Join Alfred Webre in one of his interviews with Gene Decoder and Karen MacDonald.

Gene has come forward as a whistleblower with information regarding the liberation of deep underground military bases and the emancipation of human trafficked children from these bases. Gene is a 21 year veteran with the Navy. He is a Vietnam vet. He worked in electronics on submarines in special forces. He has a background in martial arts. With a strong desire to learn more about the human body, Gene researched holistic medical practices, acupuncture and the science of herbal medicine, much of it through a Chinese foundation. Because of the nature of his expertise, Gene was privy to high military clearance sometimes higher than some of his commanding officers. His father was a scientist for Martin-Marietta and Gene grew up hearing about covert military operations.

Nurse and Klanmother Karen MacDonald has devoted her life to the healing arts with the intention to aid humanity in it’s journey back to balanced health and soul integration. She is the  13th white bear tribal klanmother internationally honored ambassador, CACHA natural medicine pioneer, peace eco-activist, Quantum master healer, Ret.RN Nicu from Royal Saskatoon University (Saskatchewan), spring water Colon Hydrotherapist CHT, Aromatherapy CARE, herbology, vedic rus shaman, SCIO scalar rife, zero point reiki touch matrix, bio energetic aura/chakra/orgone bio warfare EMF bio feedback expert IQUIM QBS and more.

She has been an advocate and activist for investigation into the human trafficking of children.

The following video is full of updated disclosure about the liberation of the deep underground military bases and the children.


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  1. Since i havent watched the video, but already know what it is about. Because GOD showed me years ago, the hyposicity of the elites. Concider all goverments of the world, all the power hungry vermIts, they want to be GOD, they are not, cannot & will not ever even come close to being GOD! In fact the things they do angers GOD! So much that he wants to destroy all of us. My suggestion is DONT ADD to his ANGER!

  2. We have been captured by evil people. The people of America are waking up to it thanks to a businessman. We will execute every traitor to our nation.

    • Oh, and you guys stop being fucking retarded. This is psyop bullshit this guy spews. He exaggerates everything. Partial smAll truths mixed with lies. Again if u idiots keep believing this shit and fucking q nonsense your the problem. How long until u realize none of this shit has happened. How many times u need to keep “waiting” for this evidence they keep pushing back further each time. Because it hasn’t and isnt going to happen. Trump is ur fucking enemy dipshits. Use your brain u like to think u have and shouldn’t be hard to understand. Or keep waiting… Spoiler alert. Nothing at the end of the wait but tyrannical events, death, or slavery. Saved you some time. Your welcome

      • Yet, here you are, sitting on a page that you do not agree with – loser, you fuqing POS loser, so worried about what other people are doing or thinking, yes, we get to follow or believe in or read, watch or learn about anything we so chose and you cant take it, losers like you keep saying “Nothing is happening” but you never explain why thousands of CEO’s have stepped down from THEIR OWN companies, you gonna call it a ‘COINCIDENCE” hahaha, you losers probably believe in coincidence, WE DONT

        • If He Would Do His Own Research- (Which Obviously He Hasnt) He Would Realize that When You Say Ugly things to other people-It backfires……
          I Dont Wish That On Anyone, But Dude, Dont get annoyed by Q for suggesting that We have all been “Snowed”, and helping people realize Not to take things for face value, but to find out What Is Really Going On-(Which Obviously He Hasnt)

      • WOW body keep watching CNN and learn how to be totally brainwash with out even aware of it ! makes you your one ennemie ! sorry my french but you get it

      • Wow your funny i believe more the Unblieveable than what the deep State is trying to Feed us. My thoughts are you are the Problem and you should activate your own delete Buttons because your worthless traitor.

      • You MUST either be bored as hell with nothing else to do but this is in spewing hatred OR you getting paid by someone to spew hatred.

      • The tides change. Your about to learn what the golden rule is. That’s the problem with people like you pun you live a double standard. Fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you. We must learn from this

  3. It is hilarious prepare for change removed my comment that i told you about americans tax money which americans paid for USA killing machin for combination humanity and kill 90 percents of surface population
    it means you americsns still think you can kill people around world
    Ok keep doing and wait for starvation in america
    it is not about us the people from middleast
    it is about your karma and univers retaliation
    dont forget many peoples around world are waiting for that judgment which retaliate you americans sheeples

    • God is in control, not allah. Soon your oil wells will go dry and you will come to the USA for your oil. Repent now and put your faith in the Son of the Living God.

    • It isn’t the Americans it’s the globalists that have been running the world. We just want to be left alone just like you do. The situation is we all see the truth now and we are waking up to the bs these people have been doing for so long. We are not your enemies These globalist are all of our enemies.

      • Exactly Right, We have a common enemy and shouldnt be bickering amongst each other. We wrestle not with flesh and blood….

  4. Great Info
    DUMBS right under our noses.
    The largest mesa in North America Grand Mesa in W Co , perfect spot for a dumb.
    Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Big military DUMB.
    Denver airport another huge Dumb but ppl claim that’s a Conspiracy Theory.
    I mean LOOK at Denver Airport, the art, the gargoyles, its right in your face.
    Thank you for posting this video, It is lengthy but worth it.

    • Do you know how many peoples died around the world of tax money which you have paid for USA military machin???
      i dont judg you
      it is time to univers judg you .it does not forgive sheepls
      dont pay attention to my dictation
      look at your country situation
      do you know how many peoples are killed by your sanctions around the world ??? the univers bring these sanctions back to america and make starvation for american peoples
      do you like karma or univers retailation??

      • Ok there guy hold up. Let’s make it very very clear. The elite and our “American government” does not reflect a bit to say we are killing folk with sanctions and tax money.

        Americans in general are essentially lazy, entitled, arrogant, pussy (weak will, minded, timid), and beyond stupid. Most think they are above it all and the rest of the world and shit will never show up at their door. I live here… I hate Americas, in general, they are indeed beyond help and Ext level stupid. However, they are not killing people.

        Like everything else everything is made to have hate in this world. Resentment. To blame another, group, country, or race…. So what your doing is childish and shows you still have a ways to go to deeper understand of yourself and the situation. The only chance is if people stop placing blame on another and actual focus on the 1-5 % doing and orchestrating this all. Made us hate another because of location, skin color, monetary value and possessions. It is such an easy ruse to see through and yet EVERYONE CAN’T. so

        Guy I don’t disagree that America needs a huge fucking reality check and something that is equivalent to being selfish, stupid, and ignorant of what is going on to others outside of their small narrow minded world view. But stay focused. This fight isn’t with our own brothers and sisters of humanity. It’s against those who wish to take our very souls away… If we make it past that then you can go back to badmouthing us Americans, you won’t hear me be upset. But until then we have to at least attempt to unite to even have a shred of pulling out of this fuckshow.

        And while yes I dislike most people in this country. I still am trying to do what I am able to to help these same people. Because 3v3n if they are too dumb or scared to see what is going on in front of them. It still doesn’t make it right that these things are being done to us all. And I will stand up to that kind of bullshit until the day I die.


  5. I don’t get how people think Trump is doing anything other than serving his own self interest. He is not part of the light. Every time he opens his mouth he is regurgitating negativity, divisiveness, hatred, bigotry. He is not anywhere close to the vibration of love. He is the personification of what it means to be completely unconscious, asleep and of service to self and ego only. It is this toxic male ego energy that needs to be transmuted so the new earth and consciousness of awakened humans can be realized.

  6. What that mean the map?why you dont zoom to America؟؟
    trump positive????
    trump and biden are two sides of same coin
    floride destroied your americans brains
    the medias hypnotized you all unfortunately
    simpsons cartoon made best episod which was two party system that exposes two reptilians
    you need to watch that many times??

    • Sounds like you are the one that’s hypnotized.
      Perhaps you could work on your spelling and grammar and stop judging others.
      Just a thought

      • Do you know how many peoples died around the world of tax money which you have paid for USA military machin???
        i dont judg you
        it is time to univers judg you .it does not forgive sheepls
        dont pay attention to my dictation
        look at your country situation
        do you know how many peoples are killed by your sanctions around the world ??? the univers bring these sanctions back to america and make starvation for american peoples
        do you like karma or univers retailation??


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