We get a lot of responses from readers, and many are very personal.  We therefore refrain from sharing these with our readers.  This one it seems could be written by many of you and so we feel like it should be presented for your thought and consideration.  Such thoughts and feelings are likely similar to many out there.

The Final Straw

I will not be participating in any Cobra meditations because there is no proof that the light forces are helping the surface population.  It is unacceptable to just ‘wait for the next meditation’ to fix everything like this over and over again, for years on end, especially with NWO plans being practically finalized!

COVID case numbers are going absolutely insane, and restrictions are returning, with the very real possibility of second lockdowns in many states in the U.S.  Corrupt people in power are, as always, allowed to do whatever they wish at the expense of the surface population.  The numbers speak for themselves:



I did the 11/11 meditation, and afterward things just got way worse.  If there will be no positive physical results in 3D for the surface population, I will have to take action against the Cobra blog, because the blog is taking advantage of many well-meaning people.  I gave the light forces and commanders one last chance, and they have once again failed.  I have to draw the line somewhere, and I draw it here.  I will not be making baseless allegations though, unlike the other person who falsely accused Cobra of ridiculous garbage that has no basis in reality.  No, my claims are legitimate!

The last really big meditation far exceeded critical mass, yet most of the world fell into a NWO dystopia.  The NWO just got way worse for the U.S and probably many other countries in the world when the cases had record breaking levels on the 13th, just after the 11/11 meditation.  I will not cooperate and bite my lip any further.  I’ve had enough!


May we offer the following, but welcome our readers to provide their input as well.

Group meditations allow an opportunity to raise the frequency of a group consciousness, no matter how seemingly small.  Imagine if the entire world participated in such an event.  Would it create change?  We must not expect that the answers, and our salvation are outside ourselves.  Such expectation will certainly end in frustration.  The intent and goal of those who have controlled us has been to make us create the division between ourselves through fear and manipulation.  Such fears keep us in the lower vibrations with all of the other emotions and patterns of the 3D realm.  These are the energies that keep them in existence.  But they do not have the power to create as we do, and so must convince us to do it for them.  We have been trained to respond as they need.  When as a collective we refuse to do this, their manipulated creation will dissolve, as will their grip on us.  Please try to resist the old habit of believing and thereby creating the false narratives that they present to us through the use of Media and Social Platforms.  Should it be any wonder that the data regarding the current scenario is increasing evermore?  They need us to stay in our negative mindset for their survival, and so the fear tactics will continue until we shut it down.

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  1. Good evening everyone! Ages come and go… Aeons of light and aeons of darkness, evidently we are now deep inside into an obscure yet transitionial one, for Love and knowledge is available for many too. Hope isn’t lost for us? And it seems that we’re on our own to end this madness, so mass meditations are just another tool at hand. Should we use it? The answer is yes! Even if no immediate results appear to happen.

  2. Great to hear all the responses with so much perfect insight and wisdom. We will continue to work together to spread the Light, allowing it to transform those ready to receive a greater understanding of the complex world in which we live. The Light frequencies, intensions, prayers, co-creative scenario’s drift down to those still asleep. The Light Force / Brigade creates a matrix, net and web of Light information, particles, thought waves, resonance that effects those all around the world. Many different groups and individuals connect to it daily, giving it greater power and intensity. It continues to grow and it will do so with our assistance. (You can always ask for help from other dimensions and beings around us, only we do the base work). This is not a choice. This is the Way. This is the Path of Light, unconditional love, compassion, Grace and wisdom. We are to wake others to truth and reality through our soul work with the Light. We ourselves, will continue to expand into greater consciously, conscious, awareness, carrying the Light codes and Soul Source connection and alignment that also assists other’s around us to experience greater love, insight, personal respect and power. Through sharing truth we work together for freedom, equality, choice, sustainability and greater humane communities on the planet. We are to keep on the path in complete Light, Love and Trust. Since there are people operating at different levels of frequency, that is, applied understanding and consciousness, know that they, with an open, loving heart and good intension they will also effect, from there level of awareness, those needing greater assistance to get out of ‘dark emotional places’. There are many ways to wake others up, your choice. We all feel the ever changing energies and want the change to Light now. Trust in the Divine within, stay in strength and unity consciousness for all. ***To see the Operational Specifications and Models for a real advanced technological Societal Communities System that meets the needs and requirements for all People see: www.auravana.org

  3. That another has a ‘different truth’ is intricate to the human experience. It is up to each of us to learn to ‘own’ our truths and our experiences. When we take responsibility for our experiences we cease to blame another for how ‘we feel’. Blaming another for how you feel is not productive — the only person you have control over is yourself.

    The person who contributed this letter has voiced their view which they are entitled. Equally PFC is entitled to their view. If one wants their views to be respected then the place to begin is to respect anothers view.

    I think publishing this persons view is a reminder to us all, to both respect others and to use our power of choice. If one is not ready to ‘hear’ another’s view, or disagrees, simply walk away.
    When society moves away from blaming another we will all be better for it.

    We all err. However when we own ‘our’ mistakes we demonstrates if only to ourselves our willingness to learn from our mistakes and thus our depth and breadth as a person grows.

    For myself I value and honour the work of PFC.

  4. I just wonder if all these people whining & complaining have their lives in order, change comes from within not from outside, there is no savior coming to save us. I am convinced I have to be what I want to see in the world, if I want unity I have to have unity within y family, if I want peace the same and so on. Yes I do the meditations as much as I am able & have seen proof in my own life & surroundings. Yes there are still many asleep & the only way I can preach is by example only.
    I know the world is changing even if I can’t completely see it. It won’t come from ETs or governments, it has to come from all of us united in unconditional love & trust.

  5. All great comments, makes me proud to be able to share the information this website offers, though I have argued against many of the opinions published here I enjoy the camaraderie and knowledge of knowing I am not completely alone in my fears of this Orwellian nightmare we find ourselves in. I have followed Cobra since 2013, but not much of his info has not come to fruition. Wel know they are out there, the UFO’s are being seen everywhere, but the psychological operations being using against humanity are so complex that it is almost impossible to determine which ETs are truly good guys or maybe just monitoring us as our experiment continues. Is Cobra being used as a tool for these evil ET’s, always a possibility. All I can summarize after following him for 7 years is that very little positive outcomes have materialized from his meditations, pretty clouds in the sky do not translate into actions in the halls of justice, or anywhere else… All you have to do is realize that Trump was probably cheated by the voting machine software, but that does not mean that Trump wasn’t used by the Cabal for the purposes that he was allowed to become president for in the first place. The Cabal runs everything, every election of significance, as well as the covert control of just about every country on the planet. It does not always work out the way they plan it, so they occasionally remove people like Trump… It is just that simple… Trump has no way of fighting it. Just ask Al Gore about when he was cheated by the US Supreme Court. The Highest Court in Florida wanted to do a recount back in the 2000 presidential election, but the Cabal squashed it. States rights don’t matter anymore…human rights don’t matter anymore….it’s all a God forsaken manifestation of madness.

  6. What is the point of meditating, for a better world? when in the next moment, people give strength with their energy, to dishonest politicians, to religions, buy harmful products for health, sustain companies that exploit the world, support corrupt sports, agree with the media, criticize other human beings or deify others who do nothing to deserve it, and worse than all this, make little effort to acquire wisdom. The vast majority of humans expect something or someone to put wisdom into their heads, but the wisdom we need to evolve is achieved individually, on the basis of much inner loneliness, many internal conflicts, and a terrible effort that almost drives us crazy.
    Only when we begin to acquire wisdom, do we begin to free ourselves from what is no good on this planet, because even humans who have a good heart, give a lot of support to institutions of false morals, it’s time for humans to stop acting like children and doubt everything, even their own beliefs. Humans are very easy to deceive, because they don’t try to understand, they are waiting for God to come to Earth to solve the problems. There is nothing on this planet that can give us wisdom to acquire it we have to fight a lot with our head, why people make so much effort to have a beautiful body and so little effort to have an intelligent brain.
    I ardently hope that from the universe comes to our planet an energy that awakens us, that strengthens us and revitalizes us, so that together we can deal with these enormous challenges. We humans are very weak and almost 100% of the entire human population suffers from forms of mental disturbs, some caused by false technology, others caused by our ignorance and others caused by the traumas of life on this planet. Sometimes we seem stupid, but we are not, we just need to understand that we cannot feed the power systems that exist on the planet. We can exercise our free will and walk towards evolution, but we need to be healed physically and mentally, we need the universe to give us a gift; a light that cleanses us.

    Greetings from Portugal

  7. It is this darkness found within the majority of humanity — and not just its ancient dark controllers — that has kept this world enslaved for many thousands of years. It is becoming increasingly evident to those of at least somewhat greater vision that this is not going to be primarily solved by singular saviors and solutions to which we give away our power. Planetary and personal liberation will be achieved by those who take back their power as sovereign beings made in the image and likeness of our Creator and the light within, with inner guidance to conduct ourselves with consideration, justice and truth, taking action alone and together as we are guided. And this includes giving respect and freedom of expression to others as well as to ourselves — something that — as shown by such hostile division, suppression of truth and justice and lack of sufficient enlightened dissenting action as is now being seen among Earth’s people themselves as the cosmic light increases to expose this — shows that this spiritual maturity does not really as yet reliably exist in the minds and hearts of many so-called “lightworkers” / “lightwarriors” — much less among Earth humanity as a whole. In short, the answers to why planetary liberation is taking so long can be found no further than our mirrors; there is plenty of blame to go around, best dealt with by self-reflection.

  8. Come out of the coma today face up to reality; the cabal NWO is behind Covid because Trump prevented them being able to start a war for their financial reset. This is their way of manipulating the public into obeying and getting used to being a slave wearing a mask being fearful of a fake pandemic that does not exist it is a flue and not a particularly serious one it is more equal to a common cold. Turn off your television programming and do not watch the news to allow you to be able to think for yourself what is truth. They have terrified you with disinformation /lies and deceit. Once you turn off the mind control you will see no one is falling dead at your feet on a daily basis very few are being hospitalised the truth is it is a Big PHARMA coup and your governments and the news are complicit in propagating this fraud on humanity all over the world to get you to obey them and to make it appear reasonable for them to create a dystopian one world centralised government .to keep you safe from the boogie man that does not exist the NWO is the real boogie man and everyone must wake up NOW and stop giving your power away to this Malicious body of evil corrupt people; who have created a corrupt evil control system to manipulate and enslave the people that we must all help to bring down. We have the power to do this. Read this report
    https://aim4truth.org/2020/11/09/cat-report-596 it will help you to pin point people involved and how they are doing it. Take heart that there are people fighting back with private prosecutions against Covid lock down in UK and in Germany one class action to determine if Covid is a pandemic or a fraud and to sue the corrupt people who have committed crimes against humanity and fraud for profit and control. This action is for the entire world .Trump and the alliance knew all about this corruption he has opened the door and allowed them to expose themselves and how corrupt they truly are; all that is required is for you to walk through that door and have the courage to seek the truth and face up to it and refuse to be a slave of your own free will. This system will come down after hundreds of years if you want it to. It is a no brainer you must choose the NWO one world centralised dictatorship under communism with Lucifer as your God in a lawless society of survival of the fittest where you will do and think what you are told to and can only have what they say you can. You will be spied on 24/7 chipped and tracked and dependent on them for your universal income which will keep everyone at the same level of poverty stacked and packed in the city and not allowed to travel. or would you like to live in a free society where their are Nation states, freedom and you have the ability to be an individual and to progress and grow. That is the choice that is the reality. Freedom verses enslavement; Globalism verses independent countries, good verses evil. God verses Satan. That is the real election going on do you have the courage and the strength of character to take your freedom and take your power back and stand strong against this malignant body or will you cower in the corner and let these demons own you. That is a no brainer for me!

  9. Hi,
    Please continue to do your World Meditations: it does make a difference.
    We can make a change for the better: its a team effort.
    Our Ascension is moving forward. Keep moving forward !!!!
    Ask God. Think positive thoughts.
    Thank You

  10. To the writer of the final straw
    Dear one , i am also one of the impatient ones, one who is excausted, tired, frustrated and deeply unsatisfied. BUT i am also a fighter , a visionary who will not give up, even if it looks dark and some stuff is really bad out there. When i was young i heard a song from Gloria Gaynor which got my motto: I will survive . So friend female or male do not despair. Do not get blinded by the fighting , some wars are long and there are many situations to cope.Did you think the other side will easily surrender? Nope it will not. And so do i. We are stronger , we are better, we are here to fulfill our tasks. Which means you can go down on the floor, you can be counted, but you will get up , stand firm . Like a boxer You are not alone, we are many . Until 2015 it is only 5 more years. Then it will be much better Hugs

  11. The Light has already won, but we the ground crew would be the last ones for it to filter down to. We are like at the core of a giant onion, and all the layers have had to be peeled away in order to reach us. That is why they sent us to play the role, and as Galactic Special Forces we were more than up for the challenge. This individual is kind of like jumping ship as we are all getting prepared and ready to do our lap of honour.

  12. The numbers are being manipulated, but either way this means more restrictions. Kate Brown is making Oregon go under a partial lockdown starting on the 18th. It’s time for action. Waiting on meditations and Ets to create change for the surface population has thus far yielded negative results. People can meditate if they like, but there needs to be a more active role to play among the awakened community. Those who are more aware need to go out and protest the lockdowns and mask rules, and/or try to educate the rest of the population. We can’t just wait for things to change like this. There needs to be a revolution of the likes the world has never seen. There’s nothing to lose anymore because life’s not worth living anyway with the NWO being so ridiculously prevalent.

    • I hear you Starlight. Last month I have come across Kimberly Ann Goguen’s video’s on YouTube Speak Project and am very impressed by her and the info she shares and all the people in LifeForce who are taking concrete action to make positive changes on the planet. Here is a link to the most recent one which talked about all the galactic players on the earth for the last long while as well as action we can take by joining assemblies https://youtu.be/qB6VNRsLpVQ. Another thing I like about this is the members are organizing assemblies via different states and Canada has started one. You can find more about joining an assembly and taking action by joining the free Life force app (link to join is also in the information section below the YouTube link I just listed). You can listen to the video to find out more. I would also encourage you to get on the live Zoom calls on Sundays at 2 pm Mountain time. The link to those is also under the video on YouTube and they not only share Kim’s updates but updates from the assemblies. If that interests you I recommend signing on to Zoom early as it only allows 500 people and it maxes out everytime or get on the YouTube live at that time for that channel as they are now doing that due to the large demand. I don’t just rely on the meditations to make positive change (I do feel they hace and do make very powerful shifts though) I recommend connecting with other awake and aware people and take focused, constructive and positive action together. We are so much more powerful than we have been lead to believe especially when we stand together undivided. Much light and love to you.

  13. I don’t feel, that this person in the ‘article’, is so much expressing negativity, as a loss of faith, without proof.

    First, I’d say that yes, doing meditation’s often from our limited perspective, may appear, as ‘useless’ but, this goes back to some of the what I recently called ‘fantastical’ side of this site but, which is truly,, the ‘fantastical’ side of actual physics ie; string theory, particle physics etc.,, which even a laymen like myself is astounded, at our agreed, albeit limited, understanding of, the ‘physics of reality’ as we, with our limited senses, see and understand it. I guess that is part of why I’ve not lost faith…the ‘possibilities’ of chang8ng the future from a negative expected planetary outcome to a positive one is a goal I think, I hope, we all share. “It is”, as Leonard Nimoy RIP, put it so well, “within the realm of theoretical possibility” and I’d add, well within scientific possibility, through Physics.

    Second, I would again attest, there are without question ‘craft’ flying around up there in atmosphere, which move, so fast, you cannot with human vision, ‘ordinarily’ see them. I captured 503 video and pictorial cells of Unidentified Arial Phenomenon during 2020 to date, of which, there are about a hundred somewhat decent ones to, a few terrific shots, at least IMHO in my years of UFO video documentation thereof, 2013-2020. I add these 503 shots to my already considerable library of UFO pics in the thousands. I wish I could pass on to this writer that what ever these craft are, whomever they are, these craft “etc.” are there, and anyone,, can capture, their images, in frame by frame review of ordinary, so called ‘empty sky’, videos (especially if you hear a loud jet sound). Knowing this reality exists, really is one reason I’ve tried, to keep the faith.

    Third, I guess I would refer the writer as well, to the Schumann Resonance Field tracking done, which shows a marked increase in the Earth’s own electro magnetic field, at times of mass meditations. Now I don’t know what our years of meditations, have, or have no, done (especially considering I am sure, dark forces are, trying to counter every public positive move we make) but, fact is, meditations have been shown to have positive effects upon humanity as a whole, and thus, the result, is worth the effort, I’d say.

    Fourth, Cobra. If even a fraction of what is asserted,, is true, it is significant food for thought, my above comments considered. I give Cobra great credit for the role played, in this farce we call life on Earth, at this insane time. I don’t know if it is all true, or any of it but, I give him the benefit of doubts where that is concerned because, some things, in my humble opinion have proven out but, I am the kind, that also questions everything, too,, so I continue to watch the world ‘play out’. I have a few limited insights at this point on the future but, I’m not going to share them at this time for fear of any shifts in the timeline, that might be created as a result.

    Fifth… Agreed, it’s taking way way way,, too long, for the fall of the cabal (all sides, all factions), and we are seeing their plans unfold before us whilst they lock us down and further destroy the world economy and worse…

    In summation then, I guess it is all in your perception and point of view (which can and does change, that is, after all what life is about, ‘change’) but, I haven’t yet completely lost faith and yet, I do not trust any so called ‘authority figures’ in or out of government, and the US media we know are liars, the social media formats are censored, emails monitored, every word uttered in writ8 g or otherwise online is tracked, in government secret circles, information and technological advances compartmentalized and kept secret from the public that paid for it, the monetary system is utterly corrupt as they steal day by day to line their own pockets with wealth stolen right out of your ‘dollar’, the criminal justice system and courts are all corrupt, the police have shown their colors and loyalties which are not supporting the people, every agency in government the cabal manipulates and controls us through, the education system is nothing less than shameful, it goes on and on… there is plenty to be discouraged about, no question.

    Yet one thing stands firm in our hearts and minds, one thing we can all agree upon… We all, want a better world, we all hope there are benevolent peaceful and friendly ‘people’ flying these craft I photograph and video, and if, there are telepathic friendly peaceful benevolent ‘people’ up there, out there, as Cobra asserts, and ‘they’ feel again as Cobra says, that we, Earth’s People, should do a mass meditation for our own benefit, well I say, it sure can’t hurt, even if there are no ET’s (whatever) suggesting it as a means to help defeat the Cabal, because,, what have we got to lose, we are all completely screwed otherwise, and lastly, I’d still say (my previous comments regarding politics aside), PFC is, still, one of the last good forums, for the truther movement, online.

  14. What people don’t understand is that it is the individual’s Higher More Noble Self – I AM Self that is calling the shots in the lives of each individual to create situations and an environment in which to learn, master self and a greater understanding. Something more easily accomplished through experience Therefore, the sooner the individual learns to work with his/her I Am Self, the faster things will be cleared, healed, understood and mastered.

    When I am faced with a problem I am not clear about and uncertain how to handle, I state: “My I AM Presence is handling all imperfects perfectly” and let it go. The problem is either solved in a way not thought of or my understanding appears, giving me the opportunity to clear the energies. I have solved many problems by giving it to my I AM self who then works with the other individual’s I AM self, etc.

    Because religions have been corrupted to create the belief that someone has to save us – Jesus, etc. – individual self-empowerment in Humanity has been short-circuited if not destroyed and even guilt to believe in one’s self and powerful connection, shutting off all awareness to their Higher I AM Self.

    And frankly, that is when disease begins to capture the attention of individuals to force him/her to call out to what has always been there. The fake virus is causing people to ask more questions. The dark forces’ agenda – coronavirus – is backfiring on them.

  15. I stopped following Cobra around the beginning of the year, 2020. Oh yah, that was when this whole Covid BS started. I won’t say anything nasty about Cobra because I don’t know the man.

    However, I find his blog posts to be more and more irrelevant. The more we sink into the Draconian, Deep State BS that’s going on, the more I find myself going to other more reliable sources. For example: Simon Parkes, Sacha Stone, Robert David Steele, Kerry Cassidy, Charlie Ward, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, David Wilcock, David Icke, etc, etc.

    There are lots of good sources folks. Try a few out to see which ones align. Unfortunately, Cobra seems ever more lost in a fantasy world, while he overlooks the reality on the ground.

    As for meditation / prayer: I do it myself whenever I feel moved to do so. It’s all about the heart’s intention, and the conviction you feel. Yes, there is power in mass meditations. That’s been proven.

    However, my sense is that if we all meditate and pray (in our own way) whenever, and wherever we feel moved to do so, we will create a collective, “crying out in the wilderness” that will resound throughout the Universe. This is palpable.

    Seems to me – and I’ll admit that I could be wrong – that Cobra is dishing “hopium” by the bucket load. Where is the proof that the so-called Alliance has done one thing for humanity? I mean one thing that can’t be easily explained by other means.

    I’m not quite ready to call him a disinformation agent, but neither am I ready to not point in that direction.

    There’s only one thing going on. And Oneness does not lean one way or the other. It simply Is. And yet, at the same time, if enough “individuals” – collectively, or individually – send Light and Love into the world, then that energy will move us more to the Light, and to the Golden Age we all look forward to – Cobra, or no Cobra.

  16. The writer of Final Straw accurately shares feelings and reactions that I and many others have to the limited disclosure provided by Cobra as a result of mass meditations. I have participated in as many of them as possible and typically question doing so again if life for the surface population worsens regardless of our heartfelt efforts. It can be difficult to maintain faith that there are light forces out there in the ether fighting for Earth liberation when we are kept in the dark as to what is going on.

    However my consciousness, intuition, books, conferences, and other sources and mind informs me that indeed the rest of the universe carries a high priority for saving Earth from total destruction. Higher beings created us with extraordinary potential and want us to succeed. Destruction of other planets, including in our own system, have adversely effected the entire universe. We have come to a point of unsustainability on Earth in the way we are managing our lives and planet. Channeled sources such as the Council of Nine and others point out that assistance became critical to accelerate the evolution of Earth’s humans as time was running out to prevent annihilation. Many of us have direct contact as well supporting the assistance being given. There is indeed a great awakening occurring but recognition is blurred by the controlling dark forces media and divisiveness. Sadly at least half of the US population is so resistant or mind controlled to truth that they are making the surface experience worse temporarily. Unfortunately they will need to be shocked into awareness and why we need the chaos for that to happen. In the meantime, those who have committed themselves to higher consciousness are creating essential energy and love for humanity to evolve to a higher dimension.

    As frustrating as Cobra’s limited disclosures are, he has often explained that secrecy is necessary in time of war. He must get permission to release all reports. For me, the intel that Cobra does provide has been some of the best explanation about what is going on. He gives me hope and faith in eventual victory by Light Forces. PCP’s dedicated writers also keep us updated. I do believe in the power of mass meditations and our intent to create a better world. Giving up in the last phase of the war makes no sense. So please keep the faith in light forces and ourselves my friends. Meditate as often as you can at this critical time.

  17. I guess what people are trying to say is that the Cabal can only be removed ( defeated) with 3D force, ie fighting fire with fire. How was Hitler brought down? Would meditation have sufficed ? It is extremely hard to have faith and believe that the Cabal is being defeated ( as we are continually told ) when it just seems as though they are progressing with their plans as normal. I am just hoping that it is the defeat of the darkness within all of the other realms that will lead to 3D earth’s liberation. Seems as though one foul swoop ( ie the event) is the only hope.
    I think people such as myself are just letting out the frustrations we feel. Hope is also a great thing though.

  18. Your feedback explanation of how we are being manipulated to serve the dark forces agendas with the power of our minds is right on. With every meditation and gift of higher Light energies, brings to our awareness, dark beliefs and energies that need to be transmuted with the Violet Fire. We have been given tools to work with. But if we do not use those tools, we have only ourselves to blame.

    We have agreed to do the work and they call us heroes.

    I was shown this morning a dog in a cage with only the face of the dog projected out of the cage – the dog (the dark forces) control power structures are failing, who are desperately projecting the dark energies of fear, anger, violence and powerless into our minds so we will do what they are powerless to do.


  19. As we become aware of the historic gathering of Loosh over the past generations by many means that are starting to be revealed. I will continue to anchor light and love on my own as there is no evidence that these organized meditations are doing anything this page and COBRA claims, after many years. Still no hi def pics or video. only computer graphics. as I have asked here again and again with NO response, ever from any ONE, why can the thousands of mother ships in Earth orbit not assist with the biggest problem the light workers are dealing with.. poverty. In an age where there is more money in the world than ever before. A higher dimensional being or alien cannot simply teleport a gold nugget or a diamond onto our kitchen table with the technology described by so many spiritual “influencers”? Hell! the Cabal has given the American people at least ONE assistance check during the last 9 months lockdown while they are emptying out our treasury for their entitled friends. No it appears these efforts are a long con. articles like this are a pressure valve.

  20. “Case” numbers are based upon a test that is proven to be useless,even Fauci admits that!
    Unravelling “the cabal”,and the deep state,is dangerous and takes time,planning and infinite patience…we can watch the Trump team doing just that,before our eyes in the debacle of the fraudulent election results.
    And also,we must do this task OURSELVES..it is our learning and evolving consciousness at issue here,not some quick fix by ET “saviors”(see John Lash on the subject of the savior deception meme)
    So continue to meditate and pray….share information,and let go of fear-porn….we are part of a grand experiment in evolution,going back eons,,,we are all immortal,in spirit.

  21. To the writer of the article, We all feel where you are, each of us in our own way is dealing with the emotions you discussed. Many are negative which we understand to be detrimental to our well being and progress. As we view this movie frame by frame, it seems excruciating to see the slow progress toward liberation and disclosure. I can only suggest that you not forget that feeling inside that led you to follow Cobra and this site. As much as we have doubts we must keep resolve in that the future will be one of light and freedom. I agree with the comment at the end. We must maintain our commitment to seeing this play out successfully.

  22. This original message definitely does not pertain to me.
    I saw it at the bottom of an article and I opened it read the first sentence and closed it.
    If people choose a negative timeline to travel, that’s their choice.
    I don’t choose that path and many others wont either….
    2020 is a transitional time and no one told you it would be easy as a matter of fact no one told you this life and journey here on earth would be easy.
    Transitions and awakening are never easy so humans its time to crack the nut wide open and that’s what 2020 is all about.
    Enjoy the ride
    Its a great time to be alive!


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