and after us the tsunami’s , earthquakes an all other disasters. Who cares?

    Christ cried over this world and I feel many times to do the same and the young people are mostly the same, raised the same way, and this happens about every 64.000 years, this is already the 5th time and we never seem to learn.
    But it all has consequences, so don’t cry over spilled beans when things start to happen.
    This earth was given to us, it had everything on it what we needed, but the good things got taken by the Elite and used for themselves only, but you don’t live here by yourself.

    We have been very cruel to animals, ver, very cruel and to nature too, beside to the humans themselves. What I am writing now will be seen by governments too or Google or whomever. Even the weather is controlled. Every disaster is a warning, but you do nothing about it. It is so shameful. Remember what happened to Atlantis, Lemuria, Vulcans and other disasters, consequences they were of the behaviour of mankind..
    But what do people care, only when it hits in their own backyards, they protest and run.
    But now a days you can’t run, because everything and every place is known and that is good. You can not hide any thought, any intention, every deed is known to God, as in every person God resides. There is nowhere to hide. Believe it, I know and you don’t have to believe me, I really don’t care, but I hope that somebody believes it, even if it is only 1 person. May your God bless everybody, we will need it. God is soft as butter, but when you behave like now, He is hard as steel. And you will not like it, it is the system of the Universe and action and reaction go automatically almost.
    You have free will, but free will does not mean you can do anything, you will have to abide by the Universal Laws. We all have to. I have written the same thing already a hundred of times and I am stopping it now. I have repeated this over and over, and a lot of people will be glad I do.
    I am waiting for Ascension and thetas the last I will write about it, otherwise I get so frustrated. Wish you all the best.


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