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  1. Fantastic images very funny. However, the underlying problem is how fast the human animal can be manipulated to do all manor of ridiculousness when told by an authority figure. The Prussian School model has served our Master well. Sheep he thought.

  2. I am Fayth-Elaine Kirk, and I just registered today. I kept getting a message on the page where I registered, which stated, “You haven’t made any comments,” 4 times. I couldn’t leave the page, and it appeared to be due to no comments. I tried to find a space to comment on that page, but there wasn’t one. I even tried to type on it, but not possible. Somehow, (really) I got out of it and hoped to find a comment section somewhere. I saw the SMILE article on the cover, and really enjoyed it; I thank you so much. Due to the state of affairs being very negative and your entire site so sobering, those pictures are much needed.

    I hesitate to say I have an advanced education, b/c I feel moronic online. I know how to type, use a search engine and enter in the URL, but other than that, I can’t find my way around, in order to be drawn into a site of deeper thought, such as you present. I haven’t been perusing through websites. I don’t know why, other than I didn’t already know any, and I spend so much time on, you tube, watching news and similar broadcasts, which I hadn’t seen from the past – very much time, that I didn’t purposely look at them when I did see a, www. I didn’t know in advance what they were about. If there is a list somewhere with names of sites, and categories, I would def. open some.

    Being Canadian, but legally in the USA, I didn’t delve into your (American) politics as I should have, but rather watched programs, which I missed from the past. For example, got well acquainted with Steve Bannon from, Front Line. Those types of programs, and 60 min. etc. have been filling all my spare time. But had I found you, Mr. Benjamin Fulford, I would have given you all the hours that I have already given to weaker broadcasts. You must wonder if I plan to volunteer, well, yes, as soon as I find how I can contribute. I have some skills, but the computer is not one. I haven’t been trained on the computer; I just search and accidentally find. For example, I was so enthralled with your predictions, when earlier in the week I first fell upon your site, that I thoroughly read for 4 hours, and couldn’t stop. When I first viewed your counter culture, I wanted to pass, but I decided to view with neutrally, for generally I have found that subject, similar to astrology, and would skip it. However, now that I am aware of the, Fed. Reserve, Central Banks, Rothschilds, and the Cabal, I have decided to read all your ‘new agey’ related material as well. I believe in your, EVENT!

    I was thrilled to accidentally find your predictions for 04/08/20 and was reading keenly, then excitedly, when suddenly the 04/09/20 today showed up at the bottom of the page. And then, it disappeared, just as I began to read. It was a grave disappointment! They were without audio, scrolling, and I was mesmerized, like watching a horror movie. I still haven’t seen them for (04/09/20) and I’ve searched with my limited online ability. Owing to the fact, that (04/08/20) wasn’t published until today (Sat. 04/10/20) I’ll give that prediction until Mon. A.M. Therefore, until I find that, I want to STATE the following:

    “I am testing you, Mr. Ben Fulford, that Ms. Pelosi will pass in 24 hr. (04/13/20) If not, I won’t be reading your seemingly reliable text again – not even a glance.”

    I assume you mean she’ll first be quarantined and then pass, as though, the virus, was the reason – Coronavirused, as you say. That’s the only way she could really die without a trial of course, after being arrested. I have no doubt she’s committed crimes, the least of which could be lying in executing her dirty tricks. So disgusting she is, ripping the State of the Union Address. And, there was the time she said, “I’m Catholic and I don’t lie.” Well that may only be a sin (I am also Catholic) but her behavior is an indication that she would, under any circumstance.

    I am 100% Republican, and although I also suspect, Manuchen, and a few others, including Jared Kushner, I’m not saying he’s breaking the law, but it appears to me that he is, immature, craving attention/power, quickly. I’t’s not good and warrants observing him closely in the future – not unlike AOC, who said, “I’m the boss.” A rock star in the gov’t.

    I am very comfortable with the governing of our president, Donald Trump, and knew instinctively, due to the world condition, that we should not vote according to his past behavior, since it was not illegal activity, but should decide on his record of business. I love his wit! Regarding your prediction for Trudeau: I’m not apprised of his governing actions, and although I had no reason to doubt his father, I cannot assume he may be similar. Although I was very young at the time, I do remember his mother’s un-stately behavior well.

    Had I found the comment area on the registration form, I would have asked for the name of the man who presented the background of, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, AOC. It was very well stated with names and clips supporting his comments. I found it to be excellent and wanted to refer it to a colleague. I should have noted the person who wrote it. Would you please provide his name or where I can find the article here on your site. I did check the archives.

    Well, I guess I made a comment.
    Fayth-Elaine Kirk

  3. Thank you! I needed a good laugh and this is hilarious. I first thought they were creative “memes”, till it hit me that these are real life pictures. Peoples creativety is impressive even though it is sad that – in this case – it is fear based. It sure beats any “costume contest” I have ever seen.
    I think the high heels cracked me up most, like “I look like a garbage bag on legs, but I am determined to look sexy anyway” … amazing how some people hang on to exterior apparances and false ego’s they “indentify” with.
    Darn… and now I wonder if the guy with the pipes eventually made it through the metro doors

    • Baffled, I think you revealed a little about your false ego, identifying with high heels representing some sort of sexy vibe. In my mind, I’m a woman, it has never occurred to combine these two. To me, they’re torture instruments. Those pipes are the most inventive outfit I think, how someone manages to keep a distance and showing it in this way. Many others practice the same without showing it, at least, this person is honest about it.
      I can relate to that outfit, for I picture myself, at times, with prickles all around me, like a hedgehog, not wanting to talk and not wanting others to talk to me. Grumpy hedgehog.
      In want of hiding from the onslaught of the world around me, wishing it to go away and leave the planet to me, so that I can save it on my own, haha. Of course, it’s a childish thing, not to be taken too seriously. Far better to grow up in public, like Lou Reed means it.

  4. The one with the air filter reminds of the filter in my vacuum cleaner. I also like the one with the rain poncho and the gas mask. He looks like something from outer space! I can now verify that stupidity is really contagious!

  5. These ppl are idiots. Yes funny.
    I am no expert however, I will add, that everything I learned/read about potential pandemics from the late 1970’s forward when I first noticed they began talking about pandemic possibilities in the 1970’s (which were usually articles against bio weapons). It was said that with modern air travel, in hours,, or days at most,, everyone on earth,, would be infected were the virus contagious enough, except perhaps the most remote areas of the planet like, Antarctica or some of the most remote tribes in Africa, S.America or Asia, where ever air travel did not reach, and people had to travel by slower transport, where it would take longer…
    The USA, as example, in this corona-19 flu virus “pandemic” (not), that EVERYONE,, would have been infected,, within days, or a couple weeks at the longest, even with so called, social distancing.

    This virus, is, it’s said,, is even more contagious than these studies decades ago predicted and the only thing that saved humanity (which with Social distance, could reopen society now, I believe), is the 85% or so of people that are infected, never even know they have it, never develop any symptoms. In other words, it’s not, either by design, or mutation, killing that many of the population. It appears like 1% or so, only, which makes this a far less effective virus than the common annual flu bug’s type A&B Influenza which kill hundreds of thousands every year in this country. Thus, covering one’s self, in garbage bags is just plain idiotic, unless you are in a relatively small segment of society with compromised immunity or other serious condition. Except shut-ins (like elderly, or those with serious medical issues) most everyone was probably exposed, worldwide, to this particular virus or some form thereof, by New Years Eve, 2019.

    Think about it, how many millions flew somewhere between mid December and when international air travel was shut down. Everyone everywhere traveling (whether across the globe or, cross country), was probably exposed, then auto travel reaching every corner of our country, everyone was exposed, latest,, by the first weeks of January 2020. By the time the western governments reacted, it was long long too late (as if, they wanted it spread as far as possible before reacting, and that,, ‘seemingly’ deliberate,, slow,, SLOW molasses like reaction, includes by Mr Trump, so please don’t tell me, he is doing squat to save anyone, from anything, – he is cabal scum).

    We’re now, likely safe from covid-19. I believe, it has already run its course through the “human herd”, what deaths we are now seeing in our very empty US hospitals, is only fudging the stats with whatever deaths they can attribute to it for Public Relations Fear Porn, AND there likely are some FEW deaths sadly, from the virus yes, which is finally infecting even the most isolated shut ins or those with major health issues and low immune responses, that travelled little or not at all and were not previously infected.

    So no worries people, keep your social distance which is certainly a good idea even in the best of times when out in public and, don’t buy into the fear porn.

    Yes, SMILE, I believe as far this virus goes, everything will be okay for the most, the vast majority, of us.

    Sadly of some, comparatively, very very few of us worldwide, some will, have and do pass on from coved-19 but, this is no worse in US than, and can just be added to the “normal” annual flu statistics, with little notice of much difference in the statistics.

    This is however, a great wake up call, that most if not, all, these deadly pathogens should be destroyed, by humanity, except perhaps,, the keeping of, in one, single, central government owned only,, lab, in advanced countries, one bio lab each, with the strictest of protocols buffering the public with quarantine protocols to allow people that work there, in and out, on a monthly basis, where the rest of the time said people/employees and visitors, are required to live onsite in barracks, and not permitted to leave except when their month or month’s shift and a following, month’s quarantine,, are adhered to, and they are thoroughly searched exiting that no virus, pathogen, nor any materials, are permitted to be brought out, and no means of possible escape is found The strictest of protocols must be maintained.
    Sadly as much as we may want to close them all, we do need, such research facilities but, far stricter, more verifiable, protocols are immediately necessary and the permanent closure of private labs of this kind, or incorporation into the single govt lab, should be done immediately.

    May you all find peace if you lost a loved one to covid-19
    May the blessings be and Victory to the light, love and truth.

  6. Thank you, for these hilarious pictures. Oh, those stilettoes under that white suit, and that outfit with tubes attached to it, to make sure the distance is secured, I fell from my chair with laughter. An extra touch is the seriousness with which these outfits are showing up.
    Do you see eyes smiling? I can’t help to see a clownesque sort of helplessness in those dead pan faces hidden by large plastic water containers. Monty Python would salivate in this pandemonium.

    The creativity of human beings, it reminds me of my own, to cheer me up. I think we should keep a good sense of humor, although I find it at times hard when I’m in purgatory full throttle. And so on this day, Good Friday, in strange vibrations as I perceive it, this post couldn’t be better timing, thank you, Derek.

  7. Hey, that looks like my K&N air filter in my 92′ Camaro. Absolutely hilarious! Thank you, I think I laughed 10 times!!!!!!!!!!


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