This meditation was our most successful meditation ever! The critical mass has been reached many times over, with over 1 million people meditating. To properly evaluate such a huge achievement some time is needed, and a full report will be posted within two weeks.

We can keep surfing on the huge energy wave of Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and you can join the following activation later today and light a candle if you feel so guided:

This activation will be taking place today at 9 pm India Standard Time.

To find the correct time for your time zone, please click on the link below:

Victory of the Light!



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  1. Why do we have to wait so long to get the results from our planetary meditation? We are waiting impatiently even more because of the confinement. I had the feeling that this situation is NOT CLEAR FOR ANYONE!!! There is a lot of uncertainties and WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OR WHO TO BELIEVE???

  2. Ahnii from Spirit Island! I think it important to advise that when I went into town yesterday afternoon, I was blessed to see our a Grandfather Sun surrounded by a rainbow! It was beautiful and I was mesmerized. Never before have I seen such a thing! When this happens, Native people say this is a sign of change! So as we say, Prepare for Change!

    Much love going out to everyone❤️


  3. Yes, indeed. The universal love, for all universal souls, is now. So be it. So it is. I am. Thank you so much dear Cobra. Lots of love. Victory of the light in the blessings of “MAA”. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute.

  4. It was wonderful! I could feel the difference, so much beautiful LightWarror Energies, It felt Calm, Kind, Fierce for Freedom and Seriously within Our Rights and within Our Power to Call In The Galactic Codex Immediately and Completely, To Empower Ourselves and Provide The Benevolent Forces A Bridge to Act. To Render Inert All Implants and Metabolize (Remove) All Negative Attachments, Transmuting All Layers Into Light Source Energy.. Create Love to Fill in Any Vacuums and Toplet-Black Hole Primary Anomaly Chaos…. Love You All, Bad Guys, Please Come To The Light, Your Window Wanes… EPIC MASTERS OF LIGHT, We Are Close to The Event!!!!! A Beautiful Dawn Arrives, LETS VISUALIZE ALL THE TIME OUR POSITIVE LOVING TIMELINE!!!!!


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