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Disclaimer: This message is only meant for those to whom the contents resonate, for everybody else you can read and then let it go.

The article series is structured in different parts which are not necessarily connected to each other. They provide an overview of the current developments.


Asthar Sheran – update 22.03.2020

Now is the time when all distorted is being dissolved. Even those who have forgotten the light cannot escape this purification process. We have often pointed out that you devote yourselves to inner work and transform your shadows into light. You are actively and completely freeing yourselves from the old structures to turn back to the soul families.

Anyone who clings to the old structures will find no hold. The old matrix will be dissolved, and all other structures will be dissolved as well. Everyone who still clings to the old structures will have a harder time. Because the dissolution takes place inside and outside at the same time. 

Those who turn completely to the light go with us – their brothers and sisters. Those who turn away from the Light repeat the journey until they merge completely with the Light. We can and must only take over a part from it. We can only accompany you in the union with the Creator and the mastery of the lower dimensions. We support your ascension with all the possibilities given to us by the Creator. However, we are not responsible for achieving your Ascension for you.

Our approach is completely different from what we know here on Earth and what the parties of non-confederation members apply among each others. We have never gone to war – we deactivate and disarm – while respecting and preserving life. All beings that produce confusion, conflict or war in your world are also respected and honoured by us even when we accompany them to the Galactic Central Sun.

We have technologies and capabilities that go far beyond the understanding and capabilities of non-Confederation members, but also far beyond the understanding of the surface population. We have abilities through which we can read the energies of the intentions and thoughts of the beings that have forgotten the light. And, therefore, we know about their next planned steps, so that we can always take timely action.

We are determined to liberate the living being Shan which you call Earth. We explicitly say the living being Shan (Earth), because the Earth, how you call her, comes first. This also includes the ecosystems to restore balance in the creation. We respect and honour this high light being Shan, which you call earth, and its laws which are one with the creation.

We also liberate the animals that come second, because many of these animal beings are really our brothers and sisters. And the guardians of noble attributes that they preserve and live with devotion on Shan. They are the ones who have given this wonderful planet its splendour, diversity and ecosystems – they are faithful and serve the creation.

In the third place are the humans. Some of them find it difficult to let go of their incarnated free will and to surrender it completely to the free will of the higher self – in order to be free. People do not make it easy for themselves to let go of the illusion of completely leaving the seductions – you call it comfort zone – because these are some of your obstacles. Some people still give their own sovereignty and self-responsibility to those beings – who are without light – and who do not exactly have the best interests for human beings in their minds. If you choose to do so and cling to those beings, who want to destroy you, what should we do?

Many of our brothers and sisters from the Con-Federation, but also from the Federation, have reduced their frequencies and have come to you on this wonderful planet. They have adopted a normal human body that Shan (Earth) has given them. Actually, this is the first physical contact.  They carry a great wisdom that they share. And thanks to them this planet still exists. They have exposed themselves to great dangers and they have come to you out of deep love and have stayed with you until today. They have always been active in the background. On request and for protection most of them were given a veil of “forgetting” in their day consciousness.

We are actively connected with our brothers and sisters and allies on the surface of the earth, those who are from us, those who recognize our presence and whom we have sent and awakened as they carry our keys. This means that we are dissolving more and more the veil of forgetting in their day consciousness. They are ready for the next steps that we give them. And we go with them. They make sure that we can be close to you, if you want that. We give them information and light-technologies also for healing and activating the necessary keys in you. We work intensively with them. But we do not tolerate any abuse. Our brothers and sisters on the planet are those who are one with the earth, who respect and honour her as a living being and who connect and activate the network of light.

The time has not yet come to land with our ships physically on the surface – officially and visibly for all. And it is not yet necessary or possible – and there are various reasons for this. Only to our brothers and sisters and our allies we show ourselves – and give them keys so that they can decode our presence in their day consciousness.

One of the reasons that we are not yet physically landing is that many are not prepared or they would see us as their enemies. Which we consider in our decisions and procedures, since we never invade personal space for those who don’t want to. And we will not force anyone.

We have our brothers and sisters who are incarnated on the surface and who have bodies like yours. They are our allies and they are our representatives on Earth. And they are the ones who bring about change for those who can accept it. They follow our calls without hesitation, and remain consistent and consequent in their mission. They are accompanied and protected by us and have access to all the information they need to fulfil their mission. They are the ones who establish contact with us for you, who activate your keys, who help you with healing, who actively support liberation and ascension, who span the network, who receive our messages, who translate them for you. And who accompany you until you can cross the threshold to your brothers and sisters in higher dimensions.

From our perspective your world is now divided into two areas within the energies of the 4th dimension which is now completely flooding the planet Shan (Earth). The collapse of the systems is the collapse of the old matrix structure and the dissolution of this timeline to zero. Now it is up to you which way you go.

Those who stick to the old systems and their dark sides will re-create them with all their inconveniences – consciously or unconsciously. However, your planet Shan (Earth) will no longer accept this and will completely purify and free itself from these distorted structures and will not allow further access. They will continue their journey in another 3rd dimension, without the influence of the beings, that have forgotten the light, until they can go back into the light.

Those who have previously detached themselves from the old structures of the 3rd dimension through inner work will now be completely decoupled from the 3rd dimension on all levels and together with our representatives of the Con-Federation and Federation on Earth. They are going more and more into the 5th dimension and therefore have more and more physical access to our ships. We are now preparing this together with them.

Therefore I, Ashtar Sheran, now call all my brothers and sisters together. I call all those, who belong to us, to confessing to us and those, who choose this path, to now joining the animals and the planet Shan in a network – a network which is completely independent and exists beside the old structure, which is dissolving.

The time is now. The time has come to become fully and permanently active, to come together in a network and to join us – your sisters and brothers – for activating the Galactic Codex on Shan (Earth) now. There will be no other time.

Do not worry about the current situation – stay calm and relaxed but be active in spanning the network in the background – now is the time. Those who have forgotten the Light – orchestrated this situation – but underestimated our presence and the possibilities through which we can gain advantage now. They also have underestimated that they now have triggered a great wave of awakening by themselves. The purification is gaining momentum. We are positioned and have prepared ourselves for it with our allies.

Herewith I am ending my message.

My deep love to you is limitless.

Your brother,

Ashtar Sheran


Hint: This transmission from 2017 is now becoming more and more tangible.

Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH



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  1. Thank you. I had a dream many years ago, and in this dream I saw a spaceship, and the words “Galactic Federation of Light” came to me, so I googled it. Since than I have been on a journey of wonder and discovery. I am anxious to help people awaken, and I am grateful for all the guidance I have had over the years. Although I have tried to teach what I have learned to others, it seems too unreal for most people to understand, so I am looking forward to a chance to do that with our newly awakened souls. With much love, Margaret

    • I was drawn from within to Kryon who is channeled through Lee Carroll and it was from Kryon that I heard The Federation of Light. I became a member of the website and it was here I gained the nickname “Rainbow Warrior” which my understanding of it means to rise up out of the dust to help those left to learn how to live upon Gaia in a loving, honorable manner. I am aware of how we have help here from other places, the Pleiadians and I want so much to board their ships to be in love with my family of light and have not done so yet. I wonder why. Love and light as we move to a beautiful and better world,

      Crysta Lee

      • I travel, exist, manifest, depart, arrive, visit, return, quite often, prior to any consideration, of this, or any one of a plethora of journey’s,in the past, now, or distant future, yet some glitch in between the theoretical fabric of multi-dimensional, eternity, I cross paths, on a level, I am not at liberty to express in, or on this format, with Crysta Lee Swindell and I can only say, as time might have it, or freeze frames stretched into moments, shared for what seemed for ever with no end, did just that, in the blink of a star, leaving me with a slice of heaven!

  2. I learned about the galactic federation of light fro George Van Tassel who awoke me in a dream

    I have been on an inner journey to awaken my own inner light ever since

    I have not yet reached my goal so i spend half my waking time focused on spiritual growth and the other half fearful of the changes I have known were coming since 2015.

    Then when I feel like maybe things will all go back to normal, or my deluded idea of normal, I become sad as I understand the horrific damage all of us have caused our Mother Earth, some of knowingly and some of us ignorantly.

    Thank you Ashtar for reaching us with this message. Please give me guidance from within so that I might be a beacon of light for those around me who need a lift up.

    Please Beings from the Center Light guide my though, my words, and my actions towards the path that leads me home to you.

    Peace and Love ❤️,

  3. Father! I am with my Brothers and sisters , i am One in learning through difficulties and discovering this new reality of oneness, you have bless all of us in love and teachings through discoveries of I Am One . I still have much to learn and honoring what is most precious to One .When One is rejected , we are ALL rejected . Please be patient with us Father because loneliness is the opposite of Oneness.

    Be bless Family of Light

  4. I am not one to verify or reject a message as this. But, I feel I must remind people, to always look to the Primary Creator, God, Most-High, whom I call The Lord Jesus Christ. Be careful of messages that do not directly invoke the Primary Creator. Be careful of messages that talk of saving the planet and nature but not individual sentient human souls. According to The Primary Creator, each individual Soul is a Universe onto themselves. Talk of technology and such is not needed when talking of The Primary Creator, because we who follow Him/Her rely on more subtly means of energy and vibration; more subtle than any E.T. technologies can fathom. Look within. God is literally within. The finest vibrations of all.

    • I too am not one to verify or reject the message of the christian belief in Jesus being God. I was raised in the catholic faith & continued many other branches of the christian faith. I know the bible well to say it is a beautiful piece of work with many great coded teachings. Just here for instance from Ashtar, he mentions the Earth comes first plus it being a “living being,” then says the Animals come second. Third Humans. That is the order of creation in the Scriptures, Genesis of course. The problem I have with all religion now that I am older is that “They” all seem to be in on this “hidden in plain sight” of the composition of the Earth. I will leave you with what I mean. Genesis 1:6-10, Psalms 19:1-6, Psalm 136:6-9, Job 37:18, Isaiah 40:22, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 104:5, Isaiah 5:26, Job 38:31-33, Isaiah 40:26, Proverbs 8:27-29. We need to ask ourselves “Why are they hiding this??

      • I am not a Christian. The Church, from the beginning, went against the True teachings of Jesus. Peter, the first Pope, with his three-fold denial of Jesus, divided the ONE GOD into three. The Church was never supposed to be a physical/political hierarchy, but was meant to be an internal/spiritual organization. ALL institutions at this moment upon the Earth have been subsumed by the negative state. Including ALL religions. New age spiritual movements included. The True Trinity IS The Lord (Absolute/Divine) Jesus (Love/Feminine) Christ (Wisdom/Masculine). These are the basic components of Reality. Spirit, Soul, and Conscious Mind. I must ask, what is it that you call “hidden in plain sight”? I did not follow exactly what you meant by those scriptures. I will say however, that the physical environments in the True Organization of things are CREATED FOR the sentient Souls. The sentient Souls are not created for the environment. To deny the sentient Soul it’s individual life and expression, and to say there is something higher than this sentient Soul besides the Absolute Himself/Herself…well that goes against the True Organization of things. The majority of the Bible is written in spiritual allegories. Most of the historical parts of the Old Testament are not exactly historical. Example, Adam represented the first humans that were androgynous. He was not a single human being. From this Adam, was created the next society of humans. Many genetic experiments later, here we are as human beings, split into male and female, with our brains criss-crossed and central nervous system hijacked. This world is not what it seems. It is an experiment.

        • Michael, This is very interesting. You explained it very well, about your position of Jesus. I have been viewing many of ancient teachings of what your making reference to, so I am not lost. You stated “the sentient souls are not created for the environment, that the physical environments are created for the sentient soul, makes more sense, thanks. What I meant by the scriptures is that we are not a globe flying around the sun/space. That we are like a ‘snow globe’. Earth with a Dome/Firmament with the Sun, Moon & Stars inside this ‘looking glass’ dome. Earth is stationary with foundations. No religion I know of teaches this, (but again the ancient teachings did) which makes them all complicit in this Fake Space programs All around their Fake Globe.

  5. Greetings Family of Light . As an Awakened Starseed I find that these things help me to Integrate , clear , stay balanced and in Neutral with regard to emotions , receiving downloads of light to Embody the Soul : Drinking more ph water that I bless , liver cleans tea , writing LOVE I Like Me Joy Healthy Happy ect . on everything I consume , on the fuse box for electricity, in let water line to home , soaking in salt with water precious crystals that call me that day telling the water I love You Thank You while listening to beautiful jazz in a clean home , telling the crystals how much I love them asking them to empower help me with my vision , using sage to the four directions first to east the salamander in every cell , south to the undines , west to the slphs , north to the Gnomes holding the divine template Adam Kadmon mountains my Body , then to Star Families above to which there a Many , then too the living water deep within Shan Telos and Family of Light therein , Then to the mighty I am presence within Me , I am the soul I am the light Divine I am love I am will I am fixed design , Getting in Nature , looking to laugh or cry , tears of joy are the best evaghhh , creating a nice meal , telling those that cross my path Hello or a telepathic hello as well to the many different Animal kingdoms , passing wood glades and telling all the animals therein Thank I love You , to the Trees Flowers and grass , to the seemingly insignificant Thank You , Its a living Ho o pono pono walk . We have created this together Awakened and Un awakened . Love n Light


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