Some people wonder how people like myself could call this “pandemic” a hoax. They must think I am being insensitive in not recognizing the very real victims of the holocough.


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  1. I’m not convinced by the content of this video. The narrator is far too much “on” it, to make us believe that the pandemic is fake. One hand of a “dummy” on a stretcher, filmed on distance, and one example of a dummy that isn’t hard to recognise as such. Hmm.

    The report of the doctor finding strange conditions in patients with COCID-19 diagnosis, present here on another page, shows more authenticity, to me at least.
    I know that hospital staff needs to practice with medical material and devices, such as ventilators, and they do this with the help of dummies. And so, what’s real or fake in this video is still a question to me.

  2. Betrayal is something everyone of us has to experience an deal with during our lives and a lot of people are going to ‘lose face’ because they fell for the lies fed to the public. A ‘gift’ of every situation, in the end, the dark forces will lose. “Laughter or anger” perhaps a little of both.

    • Great comment, Dhara Wood. Losing face, yes, that’s what I witness in my self and in the world at large. Now, more than ever. I believe it’s why the nudges to be compassionate are so helpful. There’s much to forgive, also within ourselves.

      Depending on our sense of humor, which is quickly lost when in fear, or anger, we’re moving through this shift. In my life, I’ve experienced betrayal, quite a number of years ago. As a proper Capricorn, a digger and dreamer, I went to the bottom of it and found that what seemed initially a betrayal caused by an external force, was a betrayal within myself, by making myself wrong for an event that ended in the abomination of power, while I was in innocence present in it. A young woman with training, using my voice, in ancient Egypt.

      The wiping out of my role and what was in my power to convey was a deep wound and until this lifetime I’ve repeated the betrayal toward myself, by carrying a guilty conscience deep down, in my inner dungeons. By my declaration that I was the cause of that disaster. From that seed-guilt, I could create a necklace of events, all beads of a similar shade.
      Isn’t it amazing how we sail on life’s ocean? Fortunately, I’ve got my compass, ha!


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