The Transit of Venus completes her powerful cycle of elemental regeneration. We transit with her, elemental in our own divine transformation. Our inner divine feminine awakened, healing, rissssinng on the horizon of the collective consciousness. Gaia dropped into heart vibratory fields of ethereal light as our consciousness expanded and our chakras were activated in 444 lightbody frequencies. Throat chakra expansion is the collective reclaiming sovereign human rights. We stand up for ourSelves and each other amid the disarray of world economic and political corruption. Transparency follows our enforced enlightenment retreat. The gloves are coming off friends. The dark reveals itself just as the angels of light, healers and teachers, step out of stealthy shadows, reclaiming our right to preeeeeaaach love vibration. Eclipse transformation portals facilitate ascension in divine rays of celestial intervention. The reality plane operates on multiple levels of frequency. We can harness her illumination, magnetize our dreams in focused intention, pledging commitment to DreamWeaving.

Capricorn full moon closing the Eclipse Trinity Portal heralds divine timing, Revelations. The goat is stepping out of the shadows, seeking worship, adulation in the spotlight of a self-ie obsessed world. We tune into dimensional planes, we exist in the quantum field now. Our energetic vibratory field fluctuates as celestial events and the dark matrix intervene, each wishes us to align to their dimensional plane of existence. The Force is always there beautiful friends, we choose the dark or light side. Kansas is burning friends, the light has penetrated the darkness. It’s getting elemental beautiful people. Fire burns blocks preventing us from expanding. Air blows light into us activating our throat chakras, powered up to speak our truth. Earth grounds us, connects us back to our root chakra, our ancestral truth, anchoring us to our destiny. Water cleanses us, clears all darkness from our souls. Water holds us, contains us, we are held, safe, flowing with divine alignment.

Transformation corridors are celestial intervention, harnessing powerful vibrations enabling us, individually and as a collective, to expand and activate our chakra systems. The energetic central irrigation ley system of Gaia has been reset, she is flowwwwing again. The polar magnets align Gaia, her goddess vibrations, to the perpetual motion of all existence, once more. The Anunaki operate their 5g dark matrix within fourth realm vibratory field. We have raised the vibrations beyond the constraints of the lower realms, piercing the fifth dimension, light cascades down upon us. We have broken free of the dense weight of the third dimension, everything is lighter, more fluid, trippier, less corporeal more surreal. The material plane hovers within the frequency fields of the lower fourth realms and the lower fifth realm. We choose where we vibrate in the quantum field. We are now reconnected to multiversal sacred geometric motion, magnetized. Movement of jah people has released density anchoring the Gaia plane to heavier, darker realms. Transit was safe, secure and lit. We float higher every moment we create joy, happiness and balance in our lives. We are the light that enabled, facilitated and engineered the exodus beautiful people. As the elders securely predicted 2020 was always going to be movement of jah people. Sanctuary in the sky, an enormous cloud complex, temples of recovery, recuperation and regeneration. All is well.

Capricorn full moon brings us light and dark in equal measure. We move through high celestial vibratory fields interjected onto the material plane in light portals. The closure of the trinity eclipse season of 2020 marks the passing of 2020’s divine feminine rising Transit of Venus. We are in transit, cocooned in our homes. We received our invitation to expand beyond the consciousness we entered this unprecedented space in. Quantum beats are here, we walk to the quantum beat, groove on high vibes, we learn to dance, to trip the light fantastic cosmic friends. Spirals expand inside the pyramid. We expand the pyramid from within friends. We stretch their gold capped pyramid of despair till it cracks, bursts, explodes in infinite spiritual expansion of our lightbody activvvaaaatttiiiiooon cosmic surfers.

We bring the light, we are the light, we are change makers, rule breakers, rebels and rEvolutionaries. We dialogue, meme, vlog our way into expansion, pushing boundaries, making folk uncomfortable, disturbing every algorithm the dark matrix is planting in our minds. If it looks like fear, smells like fear, tastes like fear, probably is fear. We take the 5g network down energetically friends. We mount a campaign to destroy darkness in light. We smile when we see pillars of darkness perched on top our buildings, sentinels barking silent instructions Obey, Conform, Consume. Flip it friends. Feel the fear, release it, laugh at it, it can’t hurt us, we riiiiiisssseee above its bandwidth and the network buckles under our light, gone, defunct, disabled beyond repair. An act of aggression for the 5g network is laughter. A combative move to attack the network is to smile, giggle, hug and dance. An assault on the 5g network is not caring it’s there, consciously choosing to live our lives like they’re golden, coz they are beautiful people. Rainbow lightwaves we emit take the 5g network down at the motherboard, it cannot sustain high vibrations friends. We are the high vibrations. We are chargers, batteries, power connectors to the light matrix network, seen and yet unseen. We light the way for others. All can exit the swamp any time, release the karma, step back and look up. The light is always there.

The New Earth is here, she is a baby requiring round the clock nurturing, feeding, and tenderness. We nurture her when we plant seeds of love in the earth and in people’s minds. We nourish her when we water and feed our plants, coaxing them from seedling to tree, till we have a forest of light. Mindfulness breaks the 5g network just as it did the old 3d matrix and every other dark holographic form of mind control the dark side can come up with. Gaia’s reality plane expands beyond the fourth realm, dropped onto heart vibratory field in the depths of our quiet, hibernating world. Heart and crown chakras activated in the Transformation Corridor of Manifestation unleashed upon us, predicted across space and time, it was always going to happen in 2020. Sparked by Trinity Supermoon Dreamweaving, transformed in 2020s unique brand of divine Transit of Venus, grounding back into our lives, gently, through Trinity Eclipse Corridor we transform from pyramid panopticon sleep to Tribal Unity Consciousness. We are coming online as a society, a population, readying to take our rightful place on the Intergalactic Federation Council. Humanity will be represented, Ambassadors for her divine masculine and feminine, in balanced truth.

Ascension is Unity Consciousness activated to tipping point, 100th monkey effect, when the frequencies anchor in the fifth. We leave the fourth to keep itself busy, whilst we construct, engineer, create light cities of peace on the fifth realm. Multiple tracks of existence are operating within Gaia’s reality plane. Dark cities strive to increase their population, Light Cities are woven into the fabric of humanities existing history, integrating, harmonising past, present and future . Space has been created for profound healing of the collective consciousness. Deep wounds, scars, criss cross our bruised human psyche. We work together to enable, facilitate and allow the release of trauma, healing damaged souls, bodies and minds in spiritual enlightenment. Meditation, cultivating inner stillness, core balance micro to macro. Universal love and light are the balm, the ointment to soothe and heal all wounds sustained during Earth’s Dark Ages. We are all in Transit friends, we are in transit together. Tribal, unifying and alchemizing the polarities, balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine, transmuting truth out of the heart of darkness.

The fifth is higher than the sun, we reach the peak, Base Camp, see the sun below us, dance among the clouds.  Angels surround us, their wings emit waves of healing light, emanating, penetrating, permeating the dark smog of the matrix.

‘Trying to find words to describe the vibe… landmarks as evidence, we live the Now for the promise of the Infinite, I sink into the paper, like I was ink, I got love, l.o.v.e.’ Mos Def.

‘The soulless body is no longer sacrificed, the day of death becomes the day of birth, the divine spirit will make the soul happy, seeing the word in its eternity.’ Nostradamus

‘I find a higher state of grace in my mind…higher than the sun.’ Led Zeppelin

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are passed and are birthed. Ancestral Queen of Gaia has passed to eternal light, her life remembered, honoured, praised and revered, her light, her birth shifted worlds. Her passing marks the closing of an era, the passing of the age of Pisces. The Temple honours the Water Goddess of Gaia. The Emperor, Elder, Grandfather of Light, has passed, shepherding his people through Transit to Sanctuary. All is well. We honour the Preacher and the Queen in a higher state of grace. The King and Queen accompanied their people, as was predicted, prophesied and whispered across galaxies, time and space, to the promised land. We honour their lives, their deaths and their memories. We are humbled by their divine service to the light and to their people. We offer grace, gratitude and humility in praise of unified light on the Gaia plane.

Death is accompanied by birth. Micro to macro. We emerge from our chrysalis, those who passed though the dark tunnel of spiritual awakening, tentatively surfacing into a new world. The cosmic King and Queen are here. The Gamechangers are here. Riders on the Storm. The Light has anchored Gaia to the magnetic truth of the multiverse. We are grounded to the Goddess and her Twin. Held in space and time, moving, dynamic, sacred, integral to the divine weave of the world. The Emperor and Empress emerge with their people, readying for cosmic truth. It is already done beautiful people. We live truth. Indigos, lightworkers, healers, light warriors, the divine feminine riiiissess, the divine masculine steps into his power. This is the Time of Our Life people, make it exactly what we want.

Harness full moon closure of a divine and potent Portal of Transformation in precision, know what your goals are and plan reaching them. Drop into our dreams, buried deep in our heart chakras, in meditation, vision boarding, reflection and inspo hunting. Uncover them from the soot, dust, dirt and grime of the swamp, delve deep and find our dreams beautiful people. This is the time of our lives cosmic surfers, we make our lives happen. Constraints have changed shape, we shape shift in response. We are dynamic beings in a dynamic interactive smart world. The Matrix Interface has changed. So have we. This is the time of our lives, now. Solstice energies turbo charged the Transformational Portal activated by Supermoon trinity alignment and Eclipse trinity alignments. 2020 has kicked ass, tbh. 2019 took many of us to spaces we didn’t think we could return from, but we did. Lightworker down, got up, dusted her wings off and reached for the stars. We got there. We are anchored into perpetual motion again. In Transit. Lightbody activation on a collective and individual scale. Choices have been made in deep reclusive retreat. Faced with Self, many distractions of the matrix taken from us, socialization blocked, isolation implemented across the material plane, we emerge slooooowwwwllllly. We recognize we have been through an intensely healing transformative space. Self care translates to self love. We speak a new language now, the quantum language of love. Old synaptic thought processes need to be deprogrammed, disabled, we do this. We unplug. We ride the Harlem River encased in diamond Twin Flame frequencies, held, flowing and cleansing. Love is the language we are speaking, show love, be love, share love, create love, breathe love in all its glorious and beautiful forms #hugatree #sacredunion #onelove.

The old 3d matrix required we limit exposure to mainstream media, advertising and matrix toxins, living off grid as much as possible, to retain sovereignty and clarity of thought, avoiding obey/consume algorithms. The new 5g dark matrix operates on astral and energetic wavelengths. Sound and vibrational hypnosis is being used on the population, emitted from receivers set atop our buildings in secret, dark operations. We awake to more transparency, the dark will no longer hide in plain sight, darkness merges with us. We break conform, obey, consume coding by walking, talking, breathing self care, compassion and community. We disable 5g hypnotic frequencies in meditation, woke white rabbit research and Islander expansion communication. We think for ourSelves, we question, we activate the free radical in each of us. We challenge the establishment narrative, greed, war and poverty are ‘necessary evils’. They’re not, service-to-self political monopoly facilitates the elite’s obsession with wealth, status and the abuse of power. We drop into throat chakra activation exercising our right to demonstrate, petition, pressure and speak our truth. We raise our vibrations beyond the bandwidth frequencies the 5g network emits consciously. We have a toolkit of healing therapies to release karma, lighten our emotional load, work through trauma, pain, grief and fear till we are able to expand into lighter vibratory fields. Adopting spirituality in our daily lives through self care, sacred time and nature, tribal connectivity and cultivating inner peace anchors the fifth dimension to Gaia’s reality plane, one peaceful heart at a time.

Fear is the weapon of mass destruction used to drag us down to 5g bandwidth, Love is the key to aligning with 5d harmony. Upgraded surveillance networks are operational across zones and cybernets. The reality plane motherboard required upgrade to install 5g hardware. Fifth dimension divine synchronicity is mimicked, mirrored, inverted within the new algorithms of the dark matrix network. Dynamic Inversion has been achieved by upgrading the Matrix Interface. Synchronicity, universal alignment to truth, is mimicked by a dynamic, responsive, interactive interface responding to our thought patterns as we express them in the physical world. Manipulation of our thoughts, our senses and our energetic fields is more supple, subtle, intangible, a dark inversion of spirituality by the 5g matrix. We can render its deceptive algorithms and vibrations obsolete on our own motherboard by facing all fear with fearless love. More sinister than the old 3d matrix, defunct in high vibrations, we are the anomaly, free radicals in the system, we break on through to the other side with passion, purposely stepping into our power. The Merkabah has been activated. The divine feminine and masculine alchemize in elemental transformation. Separation and magnetization have occurred. We work within parameters running on biblical terms. We walk a path of self trust and truth through darkness. Heaven and hell operate within Gaia’s reality field, we choose our path.

Ascension vibrations pulse throughout 2020, we are only halfway through our shamanic healing transformation. We emerge graciously, gently, quieted by the silence of the offline matrix, hushed by our own hearts whispering, softened by time spent with loved ones and alone, wrenched off the matrix, cocooned, hollowed away, hibernating while the world upgraded around us. Our emergence is gradual and we take our time. Find our way. Reflection in the Capricorn full moon will illuminate spaces where we need to dig in our heels, construct boundaries for preserving our sovereignty, our space, our sacred vibration. Capricorn full moon helps us drop in, earth, ground into our new Self, our true Self rediscovered.

Mindfulness is our path, we walk purposefully, we engage all our senses, listen, smell, taste, touch the world around us. Celebrate nature, culture, creativity, our achievements and successes, the dreams we already live, the dreams we nurture deep within. We slow our thinking down, accommodate new algorithms of the new earth. We are Present. Allow the power of the Eclipse Corridor closure and illumination of the goat full moon, lean into heavier denser emotions with grace and honesty. Allow more difficult feelings to surface, feel them, thank them for their lessons and let them flow from us into the universe. We grow when we reflect, we heal when we ground and we expand when we learn. Our path is Tribal Unity Consciousness beautiful friends. We walk together unified in compassion for all who share the heavenly space with us. We focus our intention on what has to change to create a harmonious society balanced in divine feminine and masculine harmony. Peace up the rEvolution cosmic surfers.

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  1. well it is certainly working on me because I have just spoke my truth loud and clear in a letter to Boris Johnson in UK for giving counsel executives powers to destroy our houses cars businesses and properties and so much more if they think there is a threat of spread of Covid, This is mass oppression and tyranny that should never operate in a free democratic country and especially as their never was a Covid 19 virus it was a simulation drill signed off on years ago by world wide unscrupulous traitor governments who broke their oaths to the people and threw them under a bus to allow the NWO cabal to go forward with their agenda 21 Eugenics plan to kill 95% of the people and enslave the survivors. This is all about getting us to accept the injection that will change our DNA and plant track and trace for a post human era . We already have smart dust in our bodies which we have breathed up that’s what they have been chemtrailing us with that was stage one stage two was to turn on weaponized 5g and make the injection compulsory which will make it possible to completely own you and take over your will. The vaccine is a DNA changing material with track and trace and all these things combine to allow them to control your body and mind. This is a fake pandemic and they know it. Read the very unscrupulous WHO and UN Website where you will find a copy of their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s annual 2019 report of their International Health Regulation Treaty of 2005- which 194/194 countries signed off on which pretty much establishes a Global Government of the WHO & United Nations, and the High Level GMPB along with their sponsors, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and other Donors. Boris Johnson is going along with these unscrupulous criminals when he should be defunding them and locking them up for crimes against humanity and fraud and WE all of us need to stand up and tell him that if we want to live in a world of harmony truth and freedom. This is our world and we need to start a we ned to go on by not accepting tyranny corruption and fraud. Speak your truth now ! This pandemic was fake it was a simulation and you have lost everything and will continue to lose more if you do not put your foot down and take action to stop these people from lying and oppressing you.

  2. Nothing is wrong or false in this post, but I can’t (or won’t) help it that I’ve become a little allergic to the use of so many words expressing positive, sweet-sounding descriptions and promises in a colourful dressing of too much syrup, making my ears sticky all over. Too much repetition, too much of a good thing, sort of. When I write comments and journals, I’m not using that sort of… what I call “pomp and circumstance”. It so easily becomes a mannerism, see what I mean?

    I guess I’m too much a Cappy goat with stubbornness in not wanting to join a group consensus that smells of New Age jargon. The goat is stepping out of the shadows, yes, but it’s in my case a surprising act of freedom in expression and not seeking worship and praise.
    I’m now leaving the room softly, on tiptoe, closing the door behind me without a sound ?

    • Devon: My sentiments too. Too many ego traps, intended or accidental. It only takes an incident or two of being manipulated to create a healthy suspicion so that only that which resonates is embraced; with permission to ‘let go’ when it no longer feels right.

  3. Robert Sepehr has an interesting video up titled ‘Cult of The Saturn & The Star of The Sun’ can be found on his website ‘Atlantean Gardens’


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