We are living in very exciting times! Catch all the action of what is going on in the world that is not covered by the Media.

The White Hats in the Military took control of the Mainstream Media, DUMBS were bombed by the Alliance, Vatican arrests update, Celebrities that have been arrested under the guise of being positive for Covid-19 and the latest info on GESARA being implemented worldwide.


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  1. Spot on! If only people would throw out their TVs and radios and stop drinking fluoride
    water and stop brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste and stop eating GMO 'food' and stop relying on Big Pharma drugs etc and…..put on their thinking caps, they might have lightbulb moments which might become lightbulb hours, days, weeks and forever!

  2. I feel the frustration also as being part of the awake community, however we are at War (Electronic Warfare) with the foundations of every aspect of our lives, cradle to grave. If you trust in the Q plan then everything is happening for a reason. If you can deduce what going on don't you think the enemy can. What you can't see you can understand.

  3. This is one year on see no sign of a media take over the people are still being told lies and encouraged to take the killer shot we are at the 50% mark in UK and the 5G seems to be getting rolled out at warp speed . The people have just believed it all and are not willing to do a darn thing to prevent this. Refuse to look at the truth just selfish muppets walking about in masks proud to have taken that bioweapon in the arm because they can get a holiday (selfish). No one has tried to stop this roll out despite the fact that it is killing and maiming people where are the white hats it looks to me like they are also happy to see the population culled and tagged because they have allowed all those people to be injected and made no move on it. When the 5G is up and running it will connect to the spike protein and they will take complete control of your mind the hydrogel will eat up every bit of your fluids and consume your body until you are no longer human. We will be seeing mass deaths. Instead of listening to fairy stories send your council a letter asking them if they intend making your city a smart city you can get a template on line which will ask all the right questions about safety etc and they will have to supply the details under the information act because 5G is not safe for humans and it must be stopped so let them give evidence of it's safety in your city and take it from there – they have all been given a cease and desist from rolling out 5G and the vaccine but are not complying. I feel very pessimistic because most of the human race does not give a damn and that is going to cost us all or life rights and freedom and these creatures will be able to get hold of your children and do all sorts of monstress things to them just because you were all too lazy to educate yourself and too cowardly to fight for them.

    • absolutely correct, WE let it get too far out of line what with the Demonic child sacrifices, drinking their blood those monsters need to be destroyed and the Sheeple don't give a damn because they've been brainwashed by the MSM Project Mockingbird hasn't ended it's been going on since the end of WW2 to indoctrinate the Sheeple for this exact moment in time when the masters pull the strings, but GOD almighty wasn't amused.

  4. I noticed as a Starseed and military Intelligence Q10 that the best thing to do is to turn your tv off and concentrate on yourself and your well-being. Although I do go on Twitter to follow Q and Trump sometimes. I’m disappointed in a lot of awake people for not believing in the Q movement. But I accept everyone has a choice of there opinions. Thank you so much for your amazing podcast 💋

  5. It’s now 1/30/2021, and It’s just not believable that the white hats are in control of the USA media. The lies are even worse than they were a year ago! Covid is a Plandemic, and the “vaccines” are not vaccines, but an operating system they’ll be able to program. If people survive the second injection.. and consider how the MSM handled the election fraud! No way are the good guys in control of the media.

    • I was thinking the same. If they are the good guys and are in control then why don’t they Stop these damn poisonous vaccines.

  6. Interesting and a great summary.
    A lot of merit and substantiation made.
    What I don’t get is the timing of the economic reset. By April 15th is a bold claim. Needless to say that it is incorrect and seemingly not in the near future.

  7. Looks like the Electromagnetic Pulse did not take place. My sense is that these stories are a cover for an Eastern Communist Russian Jewish takeover. It would have been Russian nukes over our atmosphere knocking us out for a takeover. Hopefully there is military around that was on top of this. Hope it still is not coming.
    It’s remarkable how much the US has succeeded in evading attacks. About 3 years ago that supposed Asteroid in the Gulf Of Mexico. That was actually a nuke underwater meant to destroy the inland Mississippi valley. (William Mount source) If only they would help other nations avoid too.
    Be conscious that while the western elite are corrupt, you don’t want equally corrupt easterners to take over either. I can trust the US white hat military.

    • I trust them too. You suprised me when you said Russia was planning our takeover. China appears to be the main threat to me. The USSR WAS communist or have we been lied to?

        • A year later it is def China. Russia seems to have mellowed some. They don’t like the Chinese at all. I should say the CCP military and not all Chinese citizens.

  8. One thing for sure. This is a very motivating video. My thing is. If non of this comes into fruition. It will cause a surge of negative energy that feeds evil. We don’t need that. For now I will enjoy the positive energy coming from this video.

    • That’s a good way to look at this. I mean, I’ve been “awake” for quite some time & I get really frustrated with so many that are “struck in the matrix so to speak”. But yes I will look at all this in just a positive way & hope that it will come into fruition one day! Thanks 😘

  9. Nyla, again love it.
    Check out www.auravana a truly refreshing view of what can be for humanity. The site is amazing and is a 6 volume work for a Socital Standard for Community. The Design Specification Overview and the Social System open up a non economic oriented structure where people can live and learn in a truly sustainable and sharing environment friendly world.
    Do let me know if you ever have time what you think.

  10. Those who would have us be cattle to be corralled will always manipulate the world powers to keep us dumb corralled cattle. Those who are trying to free us will always be at war with those who corral. Evil outnumbers good in this world and beyond. However, goods energy defeats evil in all aspects and in all its strengths. This is why evil has always throughout time and space tried to defeat good once and for all. Pick a side and commit to it. The war has taken a new path and us cattle are on the front lines. The effort of people like those on this broadcast is only a fraction of what will be needed. Good energy in MASS is what it will take to win. See the truth for yourselves and stop being cattle.

    Love and Light

    • Right on! I believe it will be China not the Russians that will attack us. President Trump is making America great again and China is suffering huge loses in it’s economy as our businesses return stateside. We are now vulnerable due to their bioweapon attack on our people and economy. I don’t believe Russia will be involved or take sides. They claim the old Communist government has ended, but Putin is still running things and he is a Commie from way back. He has charisma but i don’t trust him.

  11. Chabad Lubavitch is laughing their heads off all the way to petridish.They succeeded to make whole planet like occupied Palestine.And these so called independent writers are still throwing lollies at us.And young people are begging to have rings on their noses to be lead by their noses,like good obedient Goyim.What ever is coming you deserve it.

  12. A great presentation. But I still think about factions. I’d say she is communist and in favor of an Eastern takeover. Socialism has always in theory sounded idealistic. China IS a communist-capitalist hybrid, but with communism first.
    Anyway, should you differentiate between “capitalism” and the free market system? What exactly are your complaints? I know who the “capitalists” are, and it’s not the enterprising English Americans.
    This electro-magnetic pulse coming from “somewhere” around April 1 is concerning. It sounds like how the Russians would detonate nukes in the atmosphere above, that’s a known weapon. Would it be worldwide, or suspiciously just over the West?

  13. Best news I have ever heard! Amazing how all of your information is totally aligned with everything I have heard and felt within myself and then some.

  14. Nyla’s broadcast is like opening the morning window to let in the fresh air and sunlight. Much of her intel coincides nicel with what i have been attuned to through other sources such as Ben Fulford, Cobra,etc….. and coming from her is a delight to behold. thank you PFC for posting this link and thank you Nyla for your presentation with the beautiful soul/spirit perspective…. the galactics and what we are truly on this planet to experience and live by.

  15. i could not find you for the longest time and now you come to me on a channel i follow. thank you for finding me and yes i am attached to much more than just the 3d mess we are in.

  16. Maybe the MSM have only been taken over in the USA so far. Here in the UK, the media are peddling the same old BS all day, every day. Nothing but blatant lies and propaganda. In other words, business as usual.

  17. Hi,
    This is Marilyn k. in Denver, Colorado. When will the corona virus stop infecting people ???
    This virus has disrupted everybody’s work schedules, school schedules, etc.
    Will there be a safe vaccine coming out soon or some safe medications to help people out ????
    Also who are the White Hats ???
    Alot of people never heard of this group.
    Thank You.

    • Blessings to you for the good news! That’s why I saw a comment the other day that said “Google is ours”. There was no explanation for the comment, but now I understand.


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