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Even though this IS a fictional movie, the director made an emotional appeal recently, encouraging the mass sharing of this, as a lot of the storyline IS ACTUALLY TAKING PLACE IN REALTIME!


IMdb :n (Supernatural Thriller) A homeless teen answers the voice of a child calling out for help and is sent on a journey to find a human trafficking network run by the child’s killer. ALTERNATE LINK : https://www.bitchute.com/video/e7uL6U…


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  1. This is not a fictional movie, what this movie is about is true and if it wasn’t you would never have taken it down, your actions proved the validity of the contents of this movie… And what is the donations for… I would not donate to a entity that does not support the truth…..

    • Youtube pulled it down, after JohnPaul Rice spoke out. It had been on there and on Amazon for a few years ,ignored until it was brought back to attention. Now everything is being censored ,so you have to look harder for certain information that just two years ago was out in the open. I think he said you can watch it on vimeo.com……

  2. I’m convinced that John Paul Rice is accurate and to the point with his report. I’m proud of his fierceness and anger, for he’s contained while passing on his message and the reports he knows of.

    I’ve met 3 people in my life who were exposed, part of and practising in child-sexual abuse and human sacrifice during ceremonies of Satanic Services. Two of them had fathers who were heads of such a cult or group, forced to be programmed, from birth. Flying by helicopter in the night to remote locations, attending these dark ceremonies.

    One of the 3 is sexually abused in childhood, while in childcare homes, one is sexually abused in the first 17 years of his life, due to the initiative of his father, inviting paedophiles to the home. One of them is a mother now, with 2 children, with a partner who’s from a similar family, Both parents managed to escape from that “world” with enormous difficulties.

    Meeting these 3 people, all in the year 2014, has touched me deeply, for they’ve met with the most immoral psychotic human elements in their young lives. One of them is Ronald Bernard, the founder of the B. of Joy, a Dutch bank under construction. In the last 5 years or so, he has revealed his life-experiences in interviews. Many of you may know of this, reading PFC pages. These interviews have gone viral at the time.

    It seems that it’s unstoppable to try to keep the skeletons hidden in the wardrobe, now. To me, it’s a relief to see them exposed, from different sources and through different channels, although it’s a deeply painful subject and triggering so much, that many people choose to simply dismiss addressing the subject.

    I expect that the slow trickling of more and more messages, movies and documentaries, regarding child-slavery and child-sexual abuse plus ritual child-murders, with the help of social media and in discussions between people seeking the company of others in real life, person to person, must increase the number of people who address this subject and who will raise their voices, making it known in all sorts of ways.

    The woman who was a mother, when I met her, has worked through the trauma and guilt, the attacks and attempts to kill her, after she escaped, making peace with her conscience, due to the horrific fact that she has had to kill 2 human beings during ceremonies when she was still living with her parents. She told me, in person “People like that are split personalities. They can switch off and on, and in public and in their private circles, they’re functional people, with social skills and personal charisma. You don’t expect them to hold such dark secrets inside of them”.

    I’ve just visited the website about The Edge, which John Paul recommends visiting. It’s true, that Bill Gates is part of this group of wealthy people on our planet, praised by other members of “The Edge”.

    Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, when you search for those names, on that site, references with articles, books and events will show up. Bill Clinton was in great favour of nanotechnology, for example, and dates and years are presented too, going back 3 decades. It’s quite revealing to look into the site of “The Edge”.

    I’ll start watching the movie “A Child’s Voice” when I’ve returned from my holiday in Normandy. I’m on a farm with geese, a wild kitten a baby of 6 months, a girl 7 years of age, plus 7 adults, me included. The Goose-girl and Mother Hen ?

    The way of life here in France is very remote from the virtual world and what’s presented here, on this page, that I’m watchful not to lose peace of mind and to keep the joy of good company, the baby giggles, the purring kitten and the snoring of the puppy pug.

    We’re in the countryside, with far views from the garden and my window, and perfect silence as soon as I step out of the door. In the early morning, there’s the sound of cows feeding in the barn, sounds of the 8 geese, at times, during the day, and of course… birds, flies buzzing and many butterflies visiting the flowers. We’ve got a vegetable garden and fruit trees, plus a huge fig tree. Fresh figs are a real treat!

    Since last Sunday, August 9th, we’ve been through scorching hot days, warm nights and now, after thunderstorms and rain, nature is relieved and so are the farmers here. After city-life in The Netherlands, with the city-buzz returning to “normal” almost, I’m very happy to be away from it all, for a welcome holiday. To me, country-life is the best ????

    • I agree with John Paul Rice 100% and I’ve worked with victims of human trafficking for a decade. I’ve not worked alongside child sex trafficking, but have known about this worldwide horror for years.
      Your life sounds absolutely wonderful!! My husband & I are looking to move to the country here in the U.S…..

  3. Knowledge of the Muslim camps in north-west China has been around for a couple of years in the media. There were several, holding tens or hundreds of thousands. The Chinese would hound them daily with brainwashing diatribes, to force them from Muslim to Communism. The Chinese called them terrorists.
    Now earlier this year China reacted and announced their closures.
    (I haven’t watched the movie)

      • Sad that you do not realize it was Rossevelt FDR. A Democrat order some Japanese, German and Italian Americans into internment camps. And FDR and Truman Democrats brought in Nazi’s to head up our science departments after WWII????

  4. As a child sex abuse victim who has personally experienced the horror of supernatural evil spirits, I will absolutely not share or even watch any movie with a supernatural horror theme. Demons are REAL and I TESTIFY ON MY LIFE OF THAT FACT. Please do not make light of the darkness… pedophiles are driven by satanic spirits and the spirit world is NOT imaginary or metaphorical.

    • It does not make light of the darkness. It exposes the darkness for all to see. The children are bodies of light in the film. https://www.unsungfilms.com/25699/a-childs-voice

      • I totally agree. If we don’t make people aware, no matter what it takes, we are as guilty as the predators. I’ve been screaming about this for years, only to be called a conspiracy theorist. Guess what? I screamed louder. Save the children

    • The supernatural aspect of the movie, centers around the the spirits of the deceased children begging for the young man to help them… it is a movie about forgiveness and at the same time i felt it honoured the lives of the departed children.. and is about setting the ones still here free through exposure by the reality of such goings on!

      Sorry for your abuse… i too was abused by my maternal grandfather, but not to any great extent that i consider… sure it should never have happened but compared to what is coming out over the more recent years, it is in my mind, of no comparison…
      I pray you will find complete healing, peace and wholeness… Jesus has set me free from so many things in my life… i pray you will find that too..
      God bless you Brianne

    • Thank you for your candor, Brianne, when your vulnerability also is very real. As someone else said, throwing yourself at Jesus, knowing He will right all wrongs is the way of the Cross. And there’s no one better to heal the mind than the One who designed us.

    • Brianne, my heart aches for you. I will pray for you and the daily struggles you must have because of this evil. Demons and the devil are real. We are in a spiritual battle to save our world and country. Hugs to you and ai am so sorry you had to go through such horror. We should all be in an uproar in this country putting pressure on our POLITICIANS who are deep into this trafficing.

    • I hear you Brianne. I also. I cannot and will not watch or read any material with supernatural, mystical or anything demon related. I refuse Harry Potter, anything of the like. I cannot understand people that are entertained by these things. My heart is breaking over these children. It is beyond horrific. Satan is no joke.

  5. I certainly do not wish to dispute your knowledge in Human Trafficking. I would like to ask thou, where is your proof of China keeping Muslims in Camps?? (10 minute in) There is a lot of Rhetoric going on with China. WE are Not going to WAR with China. If there are Muslims being held in China go show your Proof to the Muslim community, Please. Americans have been at War now for 106 Years by there own Negligence & We are Finished.

    • https://chinatribunal.com/

      Sir Geoffrey Nice QC and a panel of independent experts confirmed mass organ harvesting from Uighurs and Falun Gong.
      Also just Google it you can even see the Satellite pictures and multiple articles by media and investigators.

      • Ben, This young lad spent 38 minutes speaking to present his movie & never offered any proof of his allegations towards China. That in itself is disturbing. & To Google Any Satellite Images is a joke when Satellites don’t exist the way you & most others believe. As for any independent experts, again, go present all evidence to the Muslim community. There will be No more European Blood spilled to save “The Bankers” existing “System” Period.

      • P.S. There was Never Sufficient evidence against the War on Germany that America & Britain involved itself in & Slaughtered 15 Million Germans in WW2. The day for us European ( & Russians) to raise a hand against Any of Our Brothers & Sisters is Over.

      • The organ harvesting has been going on since 2000 at least. EOW has plenty of evidence.
        I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I will tonight. I saw the interview though and find it compelling how together he presents his point, I get a sense that he sounds true and I follow my gut.
        What I really want to know, who made the outfit for the little girl in the picture? Where are the whistleblowers (minders) of theses children that were held in underground bunkers, some of them must have a conscience or heart left or simply scared shitless enough to come forward?
        #SAFEthe CHILDREN

        • Guni, As my original post states “I am Not disputing Human Trafficking” I am however disputing tangible proof of China having involvement in camps holding Muslims. Throwing around accusations against another Nation is Dangerous. I have Spoken Clearly, reread all 4 post, plus this = 5 now.

    • Research Slave Camps its all there. Here is A link and many more

    • Research Slave Camps In China Perhaps your internet has been blocked or censored depending on your location

      • Hope, With All due respect, Every War that America has entered in the last 106 years has been based on Propaganda. Not one of it’s Wars in that time frame was necessary & quite on the contrary The United States has caused more harm across the world. This Noise about China just leads to War. You look like a bright young Lady, don’t get caught up in Propaganda that will only lead to the demise of more of your people. Leave it to the Muslim community to sort out with China, If true.

        • Obliviously you’re a sympathizer to China. Their human rights violations have been long documented and exposed. Only the youth of today are ignorant in their beliefs that f said atrocities.

      • Kathy, You Too are missing the Point, It was Never of the interest for The United States Of America, as Written from Our Founders, to get involved with Foreign Affairs. It Always leads to No good & Straps “The People” in The Bondage you see today. Leave it to the Muslim Nations to take Care of Their Own.

        • If you don’t know yet, Trump brought enough evidence on the atrocities committed by the Vatican, Zion State of Israel, The British Monarchy and UK and the Communist Party of China and other evil regimes. Wake up and know Trump will end all of the evil

        • It was in our founding fathers interest to call on France to come help us save the our newly founded Republic. So you feel we shouldn’t have responded to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor not enter into the war in Europe?

          Just curious why you keep repeating how America shouldn’t go to war with China, who suggested we want to? Also why are you so adamant that there isn’t organ harvesting going on when there is evidence to the contrary?

          Who are you, are you posting from mainland China?

          • This isnt just China its the whole globalist elite who are attempting to put in order the plan theyve had for years! Biden pelosi are up for this communism regime ( as long as theyre on top and not having to live under it). Just as muslims have abused their hosts kindness, they take more and more then attempt to impose their religion on the country. This is whats happened here. Picked the wrong guys/country so theyve shoved them in these camps to try and deprogram them from Islam and reprogram them with communist shite! I have to say if i was a woman and no choice but those 2 ill opt for death!

    • There have been quite a number of documentaries made on this subject, i am sure if you do a search you will find the info on it..
      Here’s one to start you off: https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/uighur-muslims-detention-camps-china-leaked-documents-nyt-6125674/

    • China has always had re-education camps. Even the old emperor was jailed in one for decades. This is the way of the communist parties to keep control. Tell you what travel there and ask a Muslim let’s see how long you last??

    • They are called the Uighar Muslims and there are a million of them in camps. There has been at least one undercover video in the camps so you can see for yourself. The Muslim countries already know. But there are special interests involved which is why they aren’t trying to do anything about it. Sorry but I’m a little surprised you’re asking for “evidence”. This has been moderately reported on for at least a year.


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