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By Guest Author Shari:

Ode to Beginner’s Mind:

Maybe I Don’t Know the Whole Truth

I think I know everything but I don’t know everything.

What I do know is subject to change as I grow and evolve.

What I know is subjective because it is based on experiences that have been filtered through my individual organs of perception. What I know I have perceived.

What I know is tainted and shaped by any biases and opinions that exist in my current belief system.

What I know is influenced by external pressure to accept and integrate ideas and beliefs from outside groups and collectives.

Nothing is black and white.

By believing that my knowledge is complete on any subject I stifle the very expansion of that knowledge and this prevents the evolution of my knowledge, my wisdom and my spirit.

I think I know everything but I don’t know everything.

Beginner’s Mind beckons the child within me.

I open up to true wisdom when I let go of all preconceptions about how things work or why things are as they are.

Wisdom is fluid and free. It is the accumulation of life experience that creates gnosis or internalized “knowing.” Wisdom is intuitive. It exists in the NOW moment. It is an absorption of energetic information from the external environment that merges with and becomes assimilated into our current store of experiences.

Wisdom is energetic and so it is vibratory. The main organ system of perception for wisdom is the heart complex.

When knowledge is accessed and used without wisdom it can be deceptive and delusional. Without wisdom sometimes it can be dangerous and often, it becomes arrogant.

I think I know everything but I don’t know everything.

Beginner’s Mind allows me to be free of all expectations. I am open to all possibilities and I am curious like a child.

Rigid knowledge without wisdom prevents me from seeing clearly what is actually right in front of my nose. It also convinces me that I have nothing more to learn and so, I stop asking questions. I stop critically questioning official narratives I have been fed. In this state I can be easily deceived and controlled.

Beginner’s Mind beckons me to temporarily suspend all previous knowledge. I create an empty vessel for new insights to fill it. With Beginner’s Mind I have infinite possibilities. With rigid knowledge I have few.

I think I know everything but I don’t know everything.

I feel restricted and reactive when I pretend to have all the answers. It does not feel safe.

A whole new world of possibility opens up for me when I am not absolutely sure about what is and isn’t possible. Beginner’s Mind allows me to think out of the box. It marries my brain with my heart. I feel a new childlike sense of wonder. It feels like play. It feels like freedom.

I think I know everything but I don’t know everything.

I will never know the truth of who I am and what my place is in the Universe if I am arrogant and serious enough to think I already have all the answers.

Sometimes the truth behind a concept goes completely unseen because I am on autopilot when I think I have all the answers.

Beginner’s Mind ask us to embrace Humility. Humility is like a child, filled with wonder and ready to discover the mysteries hidden in the mundane and the ordinary. Humility opens up my spirit so the truth can breeze right in.

I think I know everything but I don’t know everything.

Beginner’s Mind beckons the child within me.

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  1. Want a hug? Pass it on ? ??

    Here’s a different way of connecting, by a rainbow:

    Today, someone came to the door and her friend arrived a little later, bumping their hips by way of greeting. We laughed and he said “I know how to give you a hug” and he hugged himself, saying “How lovely to meet you, here’s a hug”.
    Cute, isn’t it? In Lak’ech.

  2. Truth if I ever heard it, literally this is one of the things that has really held back the lightworker, warrior; community from the beginning. Also the surface population as a whole is really stuck in this mindset of knowing everything.

    • Hello Tim, I find your comment excellent and wise. My own mindset of knowing everything, as a typical “miss-know-it-all”, haha, is at this moment beginning to show its true face and in communication with others, I’m holding my urge to correct and inform back, more and more aware of when silent listening is preferable. Even when the other person talks nonsense ? I do hear it as that person’s knowledge and interpretation, instead of immediately deciding that I need to confront and correct this person’s views.

      In that need of mine is a mix of proving that I’m more informed and a need to educate, so that we’re making progress faster, in larger numbers, arriving at the feet of God on his throne, in the Heavenly Ballroom, and start dancing while singing “Hallelujah” unto eternity.
      That’s a vision I had at a very young age, about what life was about on planet Earth.

      It’s far less tiring and actually beginning to hold fun in its folds, that form of allowing in paying attention. For it’s becoming more important to understand that person in its environment and allow that person to be where it is with itself. Just be, so that I’m also able to just be with where I am. If you get my drift.

      A friend of mine, once said “Some people rather prefer to feel that they’re right than to feel happy” In Dutch: “Sommige mensen hebben liever gelijk dan dat ze gelukkig zijn”
      We all find our own unique interpretation of our reality I believe and I imagine how boring it would be if we all were on the same page, so that other pages of life’s book remain empty.


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