From our friend Lorie Ladd:

She took a lot of slack from this video but don’t assume the title tells it all. Her information has always been sincere and she puts the focus on energy and resonation.  We are all here doing work including those with the highest intentions and those offering us opportunities to stay as low as we want to go.


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  1. My response to your message is mixed. On the one hand, I find myself enthusiastic and agreeing with your analysis that Trump is positioned at the intersection of all the systems you name. He has a special gravitational attraction to the power points of almost all these systems and profoundly intuits in the core of his personality how these systems function as he assumes them unto himself, works with them, fights with them in his own way. In this, he is truly a genius in his ability to channel power, fight power, gain power. I can see in a way how the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL) might have sent a personal angel to Trump in this form to battle with the dark forces of the systems you name — media systems of disinformation, hidden elites of immense wealth dominating the mind control arenas. That’s all true.

    But GFOL sure created for us a quixotic situation and a very problematic inner guide for Trump. All over the world other human beings are similarly serving as divine disrupters to toxic systems, yet doing so in a way bringing minimal damage as the systems they are disrupting are breaking apart and more harmonious ones taking their places. With Trump there is a lot of “collateral damage,” if you will. 280,000 dead people, for starters. Has GFOL got the message yet about this? If Trump has been chosen for this special role, why aren’t they also sending him a healing light angel to help Trump the terrestrial man? Why is the GFOL, with its ultimate concern of helping transform humanity seemingly so unconcerned with helping transform Trump the suffering human being?

    And while Trump’s private economic power and egocentrism has insulated him from the main sinister forces dominating our culture — and indeed given him a vantage from which to battle them on a firmer footing than probably any president — my own feeling is that he is not battling these systems wholly as a GFOL intermediary on behalf of a larger humanity, but also on behalf of himself. And, his children are following in his footsteps. So there is some confusion here about whom is to be the beneficiary of the divine acts of the GFOL.

    The author notes herself that polarity is an illusion, that all is one, so truth demands that we look at Trump not merely as a stand-in for the GFOL light-worker behind the scenes who holds the real power, but as a tragic figure that fate herself has sent us — someone who cannot win the game in which he is engaged burdened with the terrestrial rules by which he must play, and his own toxic inheritance of disregard of his humanity foisted on him by his father who, by many accounts, loved power and money and not much else, including his children.

    There may be a divine plan working out here, but it includes a great tragedy of immense proportions and widespread suffering of nearly unimaginable scope and detail.

    So by the same token advanced by the author, I am also a light worker sent here by GFOL to do some special task — as is everyone else on the planet — indeed all life and matter and energy, and my task is to oppose vast parts of the Trumpian impetus, such as those which have led to the emergence of a powerful pool of authoritariansm in the United States.

    So it would appear that the GFOL is not of a unified opinion about how to settle matters on this planet and are sending multiple beings to us by which to engage the situation. Based on the results we are seeing so far with Trump, I would, with all due respect, kindly request that the GFOL send a replacement representative for Trump with more experience in breaking apart toxic systems and not simultaneously causing so much collateral damage. Nay, strike that. Please have the GFOL send Trump an entire entourage of the best Light Workers available, because he has truly engaged the battle with the dark forces, and the dark forces are winning.

  2. Since, to me, the subject here is “the art of the warrior”, strategy, and the use of the will, here’s page 104 of the book “A separate reality, conversations with Don Juan” by Carlos Castaneda (quote):
    Don Juan: “A warrior has to use his will and his patience to forget. In fact, a warrior has only his will and his patience and with them, he builds anything he wants.”

    Carlos: “But I’m not a warrior.”

    Don Juan: “You have started learning the ways of sorcerers. You have no more time for retreats or for regrets. You only have time to live like a warrior and work for patience and will, whether you like it or not.” “How does a warrior work for them?” Don Juan thought for a long time before answering. “I think there is no way of talking about it,” he finally said. “Especially about will.

    Will is something very special. It happens mysteriously. There is no real way of telling how one uses it, except that the results of using the will are astounding. Perhaps the first thing that one should do is to know that one can develop the will. A warrior knows that and proceeds to wait for it. Your mistake is not to know that you are waiting for your will.

    “My benefactor told me that a warrior knows that he is waiting and knows what he is waiting for. In your case, you know that you’re waiting. You’ve been here with me for years, yet you don’t know what you are waiting for. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for the average man to know what he is waiting for. A warrior, however, has no problems; he knows that he is waiting for his will.”

    Carlos: “What exactly is the will? Is it determination, like the determination of your grandson Lucio to have a motorcycle?”

    Don Juan: “No,” don Juan said softly and giggled. “That’s not will. Lucio only indulges. Will is something else, something very clear and powerful which can direct our acts. Will is something a man uses, for instance, to win a battle which he, by all calculations, should lose.”

    Carlos: “Then will must be what we call courage,” I said.

    Don Juan: “No. Courage is something else. Men of courage are dependable men, noble men perennially surrounded by people who flock around them and admire them, yet very few men of courage have will. Usually, they are fearless men who are given to performing daring common-sense acts; most of the time a courageous man is also fearsome and feared. Will, on the other hand, has to do with astonishing feats that defy our common sense.”

    Carlos: “Is will the control we may have over ourselves?” I asked.

    Don Juan: “You may say that it is a kind of control.”

    Carlos: “Do you think I can exercise my will, for instance, by denying myself certain things?”

    Don Juan: “Such as asking questions?” he interjected. He said it in such a mischievous tone that I had to stop writing to look at him. We both laughed.
    “No,” he said. “Denying yourself is an indulgence and I don’t recommend anything of the kind. That is the reason why I let you ask all the questions you want. If I told you to stop asking questions, you might warp your will trying to do that. The indulgence of denying is by far the worst; it forces us to believe we are doing great things when in effect we are only fixed within ourselves. To stop asking questions is not the will I’m talking about.

    Will is a power. And since it is a power it has to be controlled and tuned and that takes time. I know that and I’m patient with you. When I was your age I was as impulsive as you. Yet I have changed. Our will operates in spite of our indulgence. For example, your will is already opening your gap, little by little.”

    Carlos: “What gap are you talking about?”

    Don Juan: “There is a gap in us; like the soft spot on the head of a child which closes with age, this gap opens as one develops one’s will.”

    Carlos: “Where is that gap?”

    Don Juan: “At the place of your luminous fibres,” he said, pointing to his abdominal area.
    Carlos: “What is it like? What is it for?”
    Don Juan: “It’s an opening. It allows a space for the will to shoot out, like an arrow.”
    Carlos: “Is the will an object? Or like an object?”
    Don Juan: “No. I just said that to make you understand. What a sorcerer calls will is a power within ourselves. It is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. To stop asking questions is not will because it needs thinking and wishing. Will is what can make you succeed when your thoughts tell you that you’re defeated. Will is what makes you invulnerable.

    Will is what sends a sorcerer through a wall; through space; to the moon, if he wants.” There was nothing else I wanted to ask. I was tired and somewhat tense. I was afraid don Juan was going to ask me to leave and that annoyed me.

    Don Juan: “Let’s go to the hills,” he said abruptly, and stood up. On the way he started talking about will again and laughed at my dismay over not being able to take notes. He described will as a force which was the true link between men and the world. He was very careful to establish that the world was whatever we perceive, in any manner, we may choose to perceive.

    Don Juan maintained that “perceiving the world” entails a process of apprehending whatever presents itself to us. This particular “perceiving” is done with our senses and with our will. I asked him if will was a sixth sense. He said it was rather a relation between ourselves and the perceived world. I suggested that we halt so I could take notes.

    He laughed and kept on walking. He did not make me leave that night, and the next day after eating breakfast he himself brought up the subject of will.

    Don Juan: “What you yourself call will is character and strong disposition,” he said. “What a sorcerer calls will is a force that comes from within and attaches itself to the world out there. It comes out through the belly, right here, where the luminous fibres are.” He rubbed his navel to point out the area.

    Don Juan: “I say that it comes out through here because one can feel it coming out.” Carlos: “Why do you call it will?”
    Don Juan: “I don’t call it anything. My benefactor called it will, and other men of knowledge call it will.”
    Carlos: “Yesterday you said that one can perceive the world with the senses as well as with the will. How is that possible?”
    Don Juan: “An average man can ‘grab’ the things of the world only with his hands, or his eyes, or his ears, but a sorcerer can grab them also with his nose, or his tongue, or his will, especially with his will. I cannot really describe how it is done, but you yourself, for instance, cannot describe to me how you hear.
    It happens that I am also capable of hearing, so we can talk about what we hear, but not about how we hear. A sorcerer uses his will to perceive the world. That perceiving, however, is not like hearing. When we look at the world or when we hear it, we have the impression that it is out there and that it is real. When we perceive the world with our will we know that it is not as ‘out there’ or ‘as real’ as we think.”

    Carlos: “Is will the same as seeing?”
    Don Juan: “No. Will is a force, a power. Seeing is not a force, but rather a way of getting through things. A sorcerer may have a very strong will and yet he may not see; which means that only a man of knowledge perceives the world with his senses and with his will and also with his seeing.”

    I told him that I was more confused than ever about how to use my will to forget the guardian. That statement and my mood of perplexity seemed to delight him.

    Don Juan: “I’ve told you that when you talk you only get confused,” he said and laughed. “But at least now you know you are waiting for your will. You still don’t know what it is, or how it could happen to you. So watch carefully everything you do. The very thing that could help you develop your will is amidst all the little things you do.”

    Don Juan was gone all morning; he returned in the early afternoon with a bundle of dry plants. He signalled me with his head to help him and we worked in complete silence for hours, sorting the plants. When we finished we sat down to rest and he smiled at me benevolently. I said to him in a very serious manner that I had been reading my notes and I still could not understand what being a warrior entailed or what the idea of will meant.

    Don Juan: “Will is not an idea,” he said. This was the first time he had spoken to me the whole day. After a long pause, he continued: “We are different, you and I. Our characters are not alike. Your nature is more violent than mine. When I was your age I was not violent but mean; you are the opposite. My benefactor was like that; he would have been perfectly suited to be your teacher. He was a great sorcerer but he did not see; not the way I see or the way Genaro sees.

    I understand the world and live guided by my seeing. My benefactor, on the other hand, had to live as a warrior. If a man sees he doesn’t have to live like a warrior, or like anything else, for he can see things as they really are and direct his life accordingly. But, considering your character, I would say that you may never learn to see, in which case you will have to live your entire life like a warrior.

    My benefactor said that when a man embarks on the paths of sorcery he becomes aware, in a gradual manner, that ordinary life has been forever left behind; that knowledge is indeed a frightening affair; that the means of the ordinary world are no longer a buffer for him; and that he must adopt a new way of life if he is going to survive. The first thing he ought to do, at that point, is to want to become a warrior, a very important step and decision. The frightening nature of knowledge leaves one no alternative but to become a warrior.

    By the time knowledge becomes a frightening affair the man also realizes that death is the irreplaceable partner that sits next to him on the mat. Every bit of knowledge that becomes power has death as its central force. Death lends the ultimate touch, and whatever is touched by death indeed becomes power. A man who follows the paths of sorcery is confronted with imminent annihilation every turn of the way, and unavoidably he becomes keenly aware of his death.

    Without the awareness of death, he would be only an ordinary man involved in ordinary acts. He would lack the necessary potency, the necessary concentration that transforms one’s ordinary time on earth into magical power. Thus to be a warrior a man has to be, first of all, and rightfully so, keenly aware of his own death.

    But to be concerned with death would force anyone of us to focus on the self and that would be debilitating. So the next thing one needs to be a warrior is detachment. The idea of imminent death, instead of becoming an obsession, becomes an indifference.”
    Don Juan stopped talking and looked at me. He seemed to be waiting for a comment.
    “Do you understand?” he asked.

    I understood what he had said but I personally could not see how anyone could arrive at a sense of detachment. I said that from the point of view of my own apprenticeship I had already experienced the moment when knowledge became such a frightening affair. I could also truthfully say that I no longer found support in the ordinary premises of my daily life. And I wanted, or perhaps even more than wanted, I needed, to live like a warrior.

    Don Juan: “Now you must detach yourself,” he said.
    Carlos: “From what?”
    Don Juan: “Detach yourself from everything.”
    Carlos: “That’s impossible. I don’t want to be a hermit.”
    Don Juan: “To be a hermit is an indulgence and I never meant that. A hermit is not detached, for he willfully abandons himself to being a hermit. Only the idea of death makes a man sufficiently detached so he is incapable of abandoning himself to anything. Only the idea of death makes a man sufficiently detached so he can’t deny himself anything.

    A man of that sort, however, does not crave, for he has acquired a silent lust for life and for all things of life. He knows his death is stalking him and won’t give him time to cling to anything, so he tries, without craving, all of everything. A detached man, who knows he has no possibility of fencing off his death, has only one thing to back himself with: the power of his decisions.

    He has to be, so to speak, the master of his choices. He must fully understand that his choice is his responsibility and once he makes it there is no longer time for regrets or recriminations. His decisions are final, simply because his death does not permit him time to cling to anything. And thus with an awareness of his death, with his detachment, and with the power of his decisions a warrior sets his life in a strategical manner.

    The knowledge of his death guides him and makes him detached and silently lusty; the power of his final decisions makes him able to choose without regrets and what he chooses is always strategically the best, and so he performs everything he has to with gusto and lusty efficiency. When a man behaves in such a manner one may rightfully say that he is a warrior and has acquired patience!”

    Don Juan asked me if I had anything to say, and I remarked that the task he had described would take a lifetime. He said I protested too much in front of him and that he knew I behaved, or at least tried to behave, in terms of a warrior in my day-to-day life.

    Don Juan: “You have pretty good claws,” he said, laughing. “Show them to me from time to time. It’s a good practice.” I made a gesture of claws and growled, and he laughed. Then he cleared his throat and went on talking.

    Don Juan: “When a warrior has acquired patience he is on his way to will. He knows how to wait. His death sits with him on his mat, they are friends. His death advises him, in mysterious ways, how to choose, how to live strategically. And the warrior waits! I would say that the warrior learns without any hurry because he knows he is waiting for his will, and one day he succeeds in performing something ordinarily quite impossible to accomplish. He may not even notice his extraordinary deed.

    But as he keeps on performing impossible acts, or as impossible things keep on happening to him, he becomes aware that a sort of power is emerging. A power that conies out of his body as he progresses on the path of knowledge. At first, it is like an itching on the belly or a warm spot that cannot be soothed; then it becomes a pain, a great discomfort.
    Sometimes the pain and discomfort are so great that the warrior has convulsions for months, the more severe the convulsions the better for him. A fine power is always heralded by great pain. “When the convulsions cease the warrior notices he has strange feelings about things.

    He notices that he can actually touch anything he wants with a feeling that comes out of his body from a spot right below or right above his navel. That feeling is the will, and when he is capable of grabbing with it, one can rightfully say that the warrior is a sorcerer and that he has acquired will.”

    Don Juan stopped talking and seemed to await my comments or questions. I had nothing to say. I was deeply concerned with the idea that a sorcerer had to experience pain and convulsions but I felt embarrassed about asking him if I also had to go through that. Finally, after a long silence, I asked him, and he giggled as if he had been anticipating my question. He said that pain was not absolutely necessary; he, for example, had never had it and will had just happened to him (end of quote).

  3. Lori is correct. My Spirit Guides say the same thing about Trump. They also say that in a past life he was Oliver Loving from the Goodnight Loving Trail. If you google Oliver Loving’s image you will see a connection. The Universe is neutral and not political. Those who don’t believe Trump is doing a lightworker’s job are not meant to. They have their role to play in this event.

  4. Here’s a video, good company with this one here I believe, with Lori Ladd, dated September 1st. About the Awakening process:

  5. Trump said, There coming for YOU, I AM just in the way…. so you not like him means you love ya crap life, whereby the 1% rule the rest of us… good luck with your hate, and see you all on the other side. We need you too go wtih themsss until you want Love, then we will open up for you two Join US… IN LOVE AND LIGHT.

    • Hello Jerry DON MARTIN C.D.S. to me, your comment seems to show an example of conditional love and the restriction of “… see you all on the other side….” as if no minute in our now, your now and my now, can make a difference or counts as a potential change.

      To me, every minute in our NOW counts, when it’s about seeing each other on this side, face and mask. To me, it’s here where we can begin to use the “inner ingredients” or “tools” that are used to bring about a transformation that begins within each of us and then begins to inform the collective human consciousness towards freedom of expression.

      Your comment sounds a bit like as if you say “Show me that you want Love, or I’ll shoot”.
      The ones that you’re talking to, in your comment, are possibly so far removed from Love, that they’ve got no direction or clue, how to Love, let alone receive Love. For hate seems to be the frequency they thrive upon. (in twisted and brainwashed minds).

      To me, it’s one of the greatest challenges for humanity, myself included, to observe “them” (those who’ve dunnit) in Love and Light as much as treated in that same manner so that they are aware of it. In that way, I believe we shall have made a giant leap, leaving duality consciousness and division, as in “good” or “bad”. And when that initial personal effort is made, at some point multiplied by the 1000’s, this shall bring an end to the opposition between God and the devil, or the Light and the Dark. To me, we’re all invited to wean off of 3D consciousness, releasing many old programs, brittle, that are ready to break apart.

  6. Lorie: This made perfect sense to me. It is obvious to me that POTUS Trump is the only recent President who leads with determination and skill to hold a corrupt system accountable. He is fighting for the people rather than enabling the corporations and evil hierarchy. He is fighting to save the children. POTUS Trump is battling the most horrid depths of evil on the planet. Evil fights back with a vengeance because they fear exposure. I agree that “being a real light worker is a very hard, silent and unspectacular task.” Thank you Lorie,

  7. If Trump is “All so Powerful” Why is it Chem-Trailing is still going on at an everyday basis?? To put us asleep?? (it’s working)

  8. Great video and what a courageous lady, Lori Ladd. I’ve always felt that there’s something around President Trump that is highly unusual and that his style of presentation and appearances seem to be somewhat deliberate, in the sense that he’s not taken serious often, and that it often breaks apart our own pre-conceived ideas and expectations. Donald Trump reminds me of a jester and a fool, a fool like the archetype in the Tarot cards. I believe that it’s true what they say about his interest in the Art of War from the East. Something related to martial arts and strategy, where things aren’t what they seem to be.
    There’s a knowing/trust within me, that we, humanity of planet Earth, will see the light of a new dawn and the arrival of a new day, in surprise and great wonder, in the near future.

  9. Bravo! I see what you are talking about and I am conscious of what is going on – job well done. Thank you Lorie. Switch the TV and radio off folks!

  10. Sorry, but poor people don’t care about trump.
    Poor people want their jobs back: why make it worse.
    Unemployment is very high now because the govt. did not control who was coming into the airports for the coronavirus. The govt. knew that the coronavirus was going to spread globally back in Nov. 2019: nothing was done about. No actions taken. Nothing.

    Trump is also a troublemaker. The governor of Wisconsin & the Mayor of Kenosha don’t want Trump to come into their State. Nobody likes him.

  11. The human definition of the light worker, refers to beings
    superior to others with magnificent and spectacular gifts, some truly elected!
    But this is our distorted vision, guided by the movies of super heroes.
    We are all beings of light, we all receive and spread light, we are all energy, it is not about whether we are considered good or bad by society.
    The beings that have negative actions are also necessary in this world, because also (but not only) it is from evil that a good arises, in and evil are two sides of the same coin and exist as an evolutionary spring.
    There are evil beings that do not belong to this world, but they represent the power on earth, the power that enslaves, those that must be removed. Politicians, corrupt, speculators, are just weak beings also they in search of evolution and they are not the ones who will change our lives, however they play an important role in change, like all of us even the most anonymous.
    The idea of light workers, is a human creation to distinguish humans in statutes. Nowadays it is a fashion for human beings to say that they are awake, that they are light workers etc, but that is just the ego talking.
    Because being a real light worker is a very hard, silent and unspectacular task. Human standards love to refer to humans who save the world with a gun in one hand and a beautiful woman in another.
    Greetings from Portugal

  12. THANK YOU!!! This worship of Trump as some kind of savior from God is beyond frustrating. When will we learn that neither Trump nor the DNC are going to save us? STOP PUTTING YOUR FAITH IN UNITED STATES POLITICIANS TO RESURRECT JUSTICE IN THE WORLD. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN THAT WAY. PERIOD.

  13. My Boat Rocker blog post in response to this video “Is Donald trump a Light Worker?”
    I would appreciate if you don’t censor me. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for your heart felt message. I’lI fall back on the story about the Zen Master, the Boy and the Horse. “We will see!” but in the illusion, “Time will tell” Time is never on the side of the dark and deceivers/Low frequency controllers as IN TIME in this realm, ALL is revealed. Light reveals the shadows upon illumination, it does not hide in the shadows as the shadows dwellers do. Light does not even cast a shadow. It cannot as it IS light.

    Light is LOVE and does what LOVE does. In all things in all ways. High frequency does not dwell in lower frequency discordant energies. Why would it? Like water takes the path of least resistance, nature , God, Light, is very simple and uncomplicated. As my Future Higher Self states “Convolution hides malfeasance” – ONE.

    So My guidance is not from the Federation of Light. I very much enjoy the updates in Blossom Goodchild’s channelings with the Federation of Light. Rather my guidance comes from my Future Higher self. I call this Future Higher self “ONE”. ONE is my higher self on the other side of the veil, who has taken compassion on me and comforted me, over the past 6 years.

    Who of us would not, once no longer bound by 3d time, go back to comfort their younger self if they could. Well they can, and do IF we choose it. Like all relationships it takes two to communicate. Just now my future higher self “ONE” brought me a song lyric from the Song “Don’t fear the reaper”by Blue Oyster Cult…. “Love of two is ONE.” and a warm smile rises in me and a state of bliss is attained as my vibration is raised. I have found that My future higher self often communicates to me through song lyrics. Music is created in a very high frequency close to LOVE and clear communication is available if ONE is choosing to listen.

    A light worker, by MY definition, perhaps not yours or any ONE else’s, is “ONE who sees all beings in themselves, and themselves in all beings.” A light worker knows that the consciousness behind ONE’s eye is the same consciousness behind every eye. and all matter, every particle. Every animal, plant tree, those little microscopic tardigrade, water, crystals, planets, suns galaxies and on and on everything. A Light worker knows that they are LOVE. A Light Worker understands that what ONE does to another, they do to themselves.

    Discernment is challenged in this place of forgetting as we all have filters we must overcome OR embrace depending on the role we choose to play in this sand box in which in the end, “ALL IS WELL”. In some cases ONE chooses ignorance to fully play the role of the dark. But in the end, again, ALL IS WELL, and there is no judgement by the highest. Only man judges.

    It matters not whether trump sees himself as a light worker or not or whether he qualifies as a Light Worker in your eyes or my eyes or not. Maybe he is a catalyst for the light. As we all know ” God works in mysterious ways.” But in this new age. ONE must exercise their discernment muscles going forward for we see with deep fake, AI and algorithm and censorship, and photoshop which i am an expert in, and Juke box tech We can no longer believe our senses. But our gut is another matter.

    Now in the multi dimensional sand box Trump may be playing the role of undercover light worker. he appears to be having a great time at it as well. I have often said that he reminds me of the character Holden Caulfield in the book the “Catcher in the RYE” a book written by JD Salanger in which I theorize he was writing in order to balance his own out of balance ego. An intention inventory exercise or ritual.

    So in the greater scheme, Trump is me and I AM Trump. We are all ONE. It is helpful to note that we can realize that the trillions of personalities that God has shattered herself into to experience each of our perspectives on experience it’self is or can be benign or any frequency at all. So perspective plays a part for multidimensional self aware sentient participants in 3D.

    So let me speak as Greg Dampier in this 3d realm who in this sand box is playing the part of a freedom fighter, a lover of free will and freedom. And a citizen of The United States of America (illusion as I in this body in 3d see myself a simply a human.) An ex police officer, an agent of the constitution who took an oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. A Tax payer who understand the power of money to corrupt and waste my human energy I pay in taxes.

    1. Donald trump does not represent my values at all and I do not trust him to guide and lead the country. I find him UN-Trust-Worthy. He has had four years to bring about any real and lasting change (IF any president can really do that at all).

    2. Donald trump makes speeches bragging about how great the economy is when he and I know he is talking about the fake corporate welfare economy propped up by the money laundering operation the Stock market. He and all the DC politicians would have you believe that the stock market IS the economy rather than a parasite ON the people’s economy. He is ONE of them. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and does and says what ducks do and say, then yells out loud for all to see and hear… “Hey, I’m a duck”. Well, he ain’t Jesus. He’s a pu$$i grabbing duck isn’t he?

    3. Donald Trump has NOT been forthcoming with bringing the American people the truth about Covid 19, in fact he is steering the covid 19 titanic right into the iceberg. Somehow the Trump “Q” zealots keep distancing him from the biggest treason we have seen in modern times (at least equal if not worse than 911, same party by the way as Gorgy Porgy Bush 1 and 2) that includes but is not limited to an illegal house arrest on every citizen that fits the definition of torture., Muzzle wearing, fake science for profit and control, Destroying many lives and livelihoods and lying about a 2 week lock down that is now going on 6 months based on mandates and laws that are illegal unconstitutional immoral and defies common sense AND violates COSMIC LAW “Free will” ANY rookie light worker would know about the cosmic prime directive, “Free will”. Want to piss off a sentient self aware sentient cosmic citizen? violate my free will.!!!!!

    4. Donald trump has overseen the theft of the citizens treasure in the Trillions and giving it to his rich friends while more Americans are sleeping in tents on our city streets. He has done nothing to arrest the illegal unconstitutional Federal Reserve that is a private usury institution that creates unsustainable debt out of every fiat/fake dollar printed that devalues every dollar the working class people have due to built in inflation.

    5. Donald trump is the only “light worker” I have ever known to have another countries leadership assassinated then bragged that he could kill someone and would not lose any voters.

    6. Donald Trumps appointments to his governments cabinets are “Fox in the hen house” appointments. His treasury secretary is a smug hedge fund guy that benifitted from taking peoples homes in 2007/2008 during the bank bailouts. His secretary of labor gave Jeff Epstein a sweetheart deal and Trump wish’s Epsteins madam Ghislain Maxwell, well with her “troubles”???? The EPA secretary is a corporate polluter, and on and on. They say he is draining the swamp but he is filling the swamp with more swamp creatures. IF that is a Light Worker I will need to broaden my definition a bit. yes?

    7. Donald trump has released a soldier who committed murder and war crimes, while doing nothing to release the truth teller, light worker Julian Assange who is dying as we speak from torture over many years. Take your time Donald, he may be dead by the time Biden gets you re elected.

    8. “Q” sycophants and others keep referring, for years to the 150,00 secret indictments and trump rescuing tortured children from under ground bases. First of all as an ex police officer, police do not sit on secret indictments for years allowing suspects they have probable cause to charge with a crime, to continue victimizing others. The police would then be culpable for allowing the crimes due to inaction. Yes? Good cops would never allow that. Not only that serving 150000 indictments would be a logistical nightmare.

    Trump is rescuing children from undeground sewers and bases??But that it is SECRET. really? why would ONE keep something like that secret, and how could something like that be kept secret in a transparent democracy especially as there is so much distrust of the government right now as people are awakening?? Wouldn’t parents of rescued children be posting notes of joy on Facebook and social media, books written and movie deals made?? Do we really want the State to be keeping secrets about children being captive in cages???? really?

    9. Whch brings me to point 9. Donald trump allowed chilldren “Immigrants” held in cages away from parents in private ICE prisons. he did not seem to care about rescuing those children! Then they all say, “Trump wrote legislation to stop human trafficking”. There are already laws on the books to prosecute human trafficking, all he has to do is have them investigated and arrested.Yes?

    10. Donald trump wanted to give his friends contracts to spend the people’s money on a partial wall to keep out immigrants, people who were the inhabitants of this land before westerners stole it from them. A light worker knows that everywhere ONE walks on this planet is holy ground. A Light worker knows that it is quite impossible for any ONE to be illegal any where on this planet. Trump does NOT appear to know that.

    11. Donald trump is made out to be the perfect CEO to “Make America great again” really? Exactly when was America great save in the minds of delusional Americans? The ground is covered with the blood of people from constant states of war and criminality. America better check herself before she wrecks herself. Literally. Heroshima? Slavery, Broken treaties of the Native Americans murder and genocide. No voting for women or Minorities/ Illegal testing on citizens resulting in death and birth defects? censorship? Two party scams? constant war? hearding American citizens (Japanese) into camps, over taxing and theft? rendition? torture? i can do this all day. Supression of real free energy, our real history? real disclosure????? on and on? So exactly when was America great? Sure, potential it never lived up to due to corruption and criminality.

    12. Donald Trump has done nothing about censorship by proxy, He has allowed the military to be deployed against the American people in their own land, he has allowed the further militarization of the Police. He has not explained the role of protest infil-traitors know as Agent Provocetuers that is always used by the state to stop the voice of the people who no longer have a voice. I could go on but need I? Light Worker? I Think not. I vote not. I do not give my consent for this charade to continue.

    13. I suspect Donald Trump and “Q” is a part of the rebranding efforts of the republicans. Not unlike the “tea Party” efforts they tried and failed with. Lipstick on a very stinking corpse of a republican pig in which they that admitted after years of the Bush Dynasty they would have to “Reinvent” themselves as they said on Television so many years ago. These efforts are revealing the cooperation of the truther and spiritual community who Republicans have always pandered to such as the right wing Christians so they have much practice with.

    14. “There is but ONE party, and you ain’t in it.” – ONE. There is no dubt in my mid that the choice of Biden and harris were designed to get Donald trump reelected. While controllers make plans over 100 years, the average Americans plan over the past 4 years. The Dempublicans/Republicrats are 2 sides of the same coin. They pretend to hate each other, but who they really hate is you! To only remove half a cancerous tumor, cancer remains, yes? Light worker? I don’t think much light work is going on in DC. from any of them. We need no priest, not pope, no president, no guru, no spiritual influancers. All that is found within. We are the ONE’s we have been waiting for. What is going on is Mass Hysteria a distraction from blatant in your face criminality and corruption at the highest levels. They tactic is stale tired and old, divide and conquer. Removal of consent is the least ONE can do. And a good start. – ONE

    • Bravo,, Greg Dampier, Bravo,, extremely well put, Bravo!!
      Could not have said better myself on these matters…though I often tried to here.
      I wish every Q-A-Nonsense follower, would really, research.

      The blind are leading the blind to slaughter, and your words hit it, right and true friend, if only some would awaken and listen, and learn, keep it up!!

  15. For I know that violence must increase on the earth,
    And a great chastisement be executed on the earth,

    Yea, it shall be cut off from its roots,

    6 And unrighteousness shall again be consummated on the earth,
    And all the deeds of unrighteousness and of violence
    And transgression shall prevail in a twofold degree.

    7 And when sin and unrighteousness and blasphemy
    And violence in all kinds of deeds increase,
    And apostasy and transgression and uncleanness increase,

    A great chastisement shall come from heaven upon all these,
    And the holy Lord will come forth with wrath and chastisement
    To execute judgement on earth.

    And the Lord called those men the seven first white ones, and commanded that they should bring before Him, beginning with the first star which led the way, all the stars whose privy members 22 were like those of horses, and they brought them all before Him. And He said to that man who wrote before Him, being one of those seven white ones, and said unto him: ‘ Take those seventy shepherds to whom I delivered the sheep, and who taking them on their own authority slew more 23 than I commanded them.’ And behold they were all bound, I saw, and they all stood before Him. 24 And the judgement was held first over the stars, and they were judged and found guilty, and went to the place of condemnation, and they were cast into an abyss, full of fire and flaming, and full 25 of pillars of fire. And those seventy shepherds were judged and found guilty, and they were cast 26 into that fiery abyss. And I saw at that time how a like abyss was opened in the midst of the earth, full of fire, and they brought those blinded sheep, and they were all judged and found guilty and 27 cast into this fiery abyss, and they burned; now this abyss was to the right of that house. And I saw those sheep burning and their bones burning. 28 And I stood up to see till they folded up that old house; and carried off all the pillars, and all the beams and ornaments of the house were at the same time folded up with it, and they carried 29

      • How about sending All politicians on a Ship with No Food & Water & Leave it in the middle of the Ocean. Each Nation gets their own Ship. With “Them” gone we can Clean up Their Disgusting way of life. & Their won’t be a need for Federal Taxes or Property Taxes.

  16. Trump is an idiot…a puppet idiot…but even a broken clock is right twice a day…so he does say and do somethings that the average Joe agrees with….but make no mistake in believing this guy’s main priority in life has always been money. Just like the rest of the wealthy idiots that own this country, Trump only really cares about himself…his own Sister has said that Trump is a pathological Liar and would say anything to make some money….his Niece also called him a morally bankrupt individual so calling him a light worker is a bit of a stretch….is he as pathetic as the Democrats…no he is not but he is certainly no Angel…and he is just as controlled as the President we had before him…..

  17. She did a good job trying to minimize the amount of distortion in the message with us being experts a taking sides in 3d and all – we need to look up more often than looking down and mini me. I can see how it could’ve been much more crook4d w/o eye opening guidance. We need to stop seeing other perspectives as a threat and future schools of thought need to encourage different perspectives…because sometimes there is 50:50 chance of you being right or wrong – all is good under the Sun.


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