“It is outrageous that in the richest country in the history of the world, people are going hungry,” said Bernie Sanders, who called for more urgent relief from Congress.

By Eoin Higgins,

Images and video of miles of cars lined up at food banks in San Antonio and other cities across the U.S. present a striking example of the economic effects of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has thrown at least 16 million Americans out of work in recent weeks and increased pressure on the distribution centers to provide key staples for a flood of needy people in the country.

“Unforgettable image: thousands of cars lined up at a San Antonio food bank today, the desperate families inside kept safely apart,” tweeted CNN senior editor Amanda Katz. “Breadline, 2020.”

On Thursday, San Antonio Food Bank creative manager Robert R. Fike posted a time-lapse video of the line of cars waiting to get supplies.

“It was a rough one today,” San Antonio Food Bank president and CEO Eric Cooper told the San Antonio Express News. “We have never executed on as large of a demand as we are now.”

The onset of the coronavirus outbreak brought with it economic paralysis across the U.S. and the world, shutting down businesses around the world as people use social distancing and isolation to curb the spread of the disease. In the U.S., where lawmakers have largely dragged their feet on providing unemployed people with help, Americans are increasingly turning to charities like food banks to provide the means of survival.

Se. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), an outspoken advocate for economic relief efforts, tweeted on Friday that the scenes from food banks were indicative of the need for immediate Congressional action.

“It is outrageous that in the richest country in the history of the world, people are going hungry,” said Sanders.

According to the New York Times, food banks across the country are facing funding shortfalls in the face of increasing demand despite donations from the superrich:

Feeding America, the nation’s largest network of food banks, with more than 200 affiliates, has projected a $1.4 billion shortfall in the next six months alone. Last week, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, announced that he was donating $100 million to the group—the largest single donation in its history, but still less than a tenth of what it needs.

In January 2019, Business Insider calculated Bezos makes roughly $4,474,885 every hour, making his donation to Feeding America the equivalent of around 22-and-a-half hours of passive wealth generation.

San Antonio was not the only city to see record numbers of people seeking help and miles of cars waiting for food. Pittsburgh, Inglewood, Chicago, and Sunrise, Florida were among cities with packed roads leading to local facilities and massive amounts of food to be distributed.

Feeding South Florida executive vice president Sari Vatske noted in an interview with the Daily Mail that with stay-at-home orders in her state curtailing the available workforce to handle an unprecedented surge in those needing aid, there may be trouble ahead in how to efficiently distribute the food.

“The math is not on our side,” said Vatske.


Source: https://www.commondreams.org

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  1. Edward, you put it well. Unfortunately we don’t all, always take that advice.
    I noted, the article did have, a source, in the food banks, not MSM, adding some level of validity to the article, and this being the metro area of the west coast, with its enormous populace, under the circumstances of today with lost incomes, it seems very likely to me, as true.
    We as a people definitely need to create a new food system, community gardens, food growing close to where people are (along with, best case scenario widespread application of said technologies alleged like, the 3D food printers and perhaps even, post event, Star Trek like “Food Replicators” and portals for fresh food transportation -again I’ve heard are tech alleged, to exist), not food produced half a country, or world, away, requiring lengthy transportation, refrigeration and inevitable losses of both product and nutritional value in transit adding to the already too high cost of food.
    To me, anyway, I feel food is a basic human right, be it the kids in Africa or the family down Main Street USA, As is clean water, medical care when necessary, particularly for the children and elderly first, and so is clothing and shelter… “Basic human need, is a basic a basic human right” (not sure that’s a quote of anyone, if not, feel free to quote me, as its the truth)..
    If our ‘old’ now crashing food distribution system did this so inadequately (and I doubt anyone with common sense and a knowledge of the reality of malnutrition & hunger, in this world, disagrees) to feed “our people” (by which, I mean the whole of Humanity, of the Earth)…
    Then we require, building, a better system.
    Victory to the love, light & truth

  2. Why oh WHY are you promoting this bs fear porn, PFC?!?
    This is total garbage coming from the likes of cabal FAKE news sources like CNN, NYTimes, etc.!..(not to mention the cabal-corrupted and controlled WHO, CDC, and AMA).. And we are all supposed to believe it and be terrified?! That’s exactly what the cabal wants, to keep us suppressed in fear.. same as the FAKE reports of hospitals and clinics being overwhelmed by massive crowds and lines of people, when it is proven they are in fact NOT.. and the extreme lies and over-exaggeration of the number of US deaths this staged “pandemic” is causing- when in fact 99% of patients survive just fine! But of course the dark’s minions don’t ever tell us THAT.. Just more and more lies to reinforce their sick agenda. (Don’t you find it odd how the inflated death statistics that are being reported no longer show that people are still dying of heart attacks, cancer, stroke, normal flu, etc. etc. since this virus became a “pandemic”? Why? Because the CDC has instructed doctors to report every cause of death as being from Covid-19, or somehow related to it!).. The numbers are a LIE.

    So WTF, PFC??!! How DARE you help spread the disgusting fear mongering that has now reached an absolutely ridiculous level!…and is FAR worse than the virus itself! PFC should be focused on sharing the info that helps to RAISE people’s frequencies ahead of the Event (as your founder Cobra intended), not lower them by promoting THIS kind of vibe killing garbage. Most Light workers don’t fall for it, but the sleeping masses sure do- which makes our work even more challenging. Thank goddess more of those sleeping sheeple ARE waking up, but this kind of article does NOT help..and makes you look bad.?

    It’s a good thing we already know that this latest attempt by the darks to maintain their control over us will fail. It’s just them kicking and screaming to create as much chaos as possible as they are being taken down. They are toast. Game over. Try reporting that instead!

    Victory of the Light

    • Dear Moon Mama

      Prepare For Change deals with that “which is”. Man must confront that which IS so that he can change of it into a path of glory instead of a path into slavery and destruction. You maybe asking yourselves how KNOWING these truths can set you free? remember this, the truth may not always be pleasant to KNOW, most specially in THESE TIMES you are participating in. Once you KNOW you can PREPARE yourselves FOR CHANGE and REMEMBER how to allow GOD’S co-creative mind to assist you in making strategic plans of action for returning balance to ALL unbalanced circumstances. On the other hand, when you exist in ignorance of truth , such as is the “State Of Affairs” for MOST upon the planet then you will not have benefit of preparation to make the necessary balanced changes. You will simply suffer the consequences of your inaction or unbalanced action which is a result of ignorance.

      Truth is quite disagreeable and unpalatable at best, do we wish to upset you and bring your joy into vanquishment? No–but truth will set you free and bring unto your JOY–“JOY” ALONE WILL NOT BRING YOU INTO FREEDOM. We only ask that you use your reasoning ability to see truth and not justify continuation of the ridiculous lies thrust about you by ones who would enslave you.

      Question Everything. The past is prologue.” And, since history repeats, apply practical principles to “PREPARE FOR CHANGE” that lies ahead. Read voraciously because to know the truth, first you must know the lie. If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on.


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