By Emma Fiala,

Winter break is supposed to be a time filled with family, fun, new toys and games, and plenty of time to play and relax. But for thousands of Seattle Public School students and their families, this winter break has included an unexpected demand.

Thousands of students were warned that they won’t be welcome back to school after break if they don’t comply with Washington state’s vaccine laws.

Letters sent to families indicated that students must be in compliance with the laws by January 8th. A statement on the district’s website reads:

Student records must reflect updated immunization status by January 8, 2020, or students cannot attend school until the required information is provided to the school nurse.”

According to district officials, 2,274 students received the letter.

Seattle Public Schools district representative Tim Robinson says that the district has “to exclude them,” explaining:

“They would be excluded here, they would be excluded at any school district, and we certainly want to avoid that. I know all schools want to avoid it because you don’t want students to miss any school time.”

The district is offering free vaccination clinics in an effort to get all students in compliance with current laws by the deadline so they don’t miss any school. The next clinics will be held on December 30 at Aki Kurose Middle School and January 3 at Seattle World School.

While the “personal preference” exemption for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination was removed earlier this year, both “religious” and “medical” exemptions are still allowed.

And if unvaccinated or under-vaccinated students show up at school after the deadline? Robinson says they’ll “have a plan in place.”

“If they come to school, we certainly have a plan in place that if a student comes to school on the 8th and their records aren’t up to date, they’ll just be held aside, their parents or guardian will be contacted.”

More information about the vaccination clinics and state vaccine requirements can be found on the Seattle Public Schools website.



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  1. Who the hell are these idiot administrators think they are to make such a demand. Proof positive that College is nothing but MK Ultra on Steroids. Pushing the bullshit and call it facts. Well here is a well known fact. Vaccines are filled with heavy metals like mercury. The claim is that it is used as a preservative. Because we all know what a great preservative mercury makes. Hell why not just sprinkle it on our food while your at it. Tell me with all the supposed great minds working for big pharma they couldn’t come up with a different option? The truth being told the Vaccine industry is completely unregulated. They have never been called out by the US Government. Funny how people that push this poison like Bill Gates never had his kids vaccinated. This is part of a larger agenda to dumb down America. Destroy your children’s DNA and make new Cancer patients in 40 years. Wake up sheep!

    • Hi Gj, I am in total agreement with your post. One of the answers is for the sheep to quit using Western medicine and use less-invasive natural ways like we did when our mothers and grandmothers treated most of the normally accepted diseases. I am 1 of 4 children and we all had the childhood diseases which makes us immune. Vaccinations are fake immunity and dissipate over time. Most who are getting the childhood diseases now HAVE BEEN VACCINATED! Good job FDA, CDC and poisonous vaccines. My 2 adult children also had the regular childhood illnesses and I believe had only 2 vaccinations between birth and adulthood. The local small town doctor in our neighborhood let his kids run around the neighborhood when they had chicken pox or measles and most of our kids were infected, went through the illness and DID NOT DIE. They just missed some school. I am 73 now and only use 1 prescription drug for low thyroid and deny all vaccines the doctors push. I do have a super bug thanks to government geo-engineering but get treatment from a natural doctor and take herbs and other supplements. I have never even asked a medical doctor for any Western treatments for this condition as I know they don’t know anything about it. The first thing the sheep type people will come back with is, “I can’t afford to pay for these things on my own.” I have free digital TV (no stupid smart TV, DirecTV, Netflix, don’t belong to Amazon Prime, don’t have my hair colored or nails done, and keep as free as I can from all that Americans can’t seem to do without. The word is SHEEPLE! and people are running amok. No one wants to be responsible for their own health.

      • Bonnie: Excellent. You are right. Clear thinking and awareness is top on my list of most admired and needed qualities. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your children are most fortunate to have a mother who is not afraid to say NO!

    • ask these people if they will be responsible if any problems occur and have them sign a paper. if they don’t want to sign it will show that they don’t have any faith in these shots and don’t really care what happens to these students. maybe threats of a lawsuit will help. no one should be forced to put poisons in their body.

    • GJ: You are absolutely correct. Well said. I worked for a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals just long enough to learn what they are doing and I can tell you there are no great minds, only people easily intimidated and willing to be corrupted by money or ego and no sense of responsibility for where or how they are using their energies.

      One woman cried every day because she was raising a family without the help of the father and she was afraid of losing her job, in spite of the fact that it was destroying her self-respect and confidence. That, my friend is a living hell.

      I’m wondering how many who work for Monsanto where they mfg. GMOs are experiencing the same thing. There have been a few whistle blowers who have admitted to the damage GMOs cause – Monsanto’s lies and financial connection to the US political structure.

      Its the quality of the energy that makes or breaks any relationship, corporate or individual and these companies can only expect to experience collapse and destruction from inside. The same thing is true of nations. Invading armies can only destroy a nation when that nation has destroyed itself first. A spiritually (not religious) strong nation can withstand invading nations and usually learn to outsmart their enemies, but one that has allowed itself to become weak with a lack of self-responsibility is the one that is destroyed from within and without. So, we need to ask ourselves just where we fit in that. In spite of what we have been told, we have earned the hatred of other countries for we are bullies of the world. A terrible shame because our spiritual destiny is to be the perfect demonstration of a powerful individual connection to our Higher and More Noble Selves – our I AM (God/dess) Selves.

  2. Little by little the controllers are killing us, the “useless eaters”. We are not only being given toxic vaccines, but we have no right to refuse any more. They own us, literally. The UN, a private organization owned by the controllers, is coming up with a universal flu vaccine. I am sure that will be made mandatory as well. One hears about the homeless being chipped now. I will not be surprised if the vaccines we are being forced to have also contain microchips. I often wonder how many people realize what is really going on. Sadly, there are still people who think vaccination prevents diseases. Dr. K. Humphries had to start carrying a gun for protection after having threats/attempts on her life for speaking against vaccines. President Trump initially spoke against vaccines (“I never have a flu shot…”), but it has been downhill since then on the vaccine issue.

    • Yes. There are microchips (nano-technology) in vaccines and I would not be surprised if we find them in many of the drugs sold. If you are interested, I have a report from individuals who have done the research regarding microchips. Microchips, if you notice, are being sold opening to the public as a preventative, which is not even close to what they do. They are ‘public control mechanisms’ and ‘job security’. Force the chip on the public and sell the equally toxic ‘solution – vaccines, etc.’ The perfect example of this is the AIDS virus they made and the vaccine sold to pretend cure, but will not because it is a faulty science or no science at all actually.

      Speaking of AIDS, viruses cannot survive in sunlight – the reason we are being told to be afraid of the sun – and individuals who give up all prescription drugs who use urine therapy are healing themselves.

      • The scariest words you can hear are “I AM FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND I AM HERE TO HELP YOU.” The government purposely creates a problem and then turns around and pretends to jump in and fix it. How’s that working for us??? Never has, never will.


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