As part of an upcoming presentation with, which streams on May 15-16th, I’ve been working to organization information that describes the “trifecta” of death science weapons which are now aimed at humanity. What I’m calling the “death science trifecta” consists of the coronavirus (biological weapons), 5G towers (electromagnetic weapons) and vaccines (chemical weapons). In combination, they are designed to enslave and then exterminate most human beings living today.

That’s why there’s no real talk of restoring human freedom, or promoting pro-human free speech or even allowing anyone to advocate nutrition that can save lives. The globalists have zero interest in saving humanity… they are working to exterminate billions of human beings. And bioweapons, 5G and vaccines are the trifecta of mass death and tyranny that they’re using to accomplish their goal.

I’ve put this into a must-see infographic shown below. It’s no accident the graphic is organized like the all-seeing eye and pyramid on the back of the US dollar. This is the structure of power over humanity that has been invoked by anti-human globalists for centuries.

Take a look at the graphic here, and share everywhere, along with a warning. If humanity doesn’t rise up against our oppressors, we will be exterminated.

To hear my full lecture on the death science trifecta, register at for the upcoming conference on May 15-16th. I’m presenting a nearly three-hour lecture on all this, detailing the real threats against humanity and how a small number of informed human beings may survive the extermination attempt.

As you can see from the infographic above, depopulation is the end game of all this. Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Science are all colluding to obliterate the human population on our planet. They are in, fact, preparing Earth for a post-human era.

Here’s a preview snippet of what the lecture features:

Globalists have decided they don’t need humans any longer, and their final act will be the global financial “reset” looting of all assets, combined with the global deployment of a vaccine euthanasia “kill switch” to cause billions of deaths. This is why they are now using armed government assault teams to raid and shut down anyone who promotes colloidal silver, vitamin C or chlorine dioxide, in order to eliminate any possibility of a nutrient or natural substance that might help protect the public from infections. They need to keep the path clear for vaccines to be the only “savior” of humanity. They can’t allow anything else to work first, you see. Vaccines must be the only option offered to the world.

That’s the only way they can achieve widespread compliance with the euthanasia kill shots. They have to label them “vaccines” and tell people if they don’t take the shot, they won’t be allowed to participate in society. Big Tech is all part of this war on humanity, of course, as they are blacklisting all individuals or websites that dare to promote immune boosting strategies that might help protect humanity from a worsening pandemic.

In essence, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Science have all become direct enemies of humanity, and they are engaged in a full-blown war on humanity, invoking (at least) three key weapons to destroy the human race: Biological weapons, electromagnetic weapons and chemical weapons.

In truth, they’re also using pollution weapons (stratospheric aerosol injections / chemtrails), info weapons (engineered media disinformation) and genetic weapons (transgenetic weaponization of vaccine ingredients to alter the genetic code of vaccine recipients) too. At the same time, you may have noticed that the food supply is being deliberately destroyed in order to cause widespread famine and desperation. FEMA camps will offer soup kitchens and food bank “rescue” packages for the public, but as soon as the coronavirus vaccine is available, you’ll be required to show your “vaccine papers” to receive a food rescue package.

Food scarcity, in other words, is being weaponized to force mandatory vaccines onto the public. When they are hungry enough, they will gladly line up to be injected with anything in exchange for a few meals. (And the globalists know this.)

A mass awakening has begun… but will it emerge in time?

Humanity is now on the brink. But there is also mass awakening taking place at this very moment, as billions of people around the world are coming to realize they are literally being enslaved with “house arrest” orders forced upon them by ignorant, incompetent, immoral “leaders” who refuse to recommend the nutritional solutions that can protect public health and help us all get back to normal living (things like zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, elderberry extract and so on).

Perhaps it will take the temporary experience of global enslavement to finally awaken humanity to the truth: You are a slave, Neo. You were born into a prison, a prison for your mind. And if you want to free your mind, you will need to reject the toxic chemicals, medicines, disinformation and technologies of the globalists. That means no 5G, no vaccines, no pharmaceuticals and no more living on processed junk food that makes you weak and dumbed down.

Smash your iPhone. Put down the antidepressants. Turn off the brainwashing cable news. Stop eating garbage, nutrient-depleted processed food.

By Mike Adams,


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  1. The “Dutch National Bond Government Affairs” is campaigning against 5G in the Netherlands and letters are being offered to the Prime Minister. The action takes on large proportions. Many municipalities participate to make a critical voice heard. Below, in a video, is a statement from Dutch citizens, who take action against the rollout of 5G in their own way. 95% of the Netherlands will be covered by a digital network. One of the playful slogans that a campaigning group from Utrecht has come up with is
    ‘Radiation? We rather love to shine from within!’

    This video is in Dutch and English:

    For those of you who are skilful in translating website texts, here’s the Dutch website with a June 2020 newsletter with testimonies and sources of research, reports and views:

    • Thank You! For your thoughtfulness and God guidance. Keep speaking truth it is the one thing that will free is from the ‘Lies’.

  2. The one positive I see the last couple days (6-6-20 date), the few military officers (most retired) that are stepping forward to rebuke the politicians and stand behind their officers oath: “…to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC”. Some,, clearly recognize the threat to freedom, is not, coming from the people.
    These honorable men that are thereby, standing behind that oath, are doing their country a great service in just saying, a few,, of the things, that need,, to be said, and even the highly controlled main stream media cannot ignore these guys…
    Hoorah and hooray, for their courage and service!!

    We cannot allow the elite scum globalists (and no these are not local doughnut shop and grocery store owners, so stop burning and vandalizing them, it’s the wrong target, people) to continue with their ill conceived (on false data I might add) mass murder agenda to reduce overpopulation and population, because, the Earth,, quite honestly, is BIG. There is plenty of land, space, food for humanity, if redistributed fairly (because all such claims of ownership rest on treaties which were not worth the paper they were written on then and definitely not worth anything, today) and if, we can get them out for use by the people,, highly advanced technologies,, to more than adequately feed clothe house us all, supplying needed utilities, all done fairly and equally, and put, not only, a stop to the self extinction timetables, like the coming collapse of the food chain amongst other human created dangers but, allow humanity to flourish not only here on Earth but, in the depths of deep space.

    So then,, why this mad technological rush of the globalists to murder us all?
    Because they know this!! It is only a matter of time before the people, “we the people of earth”, put all the pieces together to create a self sustaining society based on the ever increasingly being revealed, deliberately suppressed, and hidden, advanced technologies, which can,, and will,, create a better, human,, planetary society, that does not need the 0.01% misguiding us from the top down by force.
    They know, we can create a grass roots society, free from overbearing governance (and forced religion too), functioning not bottom up, not top down, but, side by side, with empathy love and light, together, for the benefit of all human souls (not to mention making it a paradise for the animals whom shall ultimately inherit the earth when we as a species, leave the nest).
    It will be, the end of their (the cabal global network of corporate control elite scum’s) game, and we win, and that, is why, they are so desperate.
    This is, our moment, our time, we have them dead to rights on their crimes against us all, and we have the momentum, will we use it? I hope and pray, “we” do, for all of the Earth’s children (by that I mean every living soul, yes).


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