From ETR-CONSULT by Chief Dr Iwowarri Berian James (Nigeria)

March 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th – 5-Days of Freedom Therapy for Rape Victims plagued by Emotional Trauma!

When a person experiences a Rape, that is forced sexual encounter usually without consent. It traumatizes the person, the victim. When this trauma is not resolved, it can cause what we know in psychology as Rape Trauma Syndrome -RTS.


According to Wikipedia, Rape trauma syndrome (RTS) is the psychological trauma experienced by a rape victim that includes disruptions to normal physical, emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal behavior. The theory was first described by nurse Ann Wolbert Burgess and sociologist Lynda Lytle Holmstrom in 1974.

RTS is a cluster of psychological and physical signs, symptoms and reactions common to most rape victims immediately following a rape, but which can also occur for months or years afterwards. While most research into RTS has focused on female victims, sexually abused males (whether by male or female perpetrators) also exhibit RTS symptoms. RTS paved the way for consideration of complex post-traumatic stress disorder, which can more accurately describe the consequences of serious, protracted trauma than posttraumatic stress disorder alone. The symptoms of RTS and post-traumatic stress syndrome overlap. As might be expected, a person who has been raped will generally experience high levels of distress immediately afterward. These feelings may subside over time for some people; however, individually each syndrome can have long devastating effects on rape victims and some victims will continue to experience some form of psychological distress for months or years. It has also been found that rape survivors are at high risk for developing substance use disorders, major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and eating disorders.

Free sessions from March 16-20, 2020:

The program to provide Free Emotional Trauma Resolution by Dr Iwowarri James, is intended to help in supporting the affected trauma victims to begin the journey of total healing. It is known that one session may not be enough for some while some people may actually heal completely in just a session. For those who will need further therapy sessions, they are advised to seek further help with Energy Therapy.

Are you a RAPE Victim Or you know anyone? It is a Telephone Session Free of Charge!!!  But you make the Call to : 08027759665 or WhatsApp 08037227334. Open to All from any where in the World. Session Max 30min. Anytime of the day. Share the information please.

Chief Dr Iwowarri Berian James (Nigeria)

Chief Consultant: Emotional Trauma Resolution Clinic & Founding Director, GIET Institute, Lagos.

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  1. Just talking about a rape does very little. The energies left in the body have to be removed and only when the victim is ready (via intention, healing hands of another and a great deal of soaking in things like Epson Salt) because one of things people do not talk about is the rapist, by overwhelming the victim, is able to create the illusion that it is the victims fault and not the rapist. And her/his guilt interferes with the healing needed, exacerbated by the violence energies of the rapist.

    What rapist refuse to understand is that he cannot force the victim to share energies by violence. The energy transferred from rapist to victim remains with the victim for years and often lifetimes to come. Females who have been raped (taken from personal experience) experience the energies of the rape over and over again during her monthly periods, as her energy bodies try to remove the energies of the rape – painful energies that shatter her energies for that life and lives to come.

    What is pleasure for the rapist is a living hell for the victim. Trying to feed his ego, and to impress other males by he way, what the rapist does not understand is the victim often leaves her/her body so he/she is not aware of the rapist presence. So the sacred energies, the sexual exchange intended from sex, does not happen. And he wonders why during his next life – the law of attraction at work – his mother can only feels fear and pain.

    Aware of it or not, males steal energies from females when they use female bodies for their pleasure and they leave behind the dark energies of what they have picked up – dark entities (I have had to remove more than one from female clients) filthy habits and arrogant attitudes toward females to feed his ego..

    A price to pay for everything, males are losing their ‘Y’ chromosomes (Light/color)
    because of rape and abuse of females and children. The female body provides the male with the very body he uses to abuse her with – UNBELIEVABLE ARROGANCE!

    Males call women cold but it is cold when they do not feel responsible for their actions and how they affect her. (And they call HER the whore!)

    It was not woman who brought the fall in consciousness, but men who had sex with animals. A practice that continues to this day, especially in farming communities and men who have allowed other men to tell them it is okay. .

    TESTOSTERONE (one-bone-test (osteo bone) Self-mastery of the male energies, NOT a right of passage!

    ESTROGEN (Genetics STRO: Light – (NHERTANCE: in-her-it-ance)

    SHOW US SOMETHING WE CAN RESPECT! Circumcision was created because men have poor health habits. Castration of rapists is gaining favor!

    • It’s my belief, based on spiritual experiences, that the rape of a woman is a method used by negative non-human entities to abuse and desecrate the sacred energy of Goddess. Whether they know it or not, any man who rapes or otherwise sexually abuses a woman is, I believe, being used to attack and abuse Goddess. For millenina the divine Feminine has been attacked and supressed by ignorant men who have been under the influence, consciously or otherwise, of the dark negative forces who hate the purity and sacredness of the Goddess – but it seems that this situation will eventually change as the planet moves towards a higher frequency.

      • To clarify my previous comment about the rape of women, I was not implying that this kind of violation is solely an attack on Goddess. It is obviously a totally inexcusable and sadistic attack on the woman herself, but my point is that it is also, in my opinion, an attack on, and desecration of, Goddess, the divine Feminine.

        • Yes! Thank you for supporting my position with your clarity. The dark forces hate females and the Goddess and have been using men of war and violence (including Catholic and Protestant churches)- to fill female bodies with filth, dark energies of anger, hate and hopeless that negatively affected centuries of future generations. A dark forces’ agenda of many centuries that created feelings of hopelessness for everyone, including our Higher Selves, to where even our Father-Mother God/dess began to believe that the only solution was to destroy the Earth to stop the dark forces.

          If it were not for some very noble and committed individuals who’s sacrifices helped us to remember who we are – Sanat Kumara, Sanata Jesus, St. Germain, Master Hilarion, Archangel Michael and his Legions (to name but a very few) we would not be here clearing the energies and restoring (“I AM the Resurrection and the Life”) what was almost lost millions of years ago.

          Because of war and rape encouraged by men looking for excitement and power over women to impress other men, humans have for centuries almost totally disconnected from their Higher More Noble I Am Selves. Fortunately today women are saying no more and raising our vibrations and self-esteem to graduate to the next Higher Schools of Learning. It is time to free ourselves of our commitment to men to help them live lives of balanced male/female energies. A price too great to pay, we are moving on with or without them; a choice they must make to earn that right.


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