The crazy thing about the COVID-19 “crisis” is how easy it is for the state and its media to frighten the public and manipulate ill-informed citizens into embracing economic and social decapitation.

Blinded by scary headlines based on irrational speculation — subsequently revised downward and published on page C-23 of corporate newspapers demanding a bailout — the American people have embraced authoritarian measures supposedly imposed to win a battle against an invisible enemy.

We are now beyond the point of no return. The inflicted economic and social damage has already taken a heavy toll and it will get worse the longer health bureaucrats, state governors, and a remarkably clueless president and his apparatchiks demand we stay imprisoned in our homes, frightened of a bug the state and its media have fictionally rendered as an insatiable and inescapable Gorgon of Doom.

Scott C. Tips, president of the National Health Federation, writes:

In February 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) — never known for its accuracy or consistency — declared a “Pandemic” for the coronavirus and claimed that the mortality rate for the novel coronavirus disease now designated as COVID-19 was 3.4%, while that for the seasonal flu was 0.1%.

Of course, the news media ran with those numbers and splashed scary headlines across the World stating how much more deadly this new virus was than the seasonal flu. The problem with WHO’s statement, however, was that they applied two different formulas for the two viruses.

For the COVID-19 disease, for example, they simply didn’t count any of the mild cases of COVID-19 that resolved themselves; yet, they did with the seasonal flu. If WHO were to apply the same formula to seasonal flu cases as it did with COVID-19 cases, then the seasonal flu is revealed more truthfully as being twice as deadly as the COVID-19 virus.


In other words, the globalist WHO — essentially a PR group for transnational Big Pharma and what should be considered the health-industrial complex — is engaged in massive fraud. 

The COVID-19 aggrandizement and propaganda campaign is not simply a public relations scheme for Big Pharma and its highly dubious — and often deadly — vaccines.

It also serves as a cover for authoritarian measures the ruling elite have schemed to put in place for decades, measures designed to monitor and control everything you do. Orwell’s helicopters peering in bedroom windows in search of sex offenders — or drones in search of the infected and suspected vaccine scofflaws — are now a stark reality. 

9/11 wasn’t sufficient. The reach of that false flag event’s fear quotient and authoritarian measures were limited and ultimately muted. The fairy tale prospect of cave-dwelling terrorists plotting dirty bomb attacks on kindergartens and other nefarious acts of deviltry had limited effectiveness and relatively short shelf life. 

However, an invisible virus portrayed as a pandemic on par with the Black Death is far more effective than a cartoon nemesis like Osama bin Laden in the ongoing effort to move cattle — as our rulers consider us — in the preferred direction. 

In addition to “smart” surveillance and control of the populace, the virus panic is being manipulated to cover and shift blame for a ransacked economy. 

“The economy was already faltering. The false boom stimulated by a decade of monetary meth was likely turning to bust even before the virus,” writes Keith Weiner. 

The real culprits pushing for economic collapse — the globalist financial class and kindred corporate fascists — want to attribute slamming on the economic brakes and toppling an already precarious house of cards to a virus that so far is little worse than seasonal flu, if that. 

It is now obvious a thoroughly propagandized populace will readily accept what amounts to an open-ended house arrest and the nonsensical authoritarian demands of the state — don’t go outside, don’t go to the grocery store or pharmacy, fashion DIY masks out of t-shirts and furnace filters, snitch on your neighbors if you suspect an infection, condemn the preppers as selfish hoarders, et cetera. 

Our future is no longer in doubt. The psychopathic control freaks are steering us toward world totalitarianism. Henry Kissinger recently advocated as much in the War Street Journal, following up a similar call for by the former “Right Honorable” Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. 

Henry Kissinger Says The Solution To Coronavirus Is The New World Order

A virus has accomplished what the war on manufactured terror was unable to pull off — driving us with nary a bleat of complaint toward the rocks of economic and social destruction. 


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  1. Hello Dhara Wood, that statement of Bill Clinton is correct, even if he made it using different words. Dr. Steven Greer, who recently published his documentary “Close Encounters of the 5th kind” has been in touch with Bill Clinton in those years of his presidency, informing him about the CIA’s connection with the Secret Space Program and the use of enormous sums of money invested in it. This information also involved the supposed threat of extraterrestrial beings as the ultimate enemy that should trigger WW3.
    Those subjects were all in the mind of that “separate government”.

    I assume that this is the same “separate government” that has the present depopulation in mind and the Orwellian manifestation of 1984. Recently I’ve found the book “Animal Farm” by Aldous Huxley. That story shows the psychology of persuasion and coercion very well.
    It’s now a book presented in bookshops in Britain, reprinted and presented as “the nightmare coming true”. In Britain.

    I’ll probably never grasp the attitude of the British population, complacent and pretending to ignore personal responsibility while showing its ability to hit the nail on the head in the way that book Animal Farm is promoted in bookshops, and do nothing about it, ha!
    I’ve lived almost 5 years in Britain and I witnessed a mentality that showed me how everybody seems to wait for someone else to do the job. Many British citizens talk about themselves as if it’s not about themselves but about somebody else. It’s hilarious!

  2. With very little investigative media reporting, if any, news by ‘press release’ is how the public receives news – press releases of fear propaganda (i.e. virus). Trapped by their own financial obligations (mortgages, etc.) the news media is nothing more than a pawn of the dark forces agendas. Say one thing and do another, how sad the public accepts what is dished out as truth. As with far too many religions, the federal government protection racket is sold to the public as our savior. And unfortunately, far too many citizens are afraid to not believe what is being dished out as truth – fear propaganda to further the dark forces’ agendas of absolute control and population reduction.

    Acting responsibly by exposing terrible and illegal activities, by government, military, etc., thank Goddess for willing whistleblowers who have been increasing in number for a number of years. So many, in fact, the public was told that whistleblowers are protected from prosecution. Another lie, intended to allow the dark forces’ to know who and where whistleblowers are, most of whom were killed, called suicide or accidents. The smart whistleblower today learns to outsmart those who would keep them from speaking truth, thus third party reporting.

    A number of years ago, when President Clinton has holding a press conference, a woman reporter asked him why something was not done. To that he replied: “Because there is a separate government.” (Sorry that may not be the exact quote, but that was the message.)


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