While grocery shopping, you might notice that certain foods are labelled Non-GMO, B.E, Organic, or not even labelled at all like most foods that contain GMOs. But what do those labels mean? Do those labels even matter?

Those familiar with #GMOs or GM foods may have heard that GMOs are harmful to your health, one of the reasons behind the whole organic #foodindustry. Well, in this episode, we’ll break down what GMOs and GMs are, its history, the companies involved, both sides of the debate, and finally, uncover what the agenda is.

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  1. MORGELLON’S DISEASE is currently a medical mystery. But to those who understand how GMOs are created, it is no mystery. GMOs are created with Agrobacterium and Agrobacterium has the unusual characteristic of being able to transfer foreign DNA (insects, parasites worms, you name it), genetic material into the DNA of its host (animals and humans alike) it can also transfer foreign DNA into the human genetic sequence inside human cells. We are seeing it in the disease called Morgellon’s.

    One hundred percent of the people infected with this new, terrifying contagious Morgellons disease tested positive for the presence of Agrobacterium in their skin, while none of the people without Morgellons disease tested possible for Agrobacterium (used for making GMOs.) Peter Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, NEXUS Magazine


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