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  1. What a tangled web. First, when the Khazars decided to accept Judaism, rabbis and leadership were sent from western Europe. Therefore the western Ashkenazi were not Khazarian. Ashkenazi had lived in Babylon as Jews, accepted the occult Satanism, and migrated to western Europe. Since Jews don’t intermarry, they cannot be a mixture.
    I’d like to know whether the Sephardic lived in Babylon too, I don’t think so. They are considered to have a more pure faith. Do they use the Talmud? But even so, all Jews went wayward back in ancient Palestine and went into Satanism.
    Next, Khazars lived east of the Dniepre River originally, around the Caucauses Mountains, I don’t know exactly. West of the Dniepre were the Medes, who are now all the Ukrainians. Poland and Ukraine are the origins of many Jews in THIS ERA only. Choosing a place to return? Try the Donbass area.

    • Of course jews are a mixture, as you had said Ashkenazi jews came out of Europe, which means “they” were mixing with Europeans. Sephardic jews came out of Spain (& were thrown out of Spain & Europe) Sephardic jews mixed with Arabs & black Africans & the Turks, that’s why they are darker. Who do you think lives in Saudi Arabia. Yes they marry “Their Own” Jew, doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s a Jew. I don’t think Ashkenazi jews are an occult of Satanism, I would think Sephardic considering their track record in Saudi & even South America & Africa, the Natives were Prone to Eating a beating Heart of their enemy. Look at their Scalping practices.

    • Donbass, this is the exact reason for those phony maidan riots and the civil war that’s been going on, these khazars wanted Crimea because of the khazarian history of it… the people in novo rossiya/donbass today are predominantly ethnic Russian, wanted nothing to do with the illegitimate government of that pseudo jew and scumbag poroshenko. What he do? Start a war with itself. Very American of them, but you can thank those other pseudo Jews McCain and nuland and her ‘poison cookies’ for inspiring the rioting in Kiev over a useless EU(nato) future. The point is, the people living in donbass were targeted and would have been murdered tenfold if those bastards went any further. People on the Ukrainian side near the border returned to their homes to find people from the west moved in and claiming their apartments as theirs now! This is why people of crimea were safe, the conflict never reached them. If only donbass was saved… anyway, khazarian or not, this is the modern day and genociding people out of a land they were born on just because of some centuries old ancestry does not make that right! It is very world war I, II and this behaviour will not be tolerated

  2. If this is true “The true ancestral homeland of the Khazars or Ashkenazi Jews is roughly correspondent with present-day Poland and Ukraine. If the Ashkenazi really wish to return to their ancestral homeland, then that is where they should go. The Palestinians are the original inhabitants of the region who at a certain point in history converted to Islam. However, the Jews in Israel are now living in their spiritual homeland and deserve to be allowed to continue to live there in peace.”,
    Then WHY do the Khazars inn Jerusalem get to retain control over what you admit does not belong to them?
    Why, since you can ADMIT that they are KHAZARS and have NO BLOOD CLAIM to the land, are you unwilling to ADMIT that the only people on the planet with a GENOME Wide enough to give birth to multiple nationality types, i.e., “father many nations”, is a tiny tribe of Africans.
    Khazars did not FATHER MANY NATIONS; Africans did.

    How do you expect to establish a society based on truth if you are unwilling to admit this scientific fact?

    African Tribe Populated the Rest of the World

    DNA traces Chinese back to Africa

    Most human DNA traced to single exodus from Africa long ago

    • Harrison, Robert Sepehr has a detailed video of this history titled ‘Archaic Admixture in Sub-Saharan Africans’ website: Atlantean Gardens

  3. Wasn’t the Allies’ bombing of cultural and civilian targets also a burnt offering to Moloch?

    Destroying National Socialist Germany for going against the Khazarian Mafia by making labor-based currency (as opposed to debt-based currency) may well have been a deed of not only killing the donkey when it’s off the millstone, to use a Chinese idiom (卸磨殺驢/xièmòshālǘ/semòhsaatlèuih), but also stigmatizing and outlawing respect for that donkey.

    Perhaps all tyrannic persecution is ritual abuse and ritual slaughter.

    • Thank you Easter Bunny Brown, Good Documentary for those who do not know this ‘Holocaust’ Burnt Offering the Al-lies did, is ‘HELLSTORM’

  4. Wow. And good on Benjamin for busting the Chabad death cult for what it is. We need to pay attention that Trump’s son in law is a member of that and very entangled with Netanyahu, so beware of him. Another great and more specific history of the Khasarian Mafia is at Covert Geopolitics
    The idea that Ashkenazi Jews are not Hebrews is stunning for some. The best writers on this are Jews themselves who have busted it for decades. Schlomo Sands is probably the most famous, but he’s not the only one. The Hassids, also Ashkenazi, also maintain that Jews have no business in Israel, but they say it’s because it’s not time under the instructions of God.
    Whenever the subject comes up, of course the ADL and others cry antisemitism, but the truth is the Ashkenazi are not Semitic. The Palestinians ARE, and many are descended from Hebrews who converted to Islam along the way. The only other actual descendants of Hebrews, as I understand it, are the Sephardic Jews of Spain who settled in Spain in Biblical times.

    • The Sephardic jews are the ones that need to be taken more seriously as being the ‘OZ’ behind the curtain, that very few mention. They are the ones that got thrown out of Spain & other parts of Europe. They are the ones that Stole the Ottoman Empire land to create Saudi Arabia. They are the ones who cut a deal with Scum job Roosevelt in the 1930’s “U.S. stays out of our Religion & we supply The U.S. Oil till Infinity”.

  5. Dear PC, For further study, Robert Sepehr has a website ‘Atlantean Gardens’ that goes into the initial migrating of the Ashkenazi jews into Haifa by Germany in 1868, titled ‘History of The Temple Society’ (8 min. in). Also It would be a good idea for you to look into your own Library archives (Encyclopedia Judaica) on ‘The Haavara’ also known as ‘The Transfer Agreement’ negotiated by Eliezer Hoofein, director of Anglo-Palestine Bank & The Reich Economics Ministry in 1933-1939. This information sheds light on the joint goal of bringing German jews to Palestine.


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