By Daisy Magnum,

China is an agricultural powerhouse and one of the biggest exporters in the world when it comes to food but are their organic foods as organic as we expect them to be? Well, to be completely honest the use of the word organic couldn’t be more unrealistic.

Because most of what we eat seems to come from China we can assume when it comes to their food safety issues things are rippling down to us as well. You see, the whole concept of organics, in general, is for the most part to help the planet, right? Well, for China it’s more-so just about business and making money.

With the number of food-related scares present in China, we can’t help but be concerned for many reasons. The level of environmental pollution in China is so serious that the idea of being able to grow truly organic crops is a bit mindblowing. Sure, no pesticides will be used, but they will be growing these crops in the land that is contaminated and using water to keep them going that is just as full of heavy metals.

The Epoch Times not too long ago wrote an article outlining some of the issues behind organic farming in China and noted that not only were the ground/water sources usually overflowing with things like lead, cadmium, arsenic and other serious heavy metals but that because the USDA sets no limits for this kind of thing we do not know how serious the issue could become.

That having been said it should also be noted that a lot of the time the word organic is used very loosely, to begin with. Because organic foods sell for more, the more things that Chinese sellers can label as organic the better in their eyes. You would be surprised at the number of producers using expired organic labels and those mislabeling altogether. Chinese ginger at one point was found to contain pesticide residue after having been labeled organic.

With lax regulations and corruptions running rampant along with all that was listed above we can expect to see and to have been seeing organic foods that are not organic making their ways within our countries from China. This kind of thing is especially frustrating but well worth being aware of. To learn more on the topic please feel free to click here or check out the video below.


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  1. The US is #1 as a financial and political world leader, and,
    We are free, not communist. Those 2 things alone put us under a constant barrage of attacks, which, until President Trump, have gone perhaps noticed, but unresolved. God bless America. We are great by His grace.

  2. I agree with Amy. The food I ate in China seemed far cleaner and was definitely more nutritious. Take a drive through the central valley of California and see so many people with cancer, the dying communities… I’m not saying everything foming from China is clean, but we should look ourselves in the mirror before deflecting blame on our favorite scapegoat country

  3. Isn’t the inspection process at fault? The USDA is charged with the inspection and enforcement of domestically produced Organics, but is unable to audit the foreign countries. Several trade agreements are in place that dictate we accept foreign organic standards as “equivalent” to USDA. How lame is that?

  4. We do not need food supply from China to get contaminated food. We are doing a good job ourselves here in the good old USA. Didn’t former Governor Brown okay the use of sewage water for use on carrots, citrus plants, etc? When I look at those “cuties”, I shiver. So we buy organic food from the organic section in the supermarket where every few minutes the produce is being sprayed with “clean water”, except that the water is loaded with chlorine, fluoride, lithium (suppose to be the highest level of toxic additive in our water supply), mercury, etc. I have been planting my own food, but even this is not safe. I have to build a giant atrium to ward off all the toxic sprays (the philanthropist, Bill Gates and Scopex being the latest). I routinely soak overnight my produce in distilled water with a pound of shungite). Chelation is also a very good idea.

  5. When I lived in china I ate the best I ever have and felt great. No sugar, no flour, no milk… rice and fruits and vegetables. I felt like the food was less processed=less contaminated. No flouride in the water we bought.


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