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by Guest Author Nicole Tribble

The Bubble Plan

Twelve years ago I was living in the Rocky Mountains spending a lot of time in nature amongst the red dirt and the pine trees.  I began to get messages or images in my head of ways to live harmoniously on planet Earth.  To this day I have a hard time distinguishing between knowing if this information was given to me as a way to live here on this planet or a remembrance of how I lived before or both.  The information sent is quite detailed and layered and can be hard to verbalize, this gave birth to what is being referred to as the bubble plan. 

When I joined the Nature’s Restoration group I listened to desires of the group and what they wanted to achieve.  I found it serendipitous, I saw each person as a head of a section or bubble.  We each came to the table with a different passion and I began to see how those passion intertwined into the big picture of our ultimate goal, then I saw how the bubbles connect. My vision board happened to be right next to me, my husband and I do a vision board every year and I also remembered my downloads.  When we do our vision board we look at the one from the previous year take off what we have accomplished and keep what we are still working on.  For many years now there is a section of our vision board set aside for our big project, our master vision.  The bubble plan was a way for me to share that big vision and to break it down, to keep it simple, to start with the basics. Also to task everyone to a section, to a bubble, so that we work more efficiently by utilizing what each volunteer is passionate about and experienced in. 

Someday I will acquire the financial means necessary to build my vision here on planet Earth, in the mean time I want to share with others and learn from the those who are already living this lifestyle.  The bubble plan is a network of actions that change the way we participate in life on our planet. It is a web diagram showing the interconnectedness of our lives and how our daily choices effect not only the planet but the inhabitants of it as well.  My wish is that it shows that you can easily affect your environment in a positive manor by changing what you value and then becoming more aware of your choices.  With so many negative impacts destroying our planet, the animal kingdom, the human race and ultimately our universe, we can become overwhelmed with the process of stopping it.  I would like to show that daily steps can achieve our goal of climbing this mountain of change and then strolling down the other side in harmony with planet Earth.

Bubble diagram depicting the organization of the group with subsets.




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