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Ashtar Sheran – May 11, 2020

Shan (Earth)/ ascension waves/ support/ awareness and activity

My dears on Shan (Earth),

We are seeing some turbulence on your planet. They are energy fields that are being released in the form of detachments as a result of the purification process. Different, independently running dynamics are involved here. To calm you down I will try to explain these dynamics to you so that you can better assess the situation.

Shan (Earth)

The liberation from Shan (Earth) develops in the most desired positive way. This means a purification of Shan (Earth) from all negative structures, energies and beings, but also in all of her body systems, which are similar to yours and are constructed in the same way as yours. She purifies herself from her core from the inside out and is constantly accompanied in this process by a special fleet. This cleansing happens in waves from the core of the earth, pushing everything outwards, which includes also to the surface – things that she wants to let go, she wants to transform.

As already provided to you in the last message, the liberation of the planet itself has priority, but since you are connected to it, it is also your own liberation consequently. However, only for those who can and want to accept it, with all the consequences. We observe free will – as you know. Remember that your planet has only loaned you your bodies. Therefore, this cleansing in waves also has effects on your own physical systems.

All those who are deeply connected with Shan (Earth) feel what they want and need to let go of. They see the shadows on their bodies and turn them into light. Therefore, more and more incarnated star siblings help Shan (Earth) in this purification, forming more and more swirling columns of light (vortexes), which anchor themselves more and more, strengthen and gradually expand. From our perspective, they are as powerful, luminous and strong as we have not seen them on your beautiful planet for a long time.

And this development also affects the surface population. The surface population is better able to accept the light and to let go of the old structures of the 3D matrix as well as to observe, to question and to become increasingly more active and aware. Help them, my dear ones, as they enter the space of their own inner work and move out of the seductions of your decaying artificial world.

In this phase, they need the knowledge that we give you with our messages. They need the support that you can give them and the security and prospects for the future peaceful, harmonious, love filled, radiant world. That is something they can hold on to during these days.

Ascension waves

This process of awakening is like a wave around your planet and it also triggers enormous waves of energy that show all the old emotions that want to be purified and transformed. These energy waves gradually detach you more and more from the old matrix.  The result is the division of the entire societal structure. We can see from our perspective how this division unfolds more and more across different levels.

It happens – even as those who have forgotten the Light are trying to stop it with their actions. But know that this detachment and transformation is the will of the Creator, whom we serve, and is, therefore, inevitable for all – and impossible to stop.

We see from our perspective, how Earth separates from the old vibration. This new Earth moves with the further rising vibration and all beings which have connected themselves deeply with it, move away from the old structures as well.  It is like a cell that divides… whereby one cell remains dirty and the new cell comes out cleaned and moves on. Your wonderful planet with the new vibration takes therefore, all those beings with it at the same time – what you call Ascension Waves. It shows its love for you, which you give to the Earth itself.  She (Shan) provides her body to all those who have chosen to ascend and actively work on themselves and their dark sides to transform them into light. This means that Earth itself supports all the beings of the three waves of ascension and moves them away from the old structures on its new body – all at the same time. Like a loving mother carrying her child out of the danger zone into another, safe area.

You can observe this development yourself.

Your environment is changing. Those who walk the path with you, who understand or want to understand what you are talking about and can accept this change, stay in your surroundings.

All those who cannot or do not want to accept it are moving further and further away from you until they avoid your surroundings altogether.


It does not matter whether they are friends, family, partners or colleagues. It is a natural process in which each being is given their own opportunity to freely make their own ascension in the current time or later. But do not worry. Everyone is taken care of and the perceived separation is only an illusion. Every ascended being can see all their loved ones again.

This of course also means that the beings who have forgotten the light have less and less space available to them and they therefore, try to intensify their actions. They now know that there is no escape for them. Our fleets and allies take care of each one, but we make sure that all others are spared.


Remember that Shan (earth) also receives a lot of support during this time. In order to keep her stable on her way out of the shadows, she is being moved to another timeline by another special fleet, which is connected to the star Alcyone and the star Sirius A via the sun.

This also has an effect on the physical body systems and can lead to dizziness in the short term – or you have the feeling that your body shifts, you have sudden exhaustion, you have a need for sleep or the environment around you feels unstable for a short time.

In this moment you are at the intersection of two different dimensions, or timelines or you are in both or more at the same time. The Earth is supported and stabilized in this process by the star Alcyone from the Pleiades star system and the star Sirius A, and is increasingly adapted to the vibrations of the two planetary sister systems.

The beings who have forgotten the light cannot stay in these vibrational areas. This also includes all strongly negative influenced beings on the surface of the planet or beings who completely refuse to accept the light or who cannot or do not want to resolve their inner issues, whether physical or non-physical, it does not matter. They are slowly pulled out through this process, removed from the earth – they remain like shadows on the “old earth”, while the “new earth” continues to move. Herewith, it is easier for us to remove the structures of the dark, low vibrating energies, but also dark entities, that exist in even deeper areas.

Stay attentive and active

The time is now, as you have been told already.

The time has come to be fully and “permanently active”.  To continue to “unite”, to continue networking and to connect with us, your sisters and brothers. To actively anchor the Galactic Codex on Shan (Earth) now. There will be no other time. The purification continues to gain momentum.

Those who have forgotten the Light have themselves unleashed another great wave of awakening, which they are trying to stop by their own means. We are positioned and have prepared for this with our allies.

So do not worry – stay “peaceful” and “relaxed” but be “alert” and “active” in networking in the background – because now is the time.

Herewith, I now finish my message

My deep love for you is without limits.


Your brother

Ashtar Sheran


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  1. After reading this interesting message from Ashtar Sheran last week on my Tablet its mainboard overheated and crashed! Coincidence? Attack? Flaw in this website??

  2. Hi, and peacefully I would like to pose a few questions: how and by whom these messages are received? Is this transition from 3rd to 5th D measurable and/or understandable in human years? Thank you all and blessings. Victory of the Light! Even if it takes Aeons from now!!

  3. I have to add my thanks to you for publishing a video that is upbeat and contains good news. Much of what has shown in this website lately has been nothing short of fear mongering.

  4. This is beautiful. Dear mother earth thank you for your infinite generosity. Lovely ascension to you. We send as much light as you required.
    Dear ASHTAR thanks for such a BEAUTIFUL message. Huge hug to both of you much Love.

  5. Thank you, this is a welcome post amidst the circus of trapeze artists and those who walk on thin ropes beneath the tent-roof, some with and some without a safety net. I’ve watched this video with Dr. Steven Greer CES Tools for making ET contact, which I find highly informative and useful, for the near future Encounter with the kind brothers and sisters.

    It’s not only explaining the nature of encounters with ET’s or their crafts, it’s educational and practical as well, with physical tools that are devices that can be used by ET species, as intermediary forms of communication. There are remote viewing and altered states of consciousness involved as well, with experiences clarified that are puzzling to many of us.

  6. Thank-you, Ashtar, for your words of hope and encouragement in these times of the Covid-19 “scamdemic.”. I am not afraid of our current world situation, and am hopeful that the mass meditation for the Age of Aquarius conducted on June 30th will help to accelerate Earth to a higher positive timeline. It is very comforting to know that you and the Galactic Federation has got our backs, so to speak. Adonai, Toham Kum Rah!

  7. Thank you brother Ashtar it helps to know what to expect with the changes to come .looking for to seeing you all one day .love and light .

  8. Thank you Ashtar Sheran for your heartfelt message. I was hoping to have been beamed up already to a Galactic Confederation ship for safety, comfort, and desired enlightenment regained. But, I realize we are One. And where One goes so goes the other Ones.

    I have my own thoughts on how to handle this mess going forward. However, my beingness has been greatly compromised on this planet and am grateful for your leadership. I really do want to go now, if you know what I mean.

    And who are the fucks that I lodge a complaint to for my undesirable stay here for which there was no predetermination, to my knowledge, of the extent of the misery I would sustain here. And yet, my misery is so little compared to horrific horrific horrific crimes against humanity done here on Shan (Planet Earth).

    I want this volunteer mission to end safely as soon as possible; as I realize you all do and you all have gone through hardships as well; thought not, probably, with the feeling that shit runs through your blood veins from the wickedness that brought us forth on this planet to carry out this mission of light.

    Thanks for listening.

    Love to you all.

    *Victory of the Light*

  9. Greetings Family of Light . I have found that creating a new grounding cord everyday helps and wrapping a wire around the tube telling the grounding to turn on and activate as from Mastering Alchemy .com . Soaking in salt with crystals . Telling the Animals , Plants , Self , Others , All life and Mother Earth Hello I love YOU , Thank You . Writing love on Everything I consume . Being in the Still point in the Center of The Head . M.A. Using The Rose to Collect Me Up . Another M.A tool
    Having fun Feeling I like Me and Happy The New Earth Emerges from Within Me and All Around Me . We can choose this NOW . Its one conscious Breath and High Vibration Feeling Away . Be The EVENT Now .

    Yon Mee Shee Haah
    Hee Mee Shee Shee

    • Hello Captain Galaxtica. Thank you for mentioning renewing the grounding cord each day.
      The way I bring my energy up to date, pun intended, is by stating and printing the present date on it. Cleaning the energy-cord or prana-channel, from my crown to the soul-star and even higher up, is refreshing as well. I’ve created a YouTube video for that purpose:
      You may find it in tune with how you work with energy:

      For me, it’s easy to travel back and forth, to other timelines, or significant moments of past lives and those of others that I know. It’s a blessing and a curse, how easy it is, to become that what I’m thinking of when I visualize a scene from my own life or those of others.

      From childhood, I’m able to become what’s in the room, when I enter it with a group of people present in it. I taste or smell the atmosphere, almost. I know the elephant in the room. Growing up, experiences taught me, with healing-work and life-transforming elements in it, that knowing where one’s boundaries end and another person’s boundaries begin, energetically en emotionally (of course, physically as well), is the foundation of practicality (in the world of form, locality) and balance in giving and taking, going out and going within, etc. etc. Fortunately, I’ve learned to be the observer of that circus called La Comedia Divina, where I’m the director dressed in a yellow velvet costume with a high hat in purple. Shouting at the trapeze artists and clowns, greeting the audience cordially.

      After taking a nap in the afternoon, I can wake up and an image flashes by, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m simply the observer without emotions attached to it and It disappears in a flash, without leaving a trace. I wonder if we’re able to freely walk in and out of the Akashic Records library, in a higher state of consciousness, or in astral realms.

    • How and where do messages from Commander Ashtar arrive? This is very enlightening and I am in awe! Thank you with Love


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