The new release is a parody of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ – set in an apocalyptic world the government forces everyone to be unemployed and imprisoned at home.

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  1. We are more free now then we were before this. Let me show you why. Start with work & traveling to get there – enslaved, air travel whether to get to a destiny for work or travel on vacation – just feeding the system of entertainment of another form of enslavement. Trade in itself is really done for human & drug trafficking – stop enslaving others – all countries are self reliant. Public schools – why have children just to enslave them from 5 years of age – we lock them up in this prison campus we call learning when really it is to indoctrinate a way of slavery & teaches fake history & false science, University schools can be done away with – how about learning a Trade. Churches – indoctrination to feed a system of beliefs so they can infiltrate that system to take advantage of, not just your heart but mind, one can study the good book on your own, most religions keep you from this anyways, & all $$$ goes to Rome regardless what splinter of faith. Hollywood & theaters – just funny in itself no porn being sold or their stupid WW2 movies or Space travel nonsense. Now take off these silly mask & rubber gloves & just say No. & Stop injecting your children with any vaccine, you are the parent. Start a garden with someone you can plant different items & trade. Stop paying taxes, it was put there there in 1912 to serve wars right before the Federal Reserves in 1913, whom does not belong to Americans anyway & then came WW1 1914.

  2. Bullshit science and words have enslaved a really dumbed down population. Too blind to see and to nose blind to the smell the bullshit. Amazing to me they had all the social distancing signs printed out immediately but no masks or PPE. This was planned for a very long time event 201 was just a part of a larger scheme started in Congress early in 2019 look up House resolution 748. Yeah it passed.
    BTW breathing through an N95 for any extended length of time is really bad for your health. Just say no to this PsyOp and be Americans for gods sake. Push your balls back down where they belong. Time to get loud on a National. The two Party Dictatorship has sank. Time for a new plan with the people in charge not these ultra rich satanic freaks.


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