Our world is changing. Can you feel it?

By Merrilee of Solana,

While some are still caught in their slumber thinking they’re awake, others are dressed and ready to party.

The old paradigm of corruption, lies, deception, demonic plans, pain, and suffering plays in the background as some continue to give it energy keeping the fire burning. It’s not necessary.

How unfortunate to see so many continue to be victimized by the idea of knowledge. The same sin… one bite of the apple we just can’t resist. The road to destruction is the belief that knowing more will offer relief. It’s quite the contrary.

The devil is selfish wanting all the attention at any cost to keep our eyes and emotions in chaos. This is how he’s been able to lead without effort. How unfortunate for those who align with all things contrary to love. The devil cares not, loyal only to himself, feeding off our fears and leaving us to perish from anxiety.

Ironic is the story of the mustard seed. Did anyone ever consider the same story is true when it’s the seed of Satan? One small little fear manifests itself into an entire existence. Now the world lives in fear and continues to honor the money. Earth’s inhabitants feel the pain, consumed in disbelief as the reality of hell, and the beast is seen in action. More of the same is definitely not the answer.

Thank goodness the story gets better. For the most part, the majority of people still believe God wins. The proof presents itself when a match is struck in the darkness. And so, we have a decision to make. Will we choose to be the match or remain clouded, living in the dark tunnels of our minds reality?

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve come full circle. Like the ruby shoes, we had the answer all along. God gave us Free Will when we took a bite of that apple. It’s always been just one choice only.
To love or not to love no matter what the devil puts in front of us. Love is how we find our way back home.

The devil’s reign is coming to an end. Those who understand the power of love and how to demonstrate will be invaluable to the new world emerging. God has spoken. His people are rising to their birthright of the kingdom.


Source: https://merrileeofsolana.com/blog

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  1. “The Devil”, if indeed there is such a thing, is all around you, in the media you read (bible included because it has been deliberately cut up omitting books eliminating important teachings and ideas thought to be dangerous and or confusing to the predesigned message they wish to present supporting them and it’s been deliberately mistranslated, when translated into English, omitting key words which would change the entire meaning of scripture), in the tv media you watch (CNN and Fox both, along with the rest included ABC NBC CBS amongst others, all of which have been studied and proven,, to lie, 97.9% to 99.97% of the time – worse now because they no longer have to just ‘slant’ the opinionated news, as they once did, presenting only one sided views but, are legally allowed now, under US Law, to lie and propagandize you with complete BS), in the music you hear (broadcast at an ‘off’ frequency, with hidden subliminal’s throughout and hidden HZ frequencies coming from your Television set and radio), as well as in unheard frequencies meant to manipulate you, coming in via ‘negative’ (not friendly, once they were called ‘demons’) extraterrestrials and or inter dimensional species and their advanced techniques of telepathy, and electromagnetic signals, which cause emotional irritation and manipulation, as effective as your average television ‘programming’ is today, in the politics you see (which is nothing but ‘show and lie’), in the every day people you meet (most of whom would sell you out and destroy your life in a heartbeat if they saw a way to get ahead), in education (which is more about memorization and recitation of useless and often incorrect information than truly training one to think for themselves and acquire the truth), in the medical and pharmaceutical industries which only profit by making and keeping you, unhealthy,, leading they hope, to more severe illnesses, for higher profits), in the food industry (other than natural organic which is kept too expensive to buy, kept so by the low quality, over preserved, chemicalized, and malnourished intentionally for lesser nutritional value and yet, less expensive, packaged foods), in the so called system of justice (which is entirely corrupted from police to courts, to court officers, to attorneys, to court mandated counselors), in government which we are inculcated from childhood (pledge of allegiance, constitutional Rights, free elections, the list goes on, and taught to be a government of the people by the people and for, the people, until you, if you’re lucky, awaken, and research, only to uncover its exactly diametrically the opposite, and designed to serve solely the few wealthy and to continue to empower them over you), in organized religion (which as stated is lying and has been used for more atrocities murder rape and warfare throughout history than can begin to be recounted here but, it’s a long bloody trail, secular organized religion is solely designed to make you subservient and believe someone must intercede for you, and communicate to you “god’s will)…on and on, in every aspect of this ‘civilized society’, “the devil” exists, we see this all around us permeating every level of human society… ‘The devil’ is within those you meet and talk to daily, that is the devil, if,, there is indeed, such a separate entity exists, and that, is of some debate because it seems to me, it comes down to, more of a personal choice, between right and wrong, between self service and service to others, between coveting what you can “get” which is the basis of American Capitalism,, and choosing love…
    We all, have a choice, to enlighten our minds and ‘listen’ to what the universe (call ‘it’ God, or ‘Gods’ or Angels, or perhaps it was all along just non humans whom are benevolent friendly and wish only to help and educate spiritually, humankind, about the simple idea, to ‘love one another’) are telling us, and in those inner thoughts, that we need to to seek out that still quiet voice of light, love and truth, or we can follow the loud call of self centeredness and fall, with the rest of humanity, into darkness.

    We are facing the toughest of times now, when the government we were taught was good and there to help us, is doing its best to separate and isolate us all from one another… Wear a mask (you can’t see someone smile at you), don’t stand too close (you must speak loudly to be heard through the mask and at 6’ away,, and,, this permits being over-heard, removing the last shred of privacy, ‘personal interface’ and private offline conversation), you must have their filth injected into your body (no, we’re not quite, to mandatory ‘vaccinations’ yet but, it appears, it is coming), don’t use cash because it is “unsanitary” -the sign at my local grocery store says (they can then, monitor everything, control everything and they will, crash the economy and eliminate coinage to do it), we can’t even read or hear the truth anymore because, the media is 99-100% controlled by a very few people internationally and even our free platforms for exchange of information are now so heavily censored with dissenting voices being de-platformed on social media, video, and search, platforms.
    We live in desperate times when the truth is a lie, and the lie is the truth.
    Like the book 1984 showed, the only thing we still control (to some degree but, they are pushing to even control it, watch out the thought police are coming) is our own inner most thoughts and intuitions, find gratitude, generosity, love, and hope…
    So,, as in the beginning, so it ends, hopefully we realize, all we have and all we need, lay within.

    • See everything you are mentioning that “we do not have control over” is actually Everything We Do Have Control Over” That’s the problem with complying, each & everyone of you who where a mask are The Problem. I go about my business, enter into stores & No one says a word, because they no they can’t. Mandatory vaccinations is in your Mind, Nothing is Mandatory to force you to Wear or Inject or Listen to or Watch or Eat, Nothing.

      • In my home state, it is a $500 fine, not to wear a mask.
        Not saying that is a good thing, in fact quite the opposite. It is, beyond the people individually to control (collectively yes, a different story) and I object to this but, I personally, can’t afford to pay a $500 fine every time I go in a store.

          • There are, and have been aspects of the Republican & Democrat policies (ie: “The Corporate Cabal Deep State Swamp” policies and deceptions) I have challenged in my life, and I have suffered much as a result (far too much to detail here, and far far more, than you can imagine over the decades). I have done, and do, continue,, to fulfill what I’ve felt as my mission, in this ‘war’…. So, being “a man” myself, I’d say, “do your own part” as you see right and true, challenge the law and the so called ‘authorities’ as you feel drawn to but don’t verbally, personally insult others for doing or not doing theirs ie; the “be a man” comment… I add, that I applaud, your decision, to challenge this policy/Law. Remember each of us here (trolls aside) is working towards the same goal, that of an end to the corporate cabal running the U.S..
            Personally in this particular case however, as I tried to describe simply, at this point, a $500 fine, if enforced on me and it would be my luck to be the one,, by a store calling the (overfunded and over employed ie: too many) police (corporate cops) to write me a ticket, it could well mean a loss of significance in my life, loss of the few positive gains I’ve achieved despite these persecutions, like the loss of my home (because this $500 is half my annual property taxes I struggle, on a limited fixed income to pay annually) or mean my vehicles which could use that $500 for repairs, which I cannot currently, afford to repair, would not, be repaired a long time and ultimately no transportation thus, or mean going to a cabal bank, to put a mortgage on my home and maybe not be able to pay the taxes next time and lose my home…or if I challenged such, in court, end up being put in jail for contempt of court etc. -hope you get the point, been there, done that, thanks, no more…
            So, I appreciate you’re point of view, but no, not this time… I’ll leave this to you and others I’ve helped awaken through the years by speaking out against the cabal for much of my near 58 yrs, until I witness a majority, or at least a vast, minority, of the public deciding to act, as you suggest and I do not disagree, which is, near as I can tell, now, not even, one, in thousands, of people, and without asking personal questions of them, like if they have a medical condition that prohibits mask wearing, whether they agree with your this view.

            If you really want to make your voice heard, I respectfully suggest you call, email or visit your senate and house representative’s office (no need to tell me either way, btw) and berate them, may I also suggest you also particularly contact Mr Trump’s administration the White House number I’m told is 202-456-1111 and question Mr Trump’s manhood, the one man, whom could have stopped any such 4yr past, current or future pandemic virus dead in its tracks, by stopping air travel from any pandemic outbreak, in this case China, on December 20, stopping air travel wherever they are by executive order, as Mr Bush did on 9-11, and he could have further, closed the borders, ordered contact tracing of all incoming flights the preceding 24hrs and quarantined anyone developing the alleged viral, condition. If there is indeed, a virus that is, and it is killing people, then the karma, and, any resultant deaths, is on his hands for not acting on this for four months, instead of four hours, or four days, and is directly responsible for causing the mask policy,

            I know you’re all about that particular line about ‘masks’ of my original comment, a comment which had little, to do with ‘masks’, I mentioned just being, a case in point, I commented in regard to, of the evil surrounding us ie: “the devil” as outlined there in the article, which permeates all,,, aspects of human society.

            I do not disagree with your point of view but, you are not aware of my life, nor current situation, nor understand what I’ve faced in my life fighting the cabal policies, I chose, and do/will choose, to fight, and you’ve taken this one line, of an overall comment, about the utter evil in society and somehow psychologically hooked on that, challenging me on it repeatedly, as if, that, was the sole point, of the article, and my response comment. If that offended, or offends you, I have sympathies for your reaction but, questioning “my manhood” is not positive and you don’t, personally know me LaVerne, nor my history.

            I wish you well in your own battles against the cabal, may you fare better, than I have,, in this war.

          • amen, I wish I had a man to lead with Godly wisdom, even though I’m sadly past the flower of my age, menopause sneaks up on you. God bless those husbands who take marriage seriously, for the sake of their wives, children and society in general. God bless Godly testosterone!

    • Anonymously, I Deeply Apologize for offending you. I did get all the aspects of your comment & pulled out the one line about the mask’s Only because it is the Here & Now, in the sense of If people would come together, it would make a change overnight. As Mike Pompeo said “This is a Live Drill” This is truly a Psychological Warfare.

  2. Hello Laverne, isn’t it equally true that believing in the Devil potentially causes you to be a perpetrator and victim? Depending on one’s response to it, in a state of dependence and fear (as a victim), or as an instrument with power, keen to act as a devil?

    Believing in the Devil is rather a mind-program to me, for who has known or seen that being called the Devil? The presence of such a being, as opposed to a good God perhaps, could it be an image or idol, that we humans have made, through aeons of time, while we experience our inner devil and god through many lives, plus the results affecting those around us and ultimately ourselves, in a boomerang effect? Isn’t it an interesting question “Where does the idea of a God and a Devil come from?”

    The striving for what’s Right and True in itself is wonderful, I’m with you in that, but speaking as an old soul, I’m convinced that by experiencing the sunny and shadow side of life’s street, discernment is found in those experiences, leading to a conscious choice. When we take responsibility for our lives.

    A choice, either for the sun or for the dark cloud covering it. I like to see the dark as covered up light. In chaos lies the opportunity to clear and release what’s not serving us and in the intensity of our present time, there’s much separating of chaff and wheat. Most of what we are offered in the mainstream media is the chaff.

    The wheat is kept from us deliberately, by the teachers of fear. No uplifting and trust-building reports and instructions are the norm these days when the pandemic is concerned. Or any subject related to the role we global citizens are expected to take on.

    But I can assure you that the wheat is there. Many courageous deeds and influences are present in our time on planet Earth. It’s a wise measure that love will never brag or show off, sentiments aren’t her cup of tea. Sentiments have become the tools to draw the attention of the general public. To induce fear above all. With fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. On-screen and in reports that are supposed to educate and inform us, but which keep us frozen like a rabbit in the headlights of a car on the highway. At night.

    • The idea of God & devil come from Mythology as a way of Life to teach in it’s Allegory way. Every Culture had them & The Church ran away with them, but ironically kept them in their Symbolism’s & Holidays.

      • Hello Laverne, I believe my comment went in a different direction. I meant to include the possibility of roles as victim and perpetrator both, serving the Devil. As the two sides of one hand. In your comment, it seems that one side of the hand was mentioned. See what I mean? What are your thoughts about it?

      • Careful with the letters of St. Paul. The Christ he is teaching about is metaphysical and one you must go through.
        Else, a rough reading makes him a false apostle.

  3. If there is Light, there must be dark too.
    That is a law of the Universe.
    Ying and Yang
    You dont have to see dark as satan and you dont have to see the light as god,but its there for sure.
    People believe we know truths all the time and they turn out to be falsities.
    We live in a created matrix reality, so what is real and what is not is the real question…..

    • Real is The Sun comes up every morning in the East. There is your Son. Giver of Life, Sun. That’s why the Christian cross always is depicted with a circle of Light. Southern Crux Constellation is the Birth of God’s Sun the Winter Solstice. Orion’s Belt Constellation Three Wise Men.

  4. The article above is so TRUE! It is something i have known for a while but we often forget, that while we entertain this negative thoughts, we are also unknowingly and unconsciously perpetuating the same same. The answer here is not pretend that we do not know what is going on in the world, but use our minds our divine creativity to choose change in its entirety!. Unifying mind, body, soul and heart to the good thoughts that will manifest our new reality, therefore creating a new world. The comment of LaVerne above, with all love of respect, i see it is a response coming from the ego, thinking that we can change things on our own. Transmuting our Ego into unconditional LOVE has always been the mission! I see now, that we, on our own, can do little, only when we ask “Universal Loving Intelligence, God, Father-Mother”, for guidance and delivery of what we need to do, in order to change this beautiful Earth we live on in to Heaven on Earth, then that will be the time that we, all together, with the same unity of thought will manifest a New Earth with all its Magnificence!
    So start putting more LOVE and into the world by loving and treating your neighbor us you like to be LOVED and treated yourself!

    • Susana, Love is an Emotion. Righteousness is Moral Law & Truth is something to be Fact. You can not build a House of Light without these, that’s why the World is in Chaos & Dark.

  5. I used to think like the author until the devil in the form of a whore stole my son and attacked my family with military frequency technology. The same technology used in the Vietnam War, Gulf War and on and on. Now our Military Industrial Complex is using it on civilians by employing Section 8 welfare mommies. The one who attacked our family came from Maryland. They pay them with free section 8 housing and 100 dollar gift cards which are untraceable. The misguided perpetrators download software and attack civilians using cell phones. These section 8 prostitutes can abduct your son in one encounter. They use frequency weapons to entrain their subconscious and inject thoughts taking away their free will. They separate the victim from his family and close friends by also attacking their thoughts and causing job loathing which progresses to self loathing snd suicide. The extent is documented in Mind Wars by Moreno. You can research it through Duckduckgo and TOR as all other search engines are censored.

    Please protect yourself from these satanic people with signal disruption or they will find you. I am from Hawaii and they have been here since 2014. An overweight, menopausal black woman 16 years older than my 23 year old son has entrained him and controls him like a puppet. She makes money off of it as she and her unemployed sister bought a 400,000 dollar house in Oregon. They ship a child back and forth every 6 months between them. I’ve read they use children and small dogs to open conversation with victims they find on the streets.
    It’s Satan at work right in plain sight.

  6. If you believe in the Devil are you not a victim? A victim caught up in a belief system that someone else is doing the evil work & caught up in the system that someone is going to rescue you, just sit & wait for that coming. We are suppose to align ourselves with Righteousness & Truth, that in itself leads the World to avoid Chaos.


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