By Daisy Magnum,

A Florida school has soared to the number one position in the State’s top schools list, after it dropped the Common Core program in favor of traditional teaching methods, according to government statistics.

Mason Classical Academy, a charter school, in Naples, Florida, decided against forcing kids to learn using the Common Core method of teaching endorsed by Obama.

Teachers at the school rejected the Common Core State Standards Initiative due to the way it deliberately dumbs down children, creating unnecessary and complicated techniques for working out relatively simple problems.

the school soared to number one after dropped obama endorsed common core
The school soared to number one after dropped Obama-endorsed Common Core 

Natural News reports: They have rejected the backward approach of Common Core, which sees kids memorize entire words in kindergarten before later being introduced to phonics once they are in elementary school.

By that point, their brains are already used to whole words, which makes grasping the concept of phonics and applying it far more difficult than it needs to be.

What does the classical approach embraced by the Academy entail? According to their website, language-focused learning based on written and spoken words makes the brain work harder to convert words into concepts, while image-based approaches encourage passivity.

The time-tested approach of phonics is very likely the reason you are able to read this article in the first place, and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would consider it inadequate.

Thanks to the classical approach of phonics, an impressive 90 percent of the third-grade students at Mason Classical Academy were proficient in English Language Arts, compared to just 58 percent in the county overall, most of whom rely on Common Core.

In fact, the MCA third-graders were in Florida’s top two percent, while fifth graders from the academy ranked in the state’s top one percent.

These students look even better when you compare them to California, where the state average is just 43 percent proficiency among third graders.

Even worse, six public schools in Baltimore do not have a single student who is proficient in either English Language Arts or math.

It’s almost like students are being set up to fail.

Of course, not everyone is happy about this school’s success.

Common Core proponents are panicking because these results expose the system for the fraud that it is.

The school has been on the receiving end of criticism from everyone from the district’s superintendent to the local news outlet Naples Daily News, according to The Freedom Project.

campaigners are calling for an end to common core in all schools
Campaigners are calling for an end to Common Core in all schools 

Why is Common Core setting students up to fail?

Among the many criticisms of Common Core is the fact that it is so strongly focused on test results and teachers are so worried about losing their jobs if their students don’t perform that kids are forced into busywork, missing out on the valuable opportunity to develop social skills and boost their well-being through recess outdoors.

It also stifles creativity and stresses children out, which can adversely affect their emotional and physical health.

One of its defining characteristics is the way it “dumbs down” many concepts and has students take too many steps to reach conclusions that are obvious to those of us who were schooled the traditional way.

For example, many people were outraged when a second-grade student’s homework went viral after a correct math answer was marked wrong by the teacher because it wasn’t “friendly.”

When asked to solve 530-270, the student arrives at the right answer by subtracting the way most of us were taught in school.

Although the student got the right answer, his teacher wanted him to solve it by adding 30 to both numbers so the problem would then be 560-300.

There are countless other examples of homework just like this one that illustrates how Common Core is unnecessarily confusing and focused on all the wrong things.

SOURCE: Neon Nettle

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  1. This is for all who are grandparents trying to help their grandkids with Common Core. It was a nightmare. The program cause a lot of stress and sleepless night.

  2. It is not clear to me that the people in this article have read the common core. Phonics is at the heart of the kindergarten standards. If anything, the common core pushed more phonics.

  3. Has everyone forgotten that the man and his wife who introduced common core said a while back that common core was a complete failure. And then he doubled down on what he said. So why arw schools still teaching it.Is it because they get more money if they teach it. It needs to stop completely.

  4. Everyone arrives at solutions using strategies they develop while analyzing a problem. The processes that work for them should be shared as another tool to add to the problem solver’s box. They should NOT be used to invalidate a strategy that may work well for other students. When CCSS were introduced, I understood it as a method that was supposed to take a deep dive of ALL the strategies a problem solver could use to arrive at an answer.
    It turned out to be another one of the fads that come and go in education, scrapping the “old” for the “new”. In my experience as an educator, every time that pendulum has swung, it left out a large swath of learners in it’s wake. The only thing that seems to have stood up to the test of time is phonics based reading instruction. Of course, there are learners who respond better to other systems like Whole Language, so that should be taught as a supplementary strategy as well. This is what I thought CCSS was supposed to allow for. It did not.

    • If I remember correctly common core was not introduced in Washington it started in Florida by our local governor then and then it was branched out. I am not a fan of common core. In a strong way it does undermine our educational system by teaching to the test and dumfounded principles of making information or learning information less practical and more difficult. Educate nonetheless but educate to where it makes sense.

  5. Well could we please get things right. The second grade student who was supposed to subtract 280 from 530 was being taught mental math and skills
    , something today’s kids are sadly lacking. And he was not supposed to add 30 to both sides. You subtract 30 from 530 and add it to 270. Now you have 500 -300. Easy mental math. The homework also went viral because parents insisted 2 x 3 was the same as 3 x 2. Is 2 groups of 3 kids the same as 3 groups of 2 kids. No. This becomes important later in algebra

  6. Read the Protocols of Zion which everyone says is a hoax of a document. Our lives are unfolding according to the Protocols including the dumbing down of (our children) society.

  7. What adult doesn’t do this at one time or another? It’s a lot easier to deduct 300 from 560 than it is the other way around. I would have to use a piece of paper if I had to deduct 270 from 530.. But I AM very much a right brain thinker. So creativity is my strength.Not routines.


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