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  1. Bonn Appetit = ‘enjoy your meal’. Reference to every color in this video enjoying the demise of the White European race. 100 Million disappeared in the century that just past between the Bolshevik in Russia & the Fire bombing in Germany & Holodomor in Ukrainian. All planned executions.

  2. Non singing auto tuned Illuminati puppet slave that sucks just as much in 2020 as she did when she was first barfed onto the music scene.
    Her videos are always agenda driven mind control garbage meant to normalize degenerate behaviors. The rich are sick as hell and she is put out front to indoctrinate the fluoridated masses. Relax it is ok to be that way. See look at Katy. Awe how artistic…
    So this week it is spirit cooking and eating human flesh. See this is just art nothing to see here. Anyone buying into this agenda based crap deserves to be a slave. Look around as it happens real time. Stay asleep my sheep.

  3. The only moment I laughed was when her leg was pulled and turned into a string of dough when she crossed her eyes at the same time. Otherwise, ugghh, a sick 21st century variation on that movie where they eat without limits until they die. Le grand Boeuf.

    • You see Devon, This is territory beyond your understanding. There is nothing funny about this sexual perversion video. Lets examine the real symbolism, it should be obvious to any thinking person the fact she is as white as snow with blond hair that’s it getting cut 2:25 minuets in. Braided hair at that. She is being kneaded by dark hands (with a token of one white)

      • Ho la Victoria Valdez, you’ve got the nerve to take my sense of humor as a sign of ignorance, read my comment wearing your self-made colored glasses, and on top of that, to tell me that it’s territory beyond my understanding, followed by an explanation as if I need one. Do you live in a tower, just like Rapunzel, waiting for your savior to climb up along your blond braids?

        If it wasn’t such a show of utter pedantry, I would laugh heartily about it. Now, I’m laughing and thinking, gosh, you and I seem to live on separate planets.

        If I follow the old familiar tune of arguing in this virtual cloud, I’m sure that with you, there will be no end to it. I don’t choose to follow that tune, and it’s why I’ll ignore your rather predictable style of commenting, never contributing one bit, really, never stepping onto common ground with another commenter, one like me, and certainly not prepared to share views with an open mind with clarity in tow.

    • la grande bouffe, A pilot (Marcello Mastroianni), a cook (Ugo Tognazzi), a TV star (Michel Piccoli) and a judge decide to gorge themselves to death on fine cuisine. 1973


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