If you don’t already know, chemtrails are the toxic-laden trails you see coming out of the hundreds of airplanes constantly crisscrossing the sky. Technically they’re called contrails, and FAKE science will claim it’s nothing but water vapor and ice crystals due to the difference in atmospheric temperature.

While this has some truth, it’s nowhere near the whole truth.

What they’re not telling you is that in addition to crystals, these lofty contrails also contain byproducts of engine exhaust like nitrogen oxides, sulfate particles and deadly carbon dioxide. What’s worse is that they may also be carrying chemical substances being used for unknown government experiments.

Of course, the EPA and the mainstream media have issued fact sheets claiming that these contrails are harmless, in an effort to cover up these experiments. Don’t believe it.

The truth is undeniable. Chemtrails are polluting the air you breathe and there’s no way to avoid it. But there is a way to protect yourself, and the sooner the better.

We recently learned of a rare mineral that can safely and effectively rid your body of damaging toxins and heavy metals without harsh side effects, and after extensive research, we’ve discovered how to get our hands on it.

We urge you to read our report today, and learn how to protect yourself from past, present and future exposure to these poisons in the sky.

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  1. Contrails are the exhaust from planes in transit. Chemtrails are part of our government’s efforts to reduce the world’s population, a bill signed during the late 1970s by President Jimmy Carter that allowed the use of the government created AIDS virus. If he signed it consciously, it was probably with a belief of birth control options, and not the chemtrails and toxic (deadly to babies and children) vaccines that Humanity is subjected to today. When the Presidents sign bills, it usually at the recommendation of his advisers and not a document that has been carefully read. There are many bills that have ‘slipped in’ items not related to the bill itself.’ An act of deception by those who could not get their bills signed otherwise, it is a common practice among those in congress.

    By the way, the air elementals syphs have been consuming the aluminum and other chemicals sprayed in the chemtrails. The government is very aware of this and have increased the number of planes used to counter the ‘removal of toxins’ by the syphs and in some cases have even attacked the syphs. To call parts of our government evil – those who support the dark forces’ agendas – is putting it lightly!

  2. There’s an article everyday about this Zeolite. What people don’t know is that this is only half the answer. . There are certain minerals that not only remove these toxins and heavy metals (thru the P 450 pathway) but ALSO add back in what minerals are lost. So yes, there’s a better answer than this! As a naturopath for 30 years this December, I’ve learned 15 years ago when I used to take Zeolite,
    this is only 1/2 the answer using Zeolite. Research everyone! 🙂

  3. I don’t trust this report that a “newfound” rare mineral is the only way to detox from contrails. I am using a combo of homeopathic ingre. product by “Dr. Recommends” called Metals detox and feeling better every day. The only way I would try a Zeolite product is if my chiropractor muscle tests me with it. One product isn’t a good fit for everyone as we are all individuals. Anyway, good luck to all who are suffering from the effects of contrails. Don’t you wonder why the wealthy and politically connected don’t seem to be complaining of the effects from contrails. They know information that are kept secret from the general public.


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