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  1. I’m afraid the crux of the difficult topic in the decision for death or for life, is the distance we humans have created between the reality of death and the acceptance of it as a part of life. The entitlement of wanting to see a loved one kept alive at all cost is equal to the condition of the patient in a prolonged state of suffering from artificial methods that are often far beyond the quality of life and the guarantee that the patient will experience it as such. I’m not writing with an indifference to the present dilemma in hospitals in the US.

  2. Right now I feel like I’m standing in quicksand as the one person I felt I could trust (Trump) is apparently just about as evil as the next one in power. WHY??? I don’t understand it. You talk about feeling betrayed! It started when I saw that surgeon(?), or whatever he is, Fauci(?), on some videos where he had written letters to Clinton, saying how WONDERFUL she is and how much he loved her, etc., etc. You talk about letting the fox in the hen house! That’s when the ground under my feet started shaking. I had seen some videos before showing, empty hospitals, from the inside. Then, I saw this video. I mean, how many times is going to take for me hitting myself in the head with a hammer before I learn that I’ll feel so much better when I stop.

    • Break the spell, Linda. And stop. You won’t like it probably, but you’re feeding yourself with the urgency of lifting that hammer and hit your head with it. Nothing in the outside world is causing it, it’s your belief in what your mind is thinking. Do you see how you keep yourself in that loop? That’s the nature of being in confusion, finding no understanding or clarity.
      You can’t access your inner knowing while running around in a frenzy, in need of answers.
      Stop, surrender and see the world with changed eyes.

  3. Had seen this posted, thought it was worth looking at, The World Bank issued “Pandemic Bonds” in June 2017 that were due to mature at 12% interest, with one catch: If Corona Virus became an ‘Pandemic’ the investors would lose all their $$$. If true, this is cutting off one head of one snake.

  4. I think this “pandemic” is the global reset we were told would happen.

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    • I like how you said “spend time watering you plants” I have a 30 year Maple tree & an Oak tree, A 20 year Spruce evergreen & a Pine. People in my neighborhood always compliment the health of my trees & I always say I water them if it doesn’t rain in three weeks. I just let the hose trickle for hours moving it every 30 min. (it also keeps the grass wet) My yard always smells like ‘Mother Earth’ & also produces foods. I also Never use weed killers & my dogs live long lives.

  5. Great and helpful explanations and ponderings. After seeing the footage of Berlin’s hospital, totally empty, with the visitor walking through the entire building, filming eerily empty rooms, hallways, and a reception area without people present, without any body, dead or alive, stopping him, I found this video,

    I now feel like I’m sort of split off from the reality around me, with people in obedience to all the restrictions and in all sorts of reactive modes, some looking grim and others cheerful in the springtime glory of Holland. When we’re living in a make-belief scenario, and more of us find out that this is the truth, I’m excited to see what will happen worldwide. The best rebellion ever, I hope, causing us all to step on a new path toward justice, tolerance, equality, and freedom of expression. All covered with the Sauce of Love. I think I’ll pretend to live in it already now, isn’t that the way to go?

  6. When you guys are in the middle of it, then call it fake. I am disappointed in this website posting of an unverified video.

  7. You all can believe what you want to believe. If you live at the center of the outbreak then you will see it’s real. Especially if your relatives, friends or someone you know have tested positive and also death. Do not misleading people with hidden agenda based on “fake” research too. The awakening it’s about to see the truth with discernment. This is the time where humanity are asked to go within, what they can do about it and support each other as unit.

    • What if it’s MADE real, artificially, Electra? Of course, there’s people dying, there’s no denial of that being a fact. But, what if, it’s artificially induced? What if the nurse who told a reporter that she needs to test people on the flu in general and call it COVID-19, so that the counting of patients is fiddled with, keeping the whole world in alarm, and a strategy is applied that isn’t respectful to the elderly, which are denied treatment once a COVID-19 label is attached to their big toe? A death sentence in a way? And not the cause of death? Think again, please?

      There’s always been an abuse of human sentiments, as long as humanity exists on planet Earth. For in the challenge of duality thinking, our brain split in halves, with a veil over our eyes we’re so very gullible and eager to find solace and freedom from what others tell us to believe.

      We’ve painted ourselves in a corner, and once we see that it’s the case, we simply need to walk away, right through the wall. After some shaking and shivering, confused a little.

      • Did you verify it by yourself? Might be you live in the place where this not impacted most or just seeing on media by yourself. While i do live in the epicenter of the outbreak, where my relatives, friends, and many got the positive result and some of it died. Then you will see “it’s real”. Even the “normal” patients can’t go check up their health because the hospital cancelled all appointments. Do you think it’s “all MADE up”? Use your logic to see from the whole perspective. Not only from the side of story. Especially if the information misleading people. At least this is what we can do too, to protect each other.
        I do live with truth and i do see many things “it’s not right”. i said previously “see the truth with discernment”. See it more global impact on how this pandemic goes out of hand. How everything collapse into pieces. Not only just as “health pandemic” but it affects on so many levels. There’s always duality affect in everything. If we can see only “the bad ,the fake from everything” then we can’t see the other polarity about this too part of the evolution process.

        • Electra, I’m not denying the reality you find yourself in, that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I’ve tried to point out the purpose and intent behind this pandemic, which is deliberately created in order to put a stick in the wheel of the wagon with humanity in it, on its way to liberation. This pandemic is affecting our lives on many levels, indeed. It’s a challenge and invitation to bring us in a state of fear, anger, despair, seeing only the physical reality and an end to the comfort of seeing it secured and safe in the days ahead.
          We’re in a void where the pendulum rests, the eye of the storm. Zero-point
          How do we go from here? Your answer is as good as mine, safe journey.

  8. I did passed 2 major hospitals in Toronto. Tents to test CV19 were empty. No emerge, no panic, no people around, parking lot is empty. Emergency vehicles in both hospitals were parked in a garage.

    • When many more reports of live witnesses begin to appear online and in social media, I’m curious to see what will happen. What a mix of emotions this will create, and what a change of direction as well! For the better, at least, that’s what I choose. I’m not confused.

  9. “They have Lied their way into 106 Years of War. Why wouldn’t they Lie about an allege Pandemic?? “They need a cover story while The Federal Government in D.C. is Bankrupt & The Federal Reserve System who owns “Them.” America is Not bankrupt or in debt, it’s All just an Illusion on Paper folks! Now go plant a Garden & enjoy the Peace & quiet. They are gone, this is what it means to be Free.

    • That’s what the woman in this video has done too, she made that clear already.
      Showing the evidence on paper or screen.
      Why take the trouble repeating it?


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