It is time to release some intel about the coming Ascension portal of 2025. Since the collapse of Alpha timeline in early 2018, no significant tactical intel about the planetary liberation can be released, so therefore this article will speak in symbols, codes and parables that can activate your higher mind and align you with the Plan, without revealing any tactical details whose release would be to disadvantage for the Light Forces.

Everything in this universe is subjected to many cycles of various length and intensity. These cycles are actually scalar waves of cosmic energies that create interference patterns which, combined with the sum of free will vectors, shape the destiny of the universe in dynamic interplay between the Source and the primary anomaly:

We are approaching the convergence point of many cycles which is expected to erase darkness from this universe. This convergence point is expected to occur in 2025.

First, a very powerful solar proton event that is responsible for Pleistocen species extinction (12887 years before 2000) occurred exactly half precessional cycle (12886 years) before the Galactic Alignment, which occured in May 1998 and was the moment when solstice Sun crossed the Galactic equator. The moment of Galactic Alignment was the turning point of the Ascension window for this planet, which is open from 1975 to 2025:

Second, a very powerful dynamic is happening around 2025 between the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

About every 500 years, those three outer planets form a harmonious astrological interference pattern which triggers a new Renaissance period.

Neptune at midpoint between Uranus and Pluto in 1504 signified the peak of Renaissance:

Now, the same configuration of Neptune at midpoint between Uranus and Pluto will signify the peak of New Renaissance in 2025:

Neptune at midpoint between Uranus and Pluto configuration will start being effective in 2020 and will last to about 2030:

This configuration in 2025 will be far more powerful than in 1504 because Uranus and Pluto will both form a sextile with Neptune at apex point, with Neptune positioned exactly at point of Aries, with Pluto entering Aquarius and Uranus entering Gemini:

Third, a new 50 year Sirius B orbital cycle will begin in 2025 when Sirius B will reach maximum distance from the main star, Sirius A:

50 year Sirius cycle sends a powerful evolutionary pulse to planet Earth every 25th and 75th year of each century. Many of those pulses have triggered events that are connected to 2025:

A Sirius pulse in 1775 signified the peak of Enlightenment movement in France, formation of Mystery School in Paris by Comte de Saint Germain and the “shot heard round the world” which triggered the American Revolution:

Inside the Brotherhood of the Star, year 1775 is known as “the year of the Light”.

Interestingly enough, year 1775 also saw a loose grand trine between the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto:

A Sirius pulse in 1975 has opened the Ascension window and a Sirius pulse in 2025 will close it.

Interestingly enough, both 1975 and 2025 pulses are supported by Neptune sextile Pluto, which brings very high vibrational spiritual energy to the process:


This Neptune sextile Pluto aspect will start being effective in 2020 and will extend its influence well into 2030s:

All those aspects will be so powerful that nothing and nobody will be able to resist them, and the planet and the whole Solar system will go through a transformation.

We can expect great awakening and Contact:

A great transformation of planet Earth is in the cards as well:

With the first hints already here:

The relationship between 2020 and 2025 and how the Event ties into all this needs to remain veiled for now. The only thing I can say is that the full Moon of May 7th (Wesak Full Moon of 2020) is the trigger through which Archangel Metatron will activate our Solar System into an Ascension portal connected to Galactic Center, with the exception of sublunar space and planet Earth itself, which still need to remain buffered to a degree.

Sublunar space and planet Earth are still the center of accretion vortex for quantum fluctuations primary anomaly, and this problem will be addressed by the Light Forces in the coming weeks, months and years through iteration sequence clearing technologies.

A situation update which will address the situation on the surface of the planet will be released in a week or two.

Victory of the Light!




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  1. Now, in this voyage home, we are all feeling the wisdom, touching the joy, in the peace that was never before, feeling freedom of the soul, love of the heart, in the kindness of this universal union as One race, One nation, One planet. Thank you so so much dear Cobra. All that is love, always. Blessings of “MAA” in the Victory of the light. So be it So it is. I am and we are present. Salaam, namastey, salute.

  2. Hello Jay, the Agenda that has plans for humanity’s permanent sleep, or sheepiness, is Agenda 21 or Agenda 30. The number 25 isn’t mentioned unless it’s your agenda joining the game. Just kidding. It’s funny how we all love to pinpoint an event to a fixed moment in time or date. The tendency to wait with arms folded, as if each of us has nothing to do with it and yet expect the Event or Solar Flash to happen. By itself.

    As I perceive our role in it, we’re the changers and the changed both. When our soul, heart, mind, and body merge with an understanding of the implications, the purpose of the Event, or the Transformation of Matter, but not in detail of how and what, just a direction of moving toward it with intent and attention, allowing, that will bring it about. The choice is ours when that day of graduation will arrive. Even when that’s a 1 moment in time for many of us, there’s a possibility that already now some of us are celebrating graduation day.

    This line is copied from the article above:
    “A Sirius pulse in 1975 has opened the Ascension window and a Sirius pulse in 2025 will close it”.
    It shows a window of opportunity for planet Earth’s Ascension to occur or to complete, although I don’t mean to suggest that some Dumbledore headmaster type of old man will hold the door open with his watch in his hand, counting down to December 31, 2025, and close the door with a bang, telling the last of Earth-crew “Sorry guys, too bad… too late”.

    And puts an end to this holodeck program on the Enterprise, returning to the bridge.?

  3. The time period 2020 to 2030 being a period of a Great Renessanse harmoinzes well with what Bashar has said before…

  4. I always understood the event to be the moment after the solar flash, and according to the above if I understand correctly, the solar flash will happen in 2025. So that means the event will only happen in 2025?

  5. Sounds like it aligns with Agenda 2025 which of course is suspect because we can assume the secret societies already know all about this.


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