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  1. The development of free energy for all could go a long way towards saving the world. But the geopolitical consequences are hard to imagine. So the powers-that-be do everything possible to stop it; and to stop any mention of free energy in the media, so that so far as the public are concerned it is just a fairy story, and has never been achieved. So many stories of successful inventors being murdered or otherwise silenced. Nevertheless a small group in Morocco have so far escaped the attentions of the cabal. They have a working device, and are putting out plans, etc. But they lack funding to go into production. Look at:

  2. This is actually old and has been on this site a number of times before. Still. It’s very interesting and the result predictable. While we still have a system where a few narcissistic people control the many , this will continue to be the case and humanities downfall.

    Val wasn’t the only one who treid to convince the Governments of the world to change but time and time again these ET’s are met with resistance and even disdain for their efforts.
    So the ET’s decided to contact humanity directly and by-pass our leaders and that’s what you see transpiring now. The awakening of humanities spirituality which brings with it the awareness and understanding of the complexity of not only our planet but the galaxy.

    • Predictable for who? A know-it-all like you, right? LOL not even God or Jesus could predict what choices humans, infividually or collectively are going to make moment to moment!. A few control the many? That’s a patented comment tossed around daily by many much like the stupid patented responses & comments from preachers & priests! This will continue? Is that right? Like I said, predictions are more comedy than intellectiually provable. Val? Who’s Val? Someone you read about in one of your storybooks? Who else tried besides this Val? Name them! Convince the governments? Now that’s hilarious that you use that term, governments! Who or what is meant by governments? What is your definition of governments? This is on the same level as the millions spouting off about “Russia” the last few years! LOL who or what is “Russia” when they toss that name around? A few teens in their bedrooms in Russia? A couple hackers who happen to live in or are from Russia? The Russian military? Who in the military? A wealthy billionaire from Russia? Mr. Putin himself using a PC? Which is it? So Val contacted or visited governments? Surely to state that, you were there right? LOL too funny! You witnessed ET’s meeting resistance over and over? What years? Who in government did they meet with? What did they ask? What were they told? We see ET’s contacting us, the citizens here directly? What town do you live in where this is taking place? Or should I ask, what storybooks you been reading? LOL, which people are aware and KNOW the complexity of the galaxy? We have 7 billion here at this time and YOU know what all of them know or don’t know about this galaxy? Wow! Thanks for the daily dose of comedy here! I almost thought this was a serious bit of commentary for a minute!

  3. Here is what I know: God helps those who help themselves, but only those who help themselves 100%. If one holds back from 100%, well good luck because then you are on your own. Put out 100% and get back 10,000%. That’s the deal, and you can take it or leave it.

    • This is NOT what you know. It is what you think and believe. It is your opinion. And opinions are not truth you see. LOL you know that God helps people. You know that God has a rule on this and only helps certain people who pass a threshold? Funny stuff….again! What does this HELP look like when God is helping somebody? Explain the process from beginning to end, this help that God provides that you not only know about but have the facts and witnessed it all. Keep commenting here….I have not had this much fun since the last couple bible worshippers tried hard to TEACH me something. LOL

  4. There is a waterfall in High Bridge, NJ which a psychic says is a portal to other realms. She conducts photography visits there and produces very intriguing photos of orbs, etc.

  5. Val, and those others like him, represent light and truth, contrary to those few elites who control earth who represent darkness and lies. This latter group, often known as the Illuminati or Cabal, has been in control here for centuries; perhaps thousands of years. Though relatively few in number, they have a psychopathic power that far exceeds the strength and knowledge of the average human. The average human on this earth is essentially a being of goodness, but owing to mind control, our power is limited and we find ourselves dominated by the cultist Cabal.

    What to do? Since all things are possible through God who created everything, we must constantly beseech him to deliver us from this scourge and bring light, love, and truth to mankind and to prevail upon him to do so with whatever heavenly means is necessary including assistance from those extraterrestrials with goodness in their hearts.

  6. Well done, I totally get it and it is sad at the same time. I believe that humanity is being underestimated as far as their acceptance is concerned.

  7. If only leadership would engage to make our world better, we’d all be so much better off. However, the threat something like this poses to their power and influence prevents them from seeing the wonderful possibilities; ego trapped as they are. It’s coming nonetheless, as our world is about to change despite.


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