Crops rotting in fields. Dairy farmers incentivized to quit for good. Beef/pork processors shutting down. All by design. Spread the word and make sure everyone starts growing food, no matter how small scale — every bit helps.

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  1. My sister lives in Texas, her landlord that is a Farmer was paid to not farm 20 Years ago. & other Farmers were harassed to farm with GMO seeds at the Same time frame.

  2. And does Trump
    fit into all this? I think he is now captive of the cabal and he most likely viewed the Zapruder film! He can still be a hero but right now he’s starting to look like a zero!!!

  3. This development shows how much contradictive forces are showing up in all levels of our global economy. Even before this pandemic, the organization of cattle-farming and agriculture was in that condition. The herds of cattle living on barren soil, fed with what’s given to them by the cowboys. And the gigantic fields with wheat sprayed with Round Up before it’s harvested, causing many humans to experience an allergy to they think is caused by gluten, while in truth it’s the Round Up that causes that reaction.

    Monsanto is declared as having caused biological genocide by the International Court in The Hague, due to the introduction of Round-Up and had to pay millions of dollars. It seems that everything continues as usual. Round-Up is officially forbidden in The Netherlands, but it’s being sold under a different name since the end of the ’90s.

    Garden businesses are run by making the work “efficient” killing weeds once and for all, using Round-Up. They’re forced to work for a minimum of hours and a maximum of effect, hence this race against the clock of men and against the clock of nature both, leaving damage in the garden and serve the purse of the employer.

    We’re living in a mad world and I believe it’s why everything is turning topsy turvy by life itself. Life doesn’t tolerate the abomination in moral standards, it has to stop.

    In the home where I lived in Britain, I’ve found 4 containers of Round-Up in the garden shed. Upon asking the villagers, no one knows of the effect that this substance has on the vegetation and soil. Only the professional gardeners whose work-methods follow ancient traditions, in those numerous British estates, are informed about the malevolent impact of Round-Up.

    With the increasing artificial approach of food production and nutrition in general, analyzing the parts and never the whole, aiming for quantity and not quality, it’s as if nuts and bolts fly off of a machine, resembling a monstrous metal dragon, moving forward on its own weight before it’s slowly grinding into a standstill. Falling apart.

    A new resolution is needed with a whole new approach and a true understanding of nature. Be it human, animal or plant life, plus the world of elemental and geomancy.
    Are we moving in that direction? I sincerely move in that direction myself.

  4. I have seen this coming. The once luscious lands of milk and honey are now ridden with huge wind turbines and weeds. No cattle grazing, no amber waves of grain. Just big artificial lifelessness towering over fields of barren waste.

    • All Food Shortages are Preplanned. Just look at The (not so) Great Depression of the 1920’s & 30’s. Follow The Federal Reserves, even then. It was Roosevelt who bailed them out with his stupid ‘New Deal’ & confiscated The Peoples Gold.


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