This is something you won’t believe. Every hospital is empty. Where are the Patients? If you don’t believe this, you most certainly won’t believe the next video as we go inside the hospitals.

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  1. I went and looked outside a large hospital near me in the outskirts of South
    London – the same thing – no activity! A nurse we know, who now has to dress up in a
    isolation suit, has said she hadn’t yet found one patient who had CV 19 at the time we asked her about ten days ago!
    There seems to be a problem with this virus – apparently they haven’t isolated it – so how can they properly test for it? Look at Dr. Kaufman on this.

  2. Funny how all the “war zones” at all these demoncrat run cities, over run, death/dying everywhere, dead bodies in trucks etc, until the Military shows up and exposes there is nothing there but a SHOW and the citizens film the empty hospitals and post on social media. Its a giant fraud trying to ID2020 us once again with death vaccines while they fry us with 5G

  3. Apparently some hospitals are empty and some are very busy. There are authentic looking videos of NYC area hospitals that are really experiencing this crisis. So this is real, there are sick people. But there is a lot of inconsistency in what the main stream media is reporting. What concerns me is how and why this all began. Was this a planned attack? Or was this some random natural event? That is what we need to focus on. The root cause.

    • Its a fraud, check out #filmyourhospital citizens filming local hospitals in these “war zones” completely empty, zero lines even at testing sites. Its kabuki

  4. Great coverage. This is the way “They” lead us into wars. They want you to believe this crap came here with “operation paperclip” after WW2 but it was already here in the U.S. It came here as a bi product of these clowns who wanted WW2. They were entrenched in German society, as they are today in the U.S. & have been for over 80 years. Hitler threw them out of Berlin in 1933 & millions of them went to New York & Hollywood. “They” are the master of Propaganda, always have been in history.


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