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  1. I just discovered that many seniors will be shocked with the activities that are coming during the 1st week of April. They are already upset due to the virus fear. I tried to advise that coms will probably go down for 3 days and that everything will be okay. It had the opposite effect since many are already in a state of fear. For those who do try to warn family and friends who have not been following the progress of “the plan”, you may need to be vague so as not to frighten them. Try saying the system is being worked on but will be better. The truth will come out when the emergency broadcast alert goes off and people are told to stay indoors during the 3 days of darkness. Be gentle… not everyone knows what you know!

  2. Maybe you want to add the link of Gosia’s message from 6 hours ago that is promoting our important meditation on April 4/5.

  3. We have been warned again and again about the changes that need to be made and they were ignored. The virus is the results, to get out attention.

    It is time to grow up and accept the responsibility of having made the wrong choices to give our energies to – toxins like Round-Up, insecticides, GMOs, gas run cars, chemtrails, spraying our skies to remove vegetation around trees to cut down, when Hemp can be grown in a matter of months and trees take years to grow. Without vegetation and trees, we will be without oxygen – a symbiotic relationship of energy exchange essential to our very survival.

    Those who refuse to change will have the more difficult time with the virus, many of whom are spiritual laggards of many centuries – poor examples to young people who do not understand that life in a physical body (provided by the sacred female body) is intended to create individuals of self-mastery.

    How sad there continues to be many who believe we are here to ‘have fun’ (often at the expense of anyone in the way; habits of single-energy unbalanced males and gullible, easily exploited females.)

    The truly heroes are those who recognize the need for change, look for solutions and learn how to say NO to what is not right or fair to the Earth, themselves or others – WITHOUT VIOLENCE. Violence is never the solution. It only feeds into the agendas of those whose intentions are to have absolute control of the Earth and her people. A living hell for all of us if we do not stop it NOW.

  4. excellent…..thanks very much…..namaste fine jedis…..



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