By Tracey Watson,

Mandatory vaccinations are a highly controversial subject. For years, medical propaganda has been conditioning us to believe that vaccines provide what is known as “herd immunity.” This propaganda teaches that if a significant proportion of the population is vaccinated against a disease then the whole community will be protected, including those who do not receive the vaccine.

Based on this faulty premise, many states have passed laws making vaccinations mandatory – supposedly for the greater good of all. Many vaccine advocates go so far as to accuse those who refuse to be vaccinated of compromising the health of the entire community.

However, decades after the first vaccines were created, history has proven that these toxic jabs do not confer a lifetime of immunity, which is why booster shots are now recommended for many vaccines. And the simple fact is that in addition to being ineffective, vaccines also carry serious risks and contain dangerous and ethically questionable ingredients. Yet, more and more states are passing laws making it mandatory for children to be vaccinated, even denying school entry to those who refuse to comply.

It is therefore more important than ever to know exactly what vaccines are made of and why we need to be extremely cautious about allowing healthcare workers to administer them to our children.

The science behind vaccines

There is a common misconception that being vaccinated simply entails being injected with a small amount of a disease so that the immune system can produce antibodies against it, thereby conferring lifelong immunity to the recipient.

In reality, however, vaccines are manufactured using a host of ingredients that have serious side effects. In addition, many are made with fetal cells taken from aborted babies, which would shock and horrify many of the people who willingly allow their young children to be vaccinated.

As reported by Families 4 Vaccine Choice (and confirmed by the CDC), vaccines also contain serum derived from the blood of bovine fetuses, protein from human blood plasma, kidney epithelial cells extracted from African green monkeys, yeast DNA, yeast protein, Madin Darby canine kidney cells derived from an adult cocker spaniel, chicken fibroblasts, DNA taken from porcine circoviruses and other disgusting ingredients.

Then, of course, there are the other controversial vaccine ingredients like mercury (thimerosal), formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate, which have all been linked to a host of adverse health effects.

Families 4 Vaccine Choice explains how all of these vile ingredients are used to create vaccines:

Now we learn that with RNA … “DNA molecules from two different species are inserted into a host organism to produce new genetic combinations.” So that means they are splitting human DNA with the DNA of animals and aborted fetuses and then injecting it back into our bodies with the hopes that it will cause us to create the antigen needed to immunize us against a virus.

Not all doctors support mandatory vaccinations

While the government and the mainstream media promote the idea that all healthcare professionals support vaccinations, nothing could be further from the truth. Natural health practitioners like naturopathic physicians and homeopaths have long warned against the negative effects of vaccines, and even many mainstream doctors are opposed to vaccinations, especially when they are forced on people.

After all, it is a basic human right – as asserted by the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics – to choose whether or not to accept a risky medical procedure:

The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment… Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor, unless the patient is unconscious or otherwise incapable of consenting and harm from failure to treat is imminent.

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  1. If I had a child or children forced to be vaccinated to attend school, I would find a doctor willing to sell the signed form of being vaccinated to me without actually giving the child or children that toxic poison. Let’s outsmart them.

    For those who have been vaccinated and are sick, detox herbs to clean the blood, liver, kidney’s, etc. can be used to clean the body of the heavy metals in the vaccines. Its especially important because they directly inject toxins into the blood stream, affecting everything, including glands, the most important in my estimation is the pineal gland, but they are all important. (The pineal gland directly connects each of us to our Higher I AM Selves and to the Heart Flame without which the heart cannot beat.

    Also, because vaccines contain implants that are designed for control, ill health, even death, and manipulation, I seriously suggest a magnet be used to disable the implants. Run the magnet over the area of the injection and most of the body.

  2. Forced vaccination is enough reason to start a revolution. Now, if we can only awaken the clueless ones who still trust our Healthcare Cartel and the criminal CDC.


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