We are excited to share and release the last two videos in our Planned Chaos doc-series this weekend.  Please tune in to our live release of the third and fourth videos in our Planned Chaos Docu-series this Saturday, October 24.

We will premiere our first video – “Racial Divide = Civil War” at 9 am PST and the second video, “No Ordinary Election” at 1 pm PST.

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This video release culminates a PFC Media project meant to provide four short videos intended to assist with the increasing awakening process.  It is hoped that these videos are shared with those you know who may be starting to question the current narrative.  Please help us get the word out and forward these to as many people as possible.  Your assistance and efforts are appreciated.


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Please help us make this series and the four videos go viral on various video channels.  Many of our partners in the alternative information business have been censored quite severely, and as of 10/15/20  YT has shut down quite a few.  (EOW, X22, etc)

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  1. I am a Trump fan but these videos from Tamara when you see Trump making satanic signs and she remarks that Trump is bringing in Satan with his peace programme? Is it sugar then comes the poison? Then we have Liz Crockin she is explaining that Trump was doing intelligence to bring in the paedophiles for decades and you can see his executive orders and the results of these executive orders which are for the good . She said that as a journalist she was very fed up because every time she thought she was going to get a juicy story of corruption with Trump he turned out to be clean. I do like what Trump is doing but I wonder about the satanic symbolism with his hands??? I have no explanation for that so far? I understand that politics are from the devil and everything is divisive. Money talks in a material world. There is a comment here from Reza I want to say he suggests wake up but what should we do after we wake up. Wake up and then….. ????? We must get rid of that whole Satanic masonic pyramid system. But until we do I prefer Trumps side of the same coin. Like it or not this world is dark and evil and one needs the other to exist they are different sides of the same coin that is what life consists of; but what we must do is chain up the beast within in all of us and let the light go forward and be the stronger side keeping dark under control. There are good Rothschild’s who do not want evil and corruption this is what people have to understand. Princess Diana was a Rothschild and she was a very good woman who cared about the people and there are more people born to and caught up in these families by birth or connected socially who do not agree with their culture or Satanism. They are also in the fight for good . Rothschilds are among the people being arrested and executed also for their crimes against humanity. There for I still think this is not about family names or politics it is about good verses evil . These labels are not necessarily identifying an evil person. Trump is currently doing good. Something to think about.

    • rachel, Robert Sepehr ‘Atlantean Gardens’ website can help with hand signals. I am sure they are communicating, does not mean there Satanic thou.

    • Rachel, It’s a good thing to question. I was a Trump fan in 2016, not saying I am against him, just not enthused about this election. Is not all this an information warfare? Which we should question is satan real. For those who worship an entity that believes in such, then yes to those. Those that fear such an entity, then yes to those. Was the entity just put in scripture as a parable, most likely. As for these hand signs, they seem to be communicating with each other. But are they satanic? & As for Liz Crockin, I stopped listening to her when she lost her fingernails, thought it was suspicious.& Robert David Steele was the one always interviewing her, whom says we colonized Mars. Really, they have never proven we went to the moon. I myself am doubting the pedophile stories, only because technically they have never shown any evidence. I also question & doubt the underground cities. If they want to prove them to be real, then let us tour them personally. Otherwise just comes across as more information warfare. Not saying pedophiles don’t exist, just doubting the entrenchment of such. I don’t believe in all the looting & riots, if your not there, then is it just a Hollywood greenscreen? Our history is a lie. Our science is a lie. So I don’t believe anything they say. I broke away from ‘The Matrix’ & it’s invigorating. As far as Trump, what has he done, I really don’t know because everything they claim he has done there is no evidence or it just doesn’t account for much. It all just comes across to me as a show. As they say “The World is a Stage” & they all look like fools. I say to crush the information warfare is to turn it off. I stopped watching T.V. after 911 because I knew they were B/S us. & quite frankly 911 had no effect on me. I was angry when the mob was going into Iraq with no investigation or evidence. As far as people being executed, I would like evidence, but you see they treat us like children & we will never see any.

    • you’re wrong to say so . Please be informed that Trump
      has already nationalized the FED.
      According to my numerous researches, I can confirm that
      Trump, the alliance “Q” team are working
      behind the scene to free humanity from the dark cabal.


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