The Never Again Education Act, which would help provide federal funding to expand Holocaust education in the US, passed the Senate with bipartisan support.

The bill was first introduced to the House of Representatives by Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-New York) and Elise Stefanik (R-New York). The House passed the bill on January 27.

It was introduced into the Senate by Sens. Jacky Rosen (D-Nevada), Kevin Cramer (R-North Dakota), Richard Blumental (D-Connecticut) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

It is now being sent to US President Donald Trump for his signature.

“This important bill will provide our teachers with the resources they need to teach our students the lessons of the Holocaust,” Rosen wrote on Twitter, adding that “this important bill will provide our teachers with the resources they need to teach our students the lessons of the Holocaust.”

Cramer tweeted that “antisemitism is a serious threat,” and that “failing to educate the next generation would only make history more likely to repeat itself.

“I thank my colleagues for recognizing the importance of this effort, and I look forward to [Trump] signing it,” Cramer continued.

Several pro-Israel organizations came out in support of the bill’s passing.

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  1. I have noticed that people who like to throw around the “holocaust” noun to isolate and name the experience of European Jews in the Second World War would like for you to believe that the war was less than a holocaust for the other classifications of humanity who were involved. Except for a small number of individuals who became richer or famous, the war was a holocaust for everyone. If the proposed legislation was intended to promote a sense of history in general, I would be all for it. As it is, it is obviously a perspicuous attempt to glorify and promote the false religion that is called “Political Correctness.”

  2. Every congressperson that takes the AIPAC Pledge, is not, working for America, nor Americans, but is taking oath to a foreign (criminal state) entity to support their dictates in every form, so, the truth is not likely to be supported in the illegitimate, un-American, “AIPAC US Congress” until, these criminals are arrested and removed from power… Furthermore, Q-Anon-sense folks take note, if Mr Trump signs this, it is again,,, a demonstration of the ever more apparent inarguable fact, he is supporting the deep state, here, on this occasion, the Cabal’s, State, of Israel.
    This is criminal treason in the highest parts of “our” government, to force innocent American children to mentally absorb and becoming programmed drones, to Israel’s (the worst apartheid government on earth committing its own holocaust, massacring innocent Palestinians, silently witnessed for 70+ years and advocated by our official) Lies.

    I say; Arrest them all, US Congress and Trump Administration,(not to forget the corrupt Supreme Court and officials from every US Administration, Congress and Supreme Court, going back to JFK at least, and if they yet live, arrest them, along with every state Governor and their administration – whom most all support this Israel nonsense), indict, prosecute, sentence them, doing so publicly, and Hang them all from the capitol as treasonous criminals they are and a warning to the rest…
    If the alphabet agencies like FBI will not do this, if the US Marshals will not do this, if the military (much corruption there at the top too) does not do this, if no one else will end this corruption, which horrendously and monstrously dwarfs the 1776 reasons for the Revolutionary War!!!! Then we the people,, are ultimately responsible, and we either act by flooding Washington DC in our millions and millions of citizens or, we must take it ‘OUT OF’ the ballot box by either ending the two party corruption by not voting for either party candidate, forcing their 2 party vote results below 50% that vote for Rep/Dem, collapsing the two party system stranglehold on American Politics,,, or,, we must change the government like, our forefathers did.

    • Not to mention that every aspect of their holocaust has already been disproven, by site examination, U. S. is the Only country to have had gas chambers of any kind, one needs to understand the elaborate system. By numbers that even Auschwitz had to change there number on the plaque from 4 to 1 million, who died from the bombing of Britain & U.S. because road damage to get food supply in. & The Fact that there were Never orders from Adolf Hitler or other high ranking officials to carry out extermination against these clowns. These Silly holocaust museums needs to torn down, they are pathetic! & Release All those in prison in Germany for questioning the holohoax.

    • Totally agree !! Trump is either with the bad guys or maybe he’s trying to make them think that he’s on their side. Q always said that Israel will be the last to be dealt with once their support is taken down. Their support comes from human trafficking and Satanic child/baby blood sacrifices.

  3. Is that the Holocaust that was performed on the German citizens in Dresden?? Or the Holocaust of mass starvation on the German soldiers after the surrender?? Or the mass starvation of Ukrainian Holodomor by the Communist in the 1930’s????

  4. How unfortunate that the United States of America is unwilling to acknowledge the 2012 John Hopkins University’s DNA Analysis of the Jewish Race concluding that they are NOT Jewish but Khazars.
    The whole world knows about it and it will not go away.
    America will continue to exist in a cognitive dissonance that will eventually destroy it as it seeks to maintain validity with DNA testing but ignores the results of this most important DNA test.
    The Khazars need the friendship of someone strong enough to help them find forgiveness.
    You have people like Anna Von Reitz saying “They never understood the fundamental reason that Adam was disqualified and why he lost both immortality and the right to inherit the Earth: his failure to accept responsibility for his own actions.” while the USof A refuses to accept responsibility for promoting the lie that the Khazars are God’s Chosen People and entitled to the land of Palestine.
    This is why the times of the Gentiles must be brought to an end.

    • I have studied Anna Von Reitz enough to say there is something not quite right with her advocating to change our citizenship. Since all what has been done by the Queen & Pope is illegal then arrest them, better yet hang them. I’ve had enough about mankind pussy footing around about everything. Someone steals my car, I will show you my Title for that car, I am not going to go reregister it under my name & State it was Titled. & Anna often flip flops on important history figures such as Lincoln. One day he worked with the bankers next day she sings praises to him. & She also annoyingly followed that same narrative recently that Benjamin Fulford put out regarding Angela Merkle being Adolf Hitler’s daughter, stupid silly shit.

      • Linda I LIKE YOU TOO !!! You people are ON it !! Right stupid Hitler’s kids shit. They are too young to be Hitler’s kids unless he had them in the 1950’s . Merkel’s face is a VERY COMMON German-Polish “look”. There are a lot of German-Polish people who have a variation of that face. IF they were his kids he had them in the mid-late 1950’s but we are always shown “proof” with a war-time photo (1930’s- early 1940’s) of him with a 3 year old girl with Merkel’s face. And of course someone who is good with computer graphics couldn’t have possibly altered that kids face at all right??? Those women are all too young to have been his war-time children.


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